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  1. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    update* it seems I've heard word that MS is more tablet/device oriented and moving away from the desktop. I have heard word that a group or company Codeweavers
    are building DX11 into linux with Wine. Hey gamers! DirectX 11 is coming to Linux thanks to CodeWeavers and Wine. So with this feature being worked on, Could Microsofts days as the desktop leader be over? This system by codeweavers could very well, displace Microsoft Windows as a gaming platform which started out with Steam on Linux some years ago. But they are promising that you can run your windows software on Linux through Wine and DirectX11 together!
    What does this mean? Well, from my experience, the easiest Linux that has gotten a lot of support and is popular for new enthusiasts to Linux is Ubuntu. Which is built off the Debian branch. But We might very well see our gaming slide over to Linux in the not too distant future.
    I'll keep you posted!
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  2. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    they knackered up the start menu finally. not too many people are pleased with this. Many think they are forcing 10 to be geared for tablets and mobile devices now. a death kneel for MS is on some folks minds. MS lost 30 billion roughly in lower shares so people aren't feeling good about MS right now. my advice: stick with 7 if your system came with it or 8.1. 
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  3. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    Friends, this is the end of the line on this thread for me. I managed to purchase a DVD with every version of Windows 7( from a reputable seller). I use Home Premium which I have an actual installation key. But with 10, I love the OS a LOT. its fast, reacts well, the features but, I like my old games more at the moment. I still have my windows 10 installation USB and will always be there. But the way I work, on the Desktop, which it appears from the news I read that, Windows 10 is being brought back to a more windows 8/8.1 with more structure geared towards the tiles and active tiles for touchscreen tablets. we shouldn't have to install an app like classic shell or start 10 by stardock to get a start menu a user likes or is used to.
    So I'm back on Windows 7 Home Premium. I can pass on new news but I'm not a user of 10 anymore. cheers. BTW, you can download .ISO files for windows 7 anyway. pretty soon it will be abandonware anyway when support ends. Vista's ends next year at this time. I love Vista as well.
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  4. Papa6 added a post in a topic GR HX5 on Steam ?   

    I have both GR/ DS and IT for steam and on CD gold edition. I went back to Windows 7 since 10 gave me headaches with many games.
    here's the exact place "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ghost Recon\Mods"
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  5. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    Update 4/7/2016. I found that my system won't shutdown nor restart (fast ring builds tend to have issues) So I went back to the prior build and am back on 14295 again. no worries. I'm also back on the slow ring
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  6. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    Windows 10 14316.1000 had developer mode automatically enabled(I disabled developer mode myself) and I installed Bash (while I had developer mode enabled) for linux by activating the Linux BETA subsystem. Here are the steps.
    First go to settings>update and security>for developers

    then in Cortana, type in turn windows features on.. which will give you this window:

    once you click the Linux subsystem (Beta*) use at your own risk in Beta!, you will have to reboot your system. then you open powershell or CMD window and type "bash" to install Linux:

    and you should have an easy installation of Ubuntu Linux on your PC.
    ** Licensing. the Licensing for Bash is a agreement that is by Microsoft and NOT canonical.. go figure but seems to show Microsoft's willingness to play fair with opensource. hopefully in the Anniversary/Redstone update this summer, developer mode won't have to be enabled. but I'll keep you posted
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  7. Papa6 added a post in a topic Tom Clancy's The Division, small review   

    Neowin is reporting that a new system against cheaters is being implemented. Cheating system for the division
    I chatted with a guy at Ubisoft support about players like me, who are older (48) who play only against AI bots and wanting to use god mode and infinite ammo playing by myself through the objectives. although a MMO game, I asked for possibly a green aura/outline on someone not playing the player vs player aspect only against the AI enemy and the objectives. the higher ups are seriously considering guys like myself and the allowance of godmode and infinite ammo.
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  8. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    Just in!!! I found a screen shot of the Ubuntu in Windows Bash in action: Bash is a new feature mentioned a few days ago at the Microsoft developers convention, actually last week or early this week.
    I was just told that the terms and conditions for use for this bash, Ubuntu in Windows is done by Microsoft 

    Credit: Ian S. at
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  9. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    Update: Here are some fixes that came with 14316.1000:

