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  1. A pretty long winded explanation of how I felt about this game initially and how I came to love it. I'll also be talking about the youtube side of the ghost recon diagram. If your a long time fan of the series or a newcomer this may be really something you can relate to. So basically if you're on this site you'll probably be interested in what I have to say in this video.
  2. Bodark Zulu

    The YouTube Thread

    Not sure if you guys will share my same sense of humor but if you play for honor you'll probably get a kick out of this. Well that is...if you know da wae.
  3. Bodark Zulu

    Screenshot Slideshow

    You guys are starting to get to good at this its starting to become scary lol.
  4. Bro I played it earlier the mode is great but the maps are epic
  5. Pros My initial thoughts on the game were pretty harsh since it seemed like a 180 from ghost recon future solder, but as I've been playing it lately I've actually come to love it . It pushes the boundaries of depth and immersion for a realistic setting , its 4 player coop , Is one of the first games I've ever seen to emphasize the importance of situational awareness and how nicely layered level design can hinder or improve a missions success not to mention that some missions are very creative and get intense at times. Even for those who didn't find to much of a challenge you can customize your HUD for a more realistic experience if you desire. The expansion Fallen Ghosts had the exact tone that I wish the entire game carried. I think my favorite enemy was El yayo because he felt like a real character, as far as the most impactful missions those would be These were some of the only missions that made me feel like there were real consequences for trying to turn a Cartel that had a grip on the whole nation, on its head. Cons Not enough cut scenes, poor voice acting, AI Civilians every freaking where and even when ###### got thick they would run toward gun fire or stay right there and cower. Me spawning a vehicle and not being able to find it in a dire situation (limited/no HUD). Being able to change your entire load out on the fly. That mechanic by itself makes the idea of a weapons crate in bases redundant. The release of pvp came awhile after the release of the game and to my disappointment it was a bit lackluster however I haven't sunk an incredible amount of time in it yet so maybe there's more to love that I'm not giving it credit for. However currently it just seems like a glorified squad death match to me where you hunt each other, however it was made clear that it wasn't meant to be this kind of game I believe a lot more could have been done. The objective based, team work oriented pvp in ghost recon future soldier in my eyes is the best. Thats without even mentioning the beautifully designed multiplayer maps. ~Just wanted to share
  6. Bodark Zulu

    Screenshot Slideshow

    All of these shots are brilliant
  7. That is as surprising as it is disappointing.
  8. Bodark Zulu

    Just waiting for the next mission.

    That Helo shot is epic bro
  9. Bodark Zulu

    squad_e's PS4 shots

    This area is absolutely beautiful
  10. Bodark Zulu


    Hey everyone its been awhile. I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me get an achievement tomorrow for grfs on xbox 360. I just need to play siege mode 3 times to get the achievement for playing all modes 5 times. If you guys want to work on other achievements or anything let me know. I also need the one for dlc and squad matches too. Happy New Year Ghosts.
  11. I want to know if there are Ai involved at all
  12. Bodark Zulu

    The Ash Main (Unlisted Video)

    Hey guys I recently made a parody of rb6 siege ash main players and wanted some feedback before I posted it. If you guys thought it was funny leave a like or let me know here or on the video. Thanks guys I hope you enjoyed it .
  13. Bodark Zulu

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier 2 Fan Art Work

    Ah okay okay. Say what you will about the image but now I'm getting a bunch of messages of people asking me when the game is coming out lol.
  14. Bodark Zulu

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier 2 Fan Art Work

    PSD and EHDD? Also will those transfer to pic monkey?