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  1. Buffalo-6

    1.04 Patch released

    I'm at work so I cant tell.....but has the campaign COOP bug been squashed? Can we now play all the SP COOP maps? I have not seen someone say yes or no on this bug.
  2. Buffalo-6

    bp weapons pack v1.2

    Brettzies, Last night I and a gaming buddy fired up some Campaign COOP and your V1.2 gun mod. I was the host and fired up the server and got in 1st, and while waiting on my buddy to load in, I decided to go ahead and kit up. I grabbed the M4 with a ACOG, Silencer, and GR, MP5SD, Mk45, Nades and Smoke. So I'm ready to go when my bud logs into the server and he gets an error about ammo or something in the script (I cant remember exactly what his error, hes a Cannuk and there was something about aboot, the Bisket in the Basket, Aboot again and a few Eh's thrown in there......Thats a joke Veg!) and he Crashed to desktop. We tried that several times and no luck. Then I had an idea. I loaded the game, made the server and waited until he was fully kitted and then I was able to pick what I wanted and no crashes. Even in game there was no aimpoint on the muzzle although our silencers were making an awful racket (this was Mission #7 Get me Rosen....that twit!) but all was well....until rosen went Rambo and well....nevermind. So I wonder if this bug has to do with the host picking a weapon 1st or something. After I figured this out we were able to run all 3 (come on GRIN and fix this already!) Campaign COOP missions with no problems other than us being dumb at times.
  3. Buffalo-6

    M468 . barrett firearms

    Brett....... This would depend on the gas system used. 6.8 SPC barrels can be had (from what i have seen) in either a 16" carbine length gas system or a 18"-20" with a mid length gas system (gas block moved forward) to get a little more range out of the system. I can tell you that a 6.8 SPC in carbine length kicks a bit harder than the 5.56mm and it moves you off target a little more but is a really solid round. Yes the mags are a bit longer but who is going to drag a scale out and measure them in game. Let the little stuff like that slide, because you have a really kicking mod going.
  4. ok so i wasnt seeing things last night. Talk about bad timing. Here I was trying to get a few of my gaming groups core members to give GRAW2 a try, after the utter dismay GRAW1 caused us, and I run smack into this ONLINE CAMPAIGN COOP bug. Needless to say, you dont get to make a 1st impression very often. I hope I can un-do the damage within my gaming group and have them give GRAW2 a chance.
  5. Buffalo-6

    Mission 9: Codename Farallon

    I hear ya but when the bloody AI pulls a keystone cops routine and either misses or dies while taking their sweet time to walk out into the middle of the dam, make sure they are at approved OSHA distances from object that might be harmed in the process of firing or making sure they take into account all the critters crawling or flying around (would not want to get on PEDA's badside) and then die in blood soaked death spasms while the Helo lollygags around.....you know this is all in jest right? point is when the AI screws the pooch and there are no more Zeus to be had, the only option you have are the RPGs which by what you are telling me is some sick joke on the part of the DEV team because some random box animation removes them from use.....again this is partly in jest So again I ask.....why even take the time to put them in if you will never ever have any chance to use them?
  6. Buffalo-6

    Mission 9: Codename Farallon

    So what your saying is that because they shoot that building 1st....and box debris overwrites the RPGs.......what exactly is the point of putting the RPGs in there in the 1st place if all they are is eye candy? I mean really what is the point?
  7. Buffalo-6

    Mission 9: Codename Farallon

    Well Wolf, thats not what I'm seeing on my end. I put all my guys inside the EMP building after we kill the truck and badguys that rush us. Helos are inbound, and I run into Tower #4, lower lvl. RPG is there. I run up stairs, into the top of tower 4 and 2 RPGs on the floor, crates in the corners. Helo shoots Tower #4, with me inside. Crates are all now broken, RPGs on the floor are gone, I run down stairs into the lower part of tower #4 and the crate the RPG was sitting on is there but all that remains is the sight, no tube, not even a spent tube. So to me they are getting destroyed, its not other weapons dropping, as the only badguys in the area are the 2 helos. If nothing else is dropping.....something else is going on.
  8. Buffalo-6

