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  1. ^^ 3/5 pretty funny ^^
  2. i agree with Dannik... minimalistic...
  3. as far as i know it's not possible... just click it twice
  4. i'll be 26 in June...
  5. this is just great... my deepest respect for our brothers in arms...
  6. for some reason there are only a few games based on the vietnam-war... i've played the vietcong MPdemo and i liked it... but i guess u probably did also... i can't give u any more details about the full game.... but also in the same period the vietcong-demo was released a friend of mine gave me the full game ; Vietnam - Line of Sight... IMHO this game is awesome !!! i know u can't compare a demo with a full game but i couldn't read this topic without mentioning there is another great vietnamwar game available at the moment... u can find a demo here... hope i don't make it more difficult for you, Sgt
  7. @RatPatrol it's very easy to use... it's an usb-device and i've got it plugged in all the time... during the installation under winXP u'll see it installs several devices in one... it sort of takes over the keys from your keyboard but also the scrollwheel on your mouse... the software comes with a profile-manager that allows you to save different configurations and it's easy to switch between them even during gameplay... the profile manager also starts up with windows so it's ready for use at all times
  8. i've been playing with mouse and keyboard for years untill last week... now i've bought the Nostromo N50 and ive got to say it works perfect !!!! u can check it out here... Nostromo N50
  9. looks nice .:Nightmare:. i like the forum part u've created.. probably still working on those links
  10. @moakes2783 ok... probably a misunderstanding on my site... i totally agree with that... i thought u ment that u didn't like those guys were able to shoot from the same distance and circumstances (?!) as u can do... sorry for the misunderstanding... LOL... that's for sure....
  11. i think everyone has been in this sort of situation... in a bar you're drinking with your friends and a guy at the bar is claiming to be a real hero cause he's in the Special Forces... enormous stories about how many guys they've killed and what a true heroes they really are..... u think to know for sure the guy ain't what he is prettending to be.. cause what he tells doesn't sound reasonable (u know when it's true he wouldn't be talking about it) and some parts sounds just like the tour-of-duty edition you've seen the night before confront those phony heroes on there own grounds (probably the bar ) and make sure they don't disrespect "the forces" again... phony SFmembers Wall-of-Shame
  12. done several tours in different regions... this is truly what it's all about...
  13. @jex : IMHO this is the most frustration thing in the game... hope this can be fixed in GR2... @moakes2783 : why not.. IMHO first the game is more fun if u get opponents that are just as good as u... or else play on easy... and secondly i don't think u've to be a trained SF member to be a good gunman... regardz
  14. pretty funny... especialy the last one...
  15. wow... i thought that landrover was great... but that apache looks really amazing .... he is making a lot of us happy with his productions... (the 22ndSASmod is also awesome!!) thank u elpatricio !!!