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  1. I want to know if there are Ai involved at all
  2. Hey guys I recently made a parody of rb6 siege ash main players and wanted some feedback before I posted it. If you guys thought it was funny leave a like or let me know here or on the video. Thanks guys I hope you enjoyed it .
  3. fan art

    Ah okay okay. Say what you will about the image but now I'm getting a bunch of messages of people asking me when the game is coming out lol.
  4. fan art

    PSD and EHDD? Also will those transfer to pic monkey?
  5. fan art

    Yeah could you.
  6. I may do another one but I'm ultimately pleased for this to be my second art work . Let me know what you guys think of it.
  7. The first parody I've ever made on youtube. I still found this hilarious a few minutes ago even though its been so long. So maybe if we can get more attention to future soldier videos it'll get their attention and make a case for BC or a Remaster. Either way I hope you guys laugh as much as I did, and share the video somewhere that other people would also appreciate it. https://youtu.be/-j9L6n1EpRE
  8. Some more of my favorite shots recently from fallen ghosts and the main game.
  9. PvP Game mode Decryption - Attacking team must Infiltrate the enemy outpost Decrypt The Enemy Laptop and Escape with the thumb drive . Decryption takes about 15 seconds to complete. After you retrieve the thumb drive the attacking team must fall back to their operating base which will win them the game. Whoever has the thumb drive Is tagged every 15 seconds on the defending team's HUD. If the defending team cannot defend the Intel they must kill whoever has the thumb drive and corrupt the thumb drive files . If the carrier is killed The attacking team needs to recover the thumb drive from his body and continue to fall back to base. Time Limit 10 Minutes . Each team has a small supply of vehicles to pursue and transverse . These vehicles do not respawn and are finite. The time limit if reached and the attacking team hasn't returned to their fob or the defending team hasn't corrupted the files will result in a Stale Mate. This isn't only my idea for a game mode but I believe that this is very similar to what the confirmed game mode is. The player count is 4v4 to allow for small tactical squad fights.  https://youtu.be/ZrwnuRxYNoI
  10. It sucks the weapons stay in the dlc man. I fell in love with the BMG Sniper Rifle.
  11. The Combat knife animation while it does look cool takes much longer to do and you still receive damage while in the animation. Which can leave you at a big disadvantage, you'll probably be downed in bad situations.The DLC is very difficult even on lower difficulty settings. I was being flanked, shot with arrows, and overcome by enemies quite often. Large groups of heavily armored enemies are the standard enemies you fight normally. On a higher difficulty this will definitely take you a longer time to complete. For me it took a day and a half just about with almost no breaks. The new enemy types can really challenge you . They can counter a lot of your equipment and gear whereas Santa Blanca would normally just fall victim to it . The Jungle environment really makes you feel like your in a predator movie and being hunted by something dangerous.The tone is much more serious and dark, which i absolutely love. This feels much more like what I expected from ghost recon Wildlands when it was announced at E3. Some people complained about the dlc not being big or long enough but honestly I played through this in a day and a half of straight mission after mission without side missions , gun collecting, or collecting files and on Regular mode to complete on any harder difficulty you would have a larger challenge.Kinda lame that it's segmented from the main game so you don't carry over your weapons and your character but honestly I just grabbed a different gun and pimped it out all the same . Sadly though the new guns aren't in the base game that's the biggest disappointment because there are some awesome guns isolated in the dlc .Lastly the terrain of your final mission is so awesome because it really gives you the lower ground in a very drawn out gun fight, that's going to make you really earn your victory and give you that great sense of accomplishment afterwards. Narco Road was tasteless and did in no way reflect an open world tactical shooter . It was about street racing and gangs essentially. This DLC is amazing and makes me forget the crap of Narco Road. Leave what you think about the fallen ghosts dlc below this.
  12. Do you need to beat the main game to play this dlc?
  13. parody Review of multiplayer in for honor
  14. xbox

    You normally go right into a match with no wait time bro.