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  1. Papa6 added a post in a topic I'm wondering how Wildlands will differentiate itself from the usu   

    It would be probably a FIRST in tactical shooter history if they approach the campaign AND multiplayer parts in a two part fashion.
    I would probably, being UBISOFT add a functionality to the game to run as a SPEC OP unit or as a general combat team, ie 101st, 82nd, 1st Armored Division by a menu selection. and as per that selection say one game run as Navy Seals, you get 4 slots. Then if you select 101st , 82nd or 1st Armored Divison, which has numerous mechanized infantry units, if those are selected, then you get one,two or three squad slots based upon a menu selection of unit type.
    one interesting way to play is, allow a group of gamers who are good and want a challenge, select Navy Seals, they can a run 4 vs 8, 16 or 32 man squad units. that'll make for interesting game play
    then in the modding tools, you can add add units with uniforms like British special forces, IDF and then in a file enumerate how many slots available.
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  2. Papa6 added a post in a topic Brother in LAW threatens my life   

    you mates are all good in my book. Anyway, He showed his true colors to his own sister. I filed the police reports and by my states Law (Nevada) he can be charged with a felony threat of harassment.
    I've been married to his sister for 15 years, I love her to death. She's a good, honest and upright woman.
    Just seems that the infantile bullying AFTER getting out of school and becoming an adult goes away, or should and misses a few people. Now here's the kicker: He has a degree in psychology