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  1. Pilgrim

    female nomad smokes?!

    yup going to kill you with mind bullets
  2. Pilgrim

    GR SP Platoon Extender v2.0

    Hey, I'm interested in this mod and would love to try it out but there is not proper tutorial as to how the hell to set it up. If anyone has figured out how to get it working I'd love to get some assistance with this. Thanks -Pilgrim
  3. Pilgrim

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    Name: RJ "Pilgrim" Robertson Date of Birth: 10/10/1992 Location: Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada Occupation: fast food industry Romance Status: Zeealex Image: Favorite Aspect of GR: Squad Based stealth shooter (OGR) Least Favorite Aspect of GR: "Ghostrecon : Future Soldier" Favorite GR Mod: . . . Favorite Ghost: Joe Ramirez Favorite Kit: OICW (X29) Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Just got here, no idea yet XD Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: all the people (jks) When did you first visit GR.net: Girlfriend dragged me here Other computer games played: Arma 3, Arma 2, Armed Assault, Operation Flashpoint, Command and conquer series, Splinter Cell Series, End War, Rainbow 6 series. Clan membership: what's this clan you speak of Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: ASUS ROG CA8085 Current/Former/Future Military: Yes, Ex-Reservist Canadian Military, Army Cadets. If yes, what job: Armored Soldier (reservist) , Civilian Instructor (Army Cadets).