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  1. lightspeed give me a few maps you want to see redone and we can do it. The first map will always be the hardest since I make most of the assets myself. I did buy the pop machines and beer bottles. Once you have the assets, you can spit out a map in 2 to 3 weeks. P. S how thick did you want those bushes?
  2. Here is the rooftop of the gas station, as well as inside the gas station. I am still working on a few more assets. The AI will have an advantage point from the rooftop. Crossing the bridge will be one of the hardest things to do in this map. There is a spot light and horn rigged. If spotted it will alert the AI. Remember this map will be set at 4:00 am with a teed bit of fog.
  3. Ok give me an ideal of what kind of cosmetic changes would you like? I will be more than happy about AI programming as well. Also the bushes will be thick so that you can have stealth.
  4. I agree players will never be satisfied. Yet have you ever wanted to achieve something? Do you remember some of the memories while playing in game that made you laugh to the point you cried? I do, and I do have a passion for Ghost Recon the original. I personally go by three words in life. Choice, Discipline, and Motivation. So I choose to start remaking Ghost Recon. What was a dream isn't a dream anymore. The best part of doing this is, it's like playing a game. I am doing this remake for the love of the game and for people who might want to see this game updated. People have a
  5. Here is a look at the gas pump in the map. Yes it will have a hose and nozzle and signs on it. The lights will glow at night as well.
  6. Need 8 more if you can get them. Some need to be posters of woman if you go and play black needle.
  7. Here a question to the community. If you look at this picture this store didn't have a parking lot nor did the gas station have pavement to pull your car up to. Do you guys want a small parking lot with a few cars? Its up to you as a community. Rocky if possible I need 8 more images for the stone wall. Thanks
  8. Rocky, Those are great I will put them on the stonewall if you like.
  9. This is a nice advantage point for the AI if they do get alerted.
  10. I think it would be fair if we the community keep this game on the same theme. As a human I don't discriminate. As a developer I will keep the same theme. Remember this is just role playing. So let's all enjoy it as a fun game.
  11. Getting ready to start working on the AI if you guys have any input, let me know. P.S need posters for the stone wall like they have in the game. Give me some idea's. Thanks
  12. This is a detailed picture of how I am inserting the wires for the game. This is called falling a path of splines. Burner may know this. This is how I did the road also. AI will follow splines as well. I am trying to get as detailed as possible.
  13. We have decided to go to a night scene with a teed bit of fog. AI will have two search lights and sirens to warn the enemy. Here is a modified image of one of the lights. The lights are rigged and will turn right to left looking for you. This was not my idea, but it sounds fun. There will be two AI enemy's on the roof talking. One will man the search light the other will run for his weapon.
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