    Mission 9: Codename Farallon

    not really frustrated, I was laughing pretty hard watching my AI pull a keystone cops routine.... I guess the main issue I was trying to put across was the fact that the RPG's in Tower 4 blow up and are destroyed when the helo's hit thats tower with a rocket even though if you are in there when the rocket hits.....and you suffer not damage....the creates are all blown up and the RPG's are gonzo. all that remains is the sight. I know this because I check each time I have to replay that save (yes its often...so far) and the RPGs are there....1 missle hit with me in the building......and pooof nothing left but a RPG sight
  9. ok, did the guys at Grin wrap the hand grenades in synthetic rubber polymer polybutadiene vulcanized with sulfur at a temperature of 165 degrees Celsius and at a pressure of 80 atmospheres that cause them to actually bounce further than they were thrown? IIRC from holding a practice 'nade (a totally inert one) the dang thing weighed a couple of pounds and had no superball covering. I swear I can just barley toss one and watch it go bouncing away like a "superball". I mean I barely hit the trigger button and the toss looks like I'm throwing someone out at home from right field (no holdback ticks above the aiming symbol). I wonder if this is due to me having an Agiea Phyx card (with latest drivers) and the "weight" is screwed up. Granted the explosions are steller when things go boom on my phyx card but i have noticed I have kicked a sandbag halfway down the street and I am constantly accosted by flying burned tortillas circling my head a lot. Ok, they look like that to me, those may be just trash blowing around. So far I am liking Graw2......but the superball effect is getting old
  10. Buffalo-6

    Mission 9: Codename Farallon

    Who said anything about small arms? I had all 4 guys loaded with a Zeus, I used mine to take out the 1st one, and lets see, AI #1 when told to attack the helo walked out into the middle of the street, and died as he shot....no track.....no hit. AI#2 when told to attack.....runs out into the middle of the dam, and proceeds to, and I'm not kidding here, draw his pistol....he dies (and if he didnt I was going to shoot him myself) and he dropped the pistol but his damn Zeus is still on his back.....I cant pick it up. AI#3 is even dumber than the previous 2, because eariler when we had to rescue that reporter, and take out the anti air tanks, I told him to use a Zeus to take it out.....he then walked up next to the tank....and shot it with a Zeus....killing his dumb ######, and after that episode, I dont trust him not to kill me also.....so there I am, running around looking for something to shoot back with against a Helo with magic unlimited ammo.... Any thing else you didnt understand there?
  11. Buffalo-6

    Mission 9: Codename Farallon

    I have noticed that the RPG's in tower 4 will all be destroyed with one missle shot on said tower, even if you are standing in the tower and take ZERO damage. This is very un-cool. Also are they flying magic helos? It looks to me like they are armed with a gun and 6 hellfire equivalent on each wing station. I'm limited to 5 mags (which is a completely different issue) and these dang things have a magic reloading truck flying around reloading them in mid-air? No offense but that really breaks the whole feel. I played hide and seek with one helo for over an hour and he just kept pumping hellfires at me the whole time....meanwhile I'm running all over creation looking for something to shoot back with.
  12. Well Sleepdoc, my view on this whole thing is the "Blind Faith" was burned by both the publisher and developer in GRAW1. As a COOP player, I am sick and tired of being forced into kits, equipment, tactical situations, lack of team controls and a general lack of interest from the designers. I too am in a holding pattern, waiting to see if there will be support for this title. If not, then I'll wait until it is in the bin for 15 bucks. I am done paying 50 bucks a whack for incomplete, abandoned games. If it is patched and supported then I'll give it a shot otherwise the Ghost Recon title is pretty much over in my book.
  13. The Magic 8-ball says......"Unclear"
  14. I've been to Juárez, a little warfare there would be a beautification project....