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  1. Papa6 added a topic in GR (PC) - Tech Support   

    GR/DS & IT works on Windows 10 (STEAM)
    Hello mates! it's me your friendly neighborhood papa6 and I have good news.
    As of 2/12/2016, I'm on Windows 10, build 10586.14, the newest build. I just installed GR/DS and IT and it works through steam. My store bought CD's  do NOT function in windows 10 but I can confirm that if you get GR thorugh steam it will work if you are up on the latest build 10586.14
    Nvidia driver: 361.75
    no flickering of the screen all is perfect. steam has the 3 games on the cheap anyway. but Steams version works without a hitch thus far.
    Good luck mates!
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  2. Papa6 added a post in a topic The Division - PC Beta Downloaded!   

    I don't know. I'm really down on these new Tom Clancy titles. This 3rd person view and first person view for aiming isn't my cup of tea. But would be ok if it has success.
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  3. Papa6 added a post in a topic Windows 10 TP updated to 10041 from 9926   

    This is an update 1-31-2016 on Windows 10
    Build : 10586:71
    current state of OS: The OS is/has become VERY stable, very fast in terms of boot up times, be aware the more bootup cruft, like Steam, origin, or uPlay will probably extend the boot time. however, I have all three and only steam boots up on startup and I get 30-45 second boot up times.
    issues to be aware of: as of this build or 2 before, ROCKY has made me aware that a DLL issue prevents us now from playing OGR as we used to. even the blooming effects mod doesn't seem to work anymore in getting around this.
    the overall look of the OS hasn't been changed, Microsoft has stated emphatically that, internal stability and fixes of file issues are their priority at this point. I WILL say that they are pushing everyone to Windows 10. Microsoft in past versions supported older windows but they will NO LONGER support new hardware updates for Windows 7 or 8, no mention of 8.1 as I've heard. I'll reiterate that, on another thread about Wildlands, I made mention of the 100% possibility that we all will have to be on Windows 10 to achieve full satisfaction of wildlands. I think you might be able to play it on Windows 7 or 8/8.1 but the inherent problem that will arise is, as new graphic cards advance till the release date, everything will go to Directx12 which again I mentioned that Directx12 is strictly a Windows 10 OS gaming technology. the days of downloading the latest DirectX seem to be over and there will be NO release of DX12 for prior OS'es. 
    DX12 : I will state that besides it being a Windows 10 exclusive tech that, It has a refined code base meaning it has been tweaked and improved to the point that lag should be almost a mute subject. Since new cards coming out will all be DX12, Windows 10 will be a requirement. 
    Redstone: Link ok here's the low down on redstone updates. there will be two for 2016. Microsoft has changed the way it does major updates and they have been labeled Redtsone. Redstone will be 2 this year and will be summer and fall(in time for wildlands release), they will feature hardware updates for hololens and other hardware updates as videocards and other hardware improve. Remember: Summer and Fall.
    IF the release date of Wildlands gets pushed back into 2017, I'd still advise people to upgrade their systems to the new Skylake CPU, the 6th Generation fo Intels consumer/gaming CPU albeit there has been a small issue but Intel has a bios update to remedy this issue. LINK to Skylake issue report . I would think upgrading to the Skylake CPU will be just fine as the issue seems to be caused by one application named "GIMPS Prime95 " But Intel again has an update to fix the issue. So feel free and safe to upgrade to skylake CPU's and get ready for Wildlands. with CPU's being so ahead of the curve, if you have a top of the line CPU, upgrading the graphic card should be the only issue for us to improve playing Wildlands.
    I'm running an Intel i7 4700MQ CPU at 2.4 GHZ with 3GB Nvidia M700 mobile card and rcoking star wars battlefront deluxe edition smooth as butter again, thanks to DX12.
    I'll update this as I learn more and see improvements in the 10 OS.
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  4. Papa6 added a topic in GR: Wildlands - General Discussion   

    Wildlands- location and uniform selections
    I love being a sniper. its a craft I know. But with wildlands and if there are abilities to create maps/mods and the like, each class of warrior needs to have a camouflage that relates to a maps environment. snow environment, snipers get white snow ghillie suits, desert gets desert ghillie, there should be this for each class of soldiers.
    I would hope UBISOFT has this issue in mind.

    so you get the jist. when a map is created, it should have some sort of designation so the available uniforms for that environment are available.
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  5. Papa6 added a post in a topic ✪ Playing Ghost Recon Classic feels like this....   