    Here's what's broken yet with this build:
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  10. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    Ok, after I got home, I took a look around at 14316. They now have the extensions, (can't say they had them in 14295), only had it for a number of hours before 14316 came down the pipe.
    The extension feature is definitely there in the works.
    So this is how I'm seeing it: 
    Edge is the replacement for the now long dead internet explorer. The extensions are now a feature in the test build and fully functional.
    The gaming side, seems like more integration of the cross platform experience with Xboxone, PC, Tablet, Smartphone for gaming.
    the start menu proposed ism't implemented thus far (though, this could change). A lot of bickering both ways from the pro side and con side on the start menu proposal. like two old men sitting in front of the barber shop arguing.
    I'll find out what else was new in this test build and try it out and report on it. ok, found a list of new features and locations
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  11. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    Ok someone at has mentioned that here are some features in this test build;
    So we will finally see the extension support for edge like you have for chrome. The continuum I recall is the term used for the gaming across the platforms. Xboxone gaming from your console to Pc, to tablet to smartphone. all your games are supposed to work based upon what you have for the Xboxone. 
    Bash was recently spoken about at the recent developers conference and bash is a feature that will integrate more openness to the Linux environment. I'm a little hazy on the actual details but MS seems to be moving to more friendly features with open source Linux.
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  12. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    Update: 4/6/2016
    I'm currently downloading the build 14316 off the fast ring, reason being, I was so late in updating to the 14295 build. I'll be busy taking the wife to some appointments but I will endeavor to run the build through its paces and report on any improvements, changes and the like pertaining to gaming but over all as well. Just in case some are more curious about the overall look, feel or features to be updated for summers Redstone/anniversary update this summer. Yes, Windows 10 from the earliest build 9926 to now is a year old. So a summer major update release would seem like a good thing.
    I'll get back to you later with my thoughts and usage of 14316..
    updates for apps and programs still come down the pipe normally but the builds are put out on a certain time frame as MS prepares for summers Anniversary update (Redstone) the next major build update is rumored for 2017. but your apps and other updates contunie on a normal level.
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  13. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    I found this article via Neowin that I didn't see earlier since I had a loved one in the hospital undergoing a melanoma surgery.
    But here are some screens of the old versus the new start menu proposals
    Improving the All apps list in Start
    Microsoft clarifies potential changes to the Start Menu in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (
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  14. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 update- older games   

    **UPDATE 4/5/2016. I just installed off the fast ring 14295.1000 which, will be the Redstone AKA, the Anniversary update slated for release for this summer. It's a little too early to tell since I haven't been able to run it through its paces. However, it was a major build release to test given the fact that, the update basically installed exactly like the Windows 10 build I installed from the USB I have. The start button is still the same as the original so MS hasn't yet made a decision on the new design. They are still taking in the info from the test community however!, word has it, even though it is large as in the screenshot above but its supposed to be adjustable to the users liking. that's not bad. It would seem that I can keep mine as it is now. 
    feature update: The login screen used to be started by a lockout screen (Win key+ L) and when clicked on, the lockout picture would rollup and the windows 10 logo would be the screen picture. now, the lockout screen photo stays as the login screen after you click the lockout picture, it scrolls up or rolls up after clicking on it as before.. nice little feature, simple but keeps continuity.
    UPDATE further**** 4/5/2016 I just got word from a user on that, build 14312 could release tomorrow... So I'll take up that build and install it and post any initial thoughts and new features and look into this start menu design matter more.
    ***** Nothing further for today***** 
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  15. Papa6 added a post in a topic Tom Clancy's The Division, small review   

    I am having fun with it as it is. I hope wildlands and this are different that wildlands gives us back, what we wanted GR to be. I'm learning tactics from the games standpoint and what I learned in my days in the Infantry. I really suggest you use the spacebar and mouse for moving from cover to cover. But its so reminiscent of GR:FS. there are some slight differences in that GR:FS, you were stuck within a lane of movement, some parts of this game you have a parking lot and allows you to try from this standpoint versus another. you are exposed when you fire so, I again suggest you fire ans when a mag change is needed, disengage and let your agent crouch behind cover to change mags or you won't last (Trust me, I've tried to rambo it enough). I have found a positive of the over shoulder cam in that I can stay crouched behind cover and watch the enemy and figure out a plan of attack. Let the AI soldiers contain the sides to try and keep the enemy in a kill area. I'm learning and I'm learning to be more forgiving in that this game isn't straight up combat that I'm accustomed to, in the woods, all out attacking.
    I'll post more as I have more to report. feel free to add your piece to this discussion by all means. maybe get a team together.
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