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  1. Bodark Zulu

    Wildlands Photomirage

    Awesome video man. It kinda surprises me how incredible some of the shots are from the community.
  2. Bodark Zulu

    HVT Squad Gameplay

    Hey guys its zulu, this is just some old gameplay I didn't get to post of me, ITK5, and muddvain. I hope you guys enjoy it. Any of you guys think a new ghost recon is coming soon?
  3. Hey everyone its Bodark again, hope you guys been well. I just recently made this video where I was slightly triggered lol. I basically got really mad with the way gamers treat devs and how they behave themselves lately. Talking crap about games and cursing at devs on social media and just not even appreciating the same games that they're talking about. Sometimes they''ll be talking about the smallest problem and blow it out of proportion. I guess this is also part of the argument that gaming youtube is super negative right now, in any case if you guys agree or want to drop your opinion please do so here or on the video. See ya guys ✊.
  4. Bodark Zulu

    Supermoon, photo from last night (20 03 2019)

    Those are some nice graphics
  5. The following is a super long conversation I had with a couple of friends of mine about the military. Basically how it functions like a well oiled machine with very little of a moral compass and how its been for me since I joined nearly three years ago. The conversation starts 2 mins in but it get better with every min definitely. If you were thinking about joining or you're just intrigued by military life then I recommend you watch it. though we do also talk about how men have changed in modern society and have become docile and weak creatures compared to our ancestors. Alot of good stuff here.
  6. This isn't exactly saying I dislike or hate everything about modern gaming but a statement about the future of the gaming industry. This is just a look at how things are right now. Of course there are some great games but still overall this is what is becoming more acceptable among our favorite games. All channels featured are below and in no way did I mean to infringe on their own content or steal it. I know alot of people might think I'm being negative or they just don't like negativity but this is just what I see when people say is the greatest it has ever been and getting better. Cancer or trends that aren't good for gaming Lootboxes/Supply Drops Grinding forever or buying tons of microtransactions Super expensive microtransactions for almost nothing Certain toxic Youtubers/Streamers Unfinished Games Fake Gamer Girls In Game Ads (...like ######) The reason ghost recon future soldier is in this video is because the game was made backwards compatible in 2018 with no patches or updates even though for years it has been made clear by players there are glitches, network issues, severe balancing problems, and exploits. Not to metion problems with spawn camping, lag, 10 minute lobbies dlc splitting the community and etc. Gaming Illumanaughty - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgbsRLlukQ21Zzu4LYPrDBw Ethos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRbqsrRofDCw0Pz7rJR534A Boogie 2988 - https://www.youtube.com/user/boogie2988 Isellsupreme - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU_qB8CakUJYEOv_LuRtRfQ M3RK MUS1C - https://www.youtube.com/user/M3RKMUS1C Angry Joe - https://www.youtube.com/user/AngryJoeShow PrestigeIsKey - https://www.youtube.com/user/PrestigeIsKey
  7. Bodark Zulu

    Takeover Montage

    Last match that the ghost recon junkies group played together on the khyber strike dlc maps. I hope you guys enjoy the video, I had to make it short because they mostly just rained grenades on me lol.
  8. what ghost recon game you talking about?
  9. Bodark Zulu

    The YouTube Thread

  10. Bodark Zulu

    The YouTube Thread

    A very stupid montage of assassins creed remastered
  11. I can't tell what made me more mad the Sb showing up from every direction through ally ways, or the cars shooting and throwing explosives beside the bomb lol.
  12. Hey guys so I played silent spade a couple of days after it came out with all of my friends and it was... incredible. I mean everything was done so well from the music, dialogue, script, and everything else. Much love to the devs for this add on. If you want to see me and my friends finish the last part perfectly you can watch this video. We went head on and had to really think about making a perimeter around the objective.
  13. This mission dlc was absolutely awesome. From start to finish I'm super happy to have played it man.
  14. I've been coming across teams of snipers and its a bit irritating.