    this video gave me a ######
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  6. Papa6 added a post in a topic Wildlands Single Player Squad Control   

    Yes Rocky, absolute control is not just necessary but required. Any military leader needs to have the control of actions on each objective.
    move silent and quite, no shooting until fired on. every aspect is important . EVERY aspect needs to be controlled and planned by the mission leader.
    What if Rocky were the mission leader? He'll need to tell me where as a sniper I need to setup a sniper hide. What my area of coverage is, who my target is, will rocky pop red smoke grenade to signal objective cleared? then I know to make my way to the road for a ride to my next position.
    Total control has to in a military common sense must to be a non question. there are so many variables that a leader needs to have the ability to plan for.
    Rocky's getting soft in his old age.... 
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  7. Papa6 added a post in a topic What's New?   

    now, I also wanted to warn folks that  I can NOT play the OGR as the tech is no longer supported anymore. Two builds ago, I was able to play OGR using the video improvement mod. Microsoft didn't tell anyone about this  as far as I know, but Neowin members have noted Microsoft basically did away with backwards compatibility with old games without telling anyone. Things are changing fast folks. I would venture to guess that any videos coming out soon would more likely be running off of the Windows 10 OS. It would have to be plausible.
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  8. Papa6 added a post in a topic What's New?   

    i'd like to add some finer points. As some may have known, I beta tested Windows 10 and was about to throw in the towel. I did as per found out Microsoft, in its push to force people to move to Windows 10, they have stated they will not provide support for new hardware in Windows 7 & 8. I was happy with the beta as it showed promise but the release build was miserable. problems of all types. however MSFT is now moving to incremental builds to improve and polish the OS. I just as of tomight updated to builds 10586.71. I can positively say both good and bad. But as for Wildlands, I am 100% confident that anyone who upgrades a newer PC/Laptop within the Windows 7-8.1 era, will be able to upgrade to 10. I'm not sure about if the insider program is STILL open but for us insiders, we now have the OS free of cost for the first year.
    now, not to make this as if its a OS post, I DO want to advise people that an upgrade to Windows 10 will have many beneficial facets to playing Wildlands. 
    1. Direct12 . I was a viewer of a microsoft webcast and they had a computer or two running Directx11 vs a direct x 12. Directx11 crashed to the point that, the same game under DX11 stopped working, the game froze while the DX12 game chugged through the game without any video lag.
    2. Xbox cohesion. there is an interface within Windows 10 that uses keys Win+G to open a game recorder, of the order of fraps but better. reason I say this, there's a section where you can post your in game videos and discuss this with your friends.
    The reason I am saying all this is because it is my educated guess now that Windows 10 is very polished at this point, kinks are far between but almost all builds now deal more with smooth operation and fixing internal crash issues. therefore I'm advocating to help people make the transition to Win10 as soon as possible, if possible. from the microsoft announcement, its is apparent that, its a hardware support issue with Windows 7 and 8 that will  basically leave people behind the curve and i'd venture to say now that I'm knee deep in 10 that Windows 10 will be the OS to use for Wildlands. Period. There will be NO Directx12 for Windows 7 or 8, 8.1. Microsoft has made it clear its a absolute windows 10 only gaming tech.
    Conclusion: If this christmas IS in fact the release time for Wildlands, I'd say with 100% surety that, Wildlands will be geared more directly to 10. Which would probably be the reason so little is being said and development is probably at a fever pitch at UBISOFT. But I just want to forewarn people that its probably best to build a custom gaming rig now and update to Windows 10 now, to familiarize yourselves with the new user interface and experience.
    Sorry but this post was not meant to get off topic but I wanted to share this info for those who need to know more.
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  9. Papa6 added a topic in GR: Wildlands - General Discussion   

    weaponry- armory available
    I should hope and think that the current armory should consist of actual current military hardware.
    .50 cal barrett
    .338 magnum lupua 
    .308 semi automatic sniper system (SASS)
    Mark 12 with scope (part of seal TO&E) also in movie lone survivor about marcus lutrell
    M40 Marine corps sniper system 
    Remington 700 Army model sniper system
    assault rifles:
    mark 12 variant
    scars, 5.56mm & 7.62 variants
    M4 with trijicon or other red dot and other scopes.
    M468 6.8 SPC (correct data)
    submachine guns
    Kriss vector .45 cal 
    H&K Mp 10mm SD (drum or extended clip)
    H&K MP7 PDW
    Added later:
    SPAS 12
    I should hope these will be on the list
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  10. Papa6 added a post in a topic Wildlands Single Player Squad Control   

    I'm rather dismayed by the 3rd person view. If you want true "immersion" you need 1st person to feel like you're "in the game" plus, first person view makes it more of a challenge to move slow, low and check situational awareness. But I'd say they are moving ahead with this game with a real attempt to recapture the essence of the original GR.
    I'm a little concerned about the 4 man team. I'd be willing to compromise 2 or 3 , 4 man teams working in a team manner. that would work. perhaps even simply have a option to control how many 4 man teams to play. GRAW allowed for how many AI players. But having 2 - 4, 4 man teams would make for a greater possibility for competitions. I'm sure rocky misses reporting on competitions and results and new mods in development. Sorry for the simple design using photoshop but a menu option for COOP and MP game play, but to be as an idea in the game setup section.

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  11. Papa6 added a post in a topic Ghost Recon Wildlands - Intel: Authenticity   

    attack the objectives in any order.. finally, they get it.  
    Question: if someone can ask Ubisoft, If we play solo, can the game be adjusted so that so many objectives don't need to be accomplished?
    instead of solo Rambo kill everyone mode, maybe as solo be required to take out several single targets to cripple the enemy moral and logistics.
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  12. Papa6 added a post in a topic I'm wondering how Wildlands will differentiate itself from the usu   

    It would be probably a FIRST in tactical shooter history if they approach the campaign AND multiplayer parts in a two part fashion.
    I would probably, being UBISOFT add a functionality to the game to run as a SPEC OP unit or as a general combat team, ie 101st, 82nd, 1st Armored Division by a menu selection. and as per that selection say one game run as Navy Seals, you get 4 slots. Then if you select 101st , 82nd or 1st Armored Divison, which has numerous mechanized infantry units, if those are selected, then you get one,two or three squad slots based upon a menu selection of unit type.
    one interesting way to play is, allow a group of gamers who are good and want a challenge, select Navy Seals, they can a run 4 vs 8, 16 or 32 man squad units. that'll make for interesting game play
    then in the modding tools, you can add add units with uniforms like British special forces, IDF and then in a file enumerate how many slots available.
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  13. Papa6 added a post in a topic Brother in LAW threatens my life   

    you mates are all good in my book. Anyway, He showed his true colors to his own sister. I filed the police reports and by my states Law (Nevada) he can be charged with a felony threat of harassment.
    I've been married to his sister for 15 years, I love her to death. She's a good, honest and upright woman.
    Just seems that the infantile bullying AFTER getting out of school and becoming an adult goes away, or should and misses a few people. Now here's the kicker: He has a degree in psychology... let that sink in... This just boggles the mind. But I REALLY appreciate the kind replies and I'm keeping ALL my legal options open. I've instructed my kids to NEVER open the front door to him. With his explosive temper and knowing he'd go through with his threat, fortunately, I live in a "defend your castle state" (Nevada). I just hope it never comes to that. I hope he can seek some psychological help and put this situation behind us.
    I'll keep ya posted.
    Cheers mates!
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  14. Papa6 added a topic in "Off Topic" Posts   

    Brother in LAW threatens my life
    This issue started 2 weeks ago about and started with a post on FACEBOOK whereby my wife posted a concern about a police K9 unit entering our honors student daughters class scaring the kids and the teacher. afterwards, maybe a few days or less, my wifes brother verbally bashed her saying he's tired of all her drama BS and some other disparaging things. This had my wife in tears and upset me. So I blocked him(brother in law) and his wife off my facebook account. my feelings are, this is MY family and our home and my family should feel safe and secure in our home.
    then two weeks pass... nothing.
    Today 11-16-2015, he writes my wife text messages that I'm the problem, I'm a leech, an uneducated ###### and some other things BUT, what caught our attention was, He sent her a text, (She's keeping the text conversation for any police investigation) stating that if he saw me somewhere, he'd put me in the hospital. He has a history of having a volatile temper and I DO believe if he sees the opportunity, he will hurt or kill me. With my medical disability from the military, I spend enough time in the hospital. 
    So in the end, this evening I filed a police report of his intent to commit bodily harm against me. 
    I just needed to get this off my chest because I haven't had any words with my wifes brother at all and why he would threaten me is beyond me. thanks for listening mates.
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  15. Papa6 added a post in a topic Multiplayer: Hey, Guys, does everyone have a mic?   

    I'd be happy if they give us modding tools and the ability to add members as squads. you know, be able to increase from 4-8 or 9 man squads through the tools.
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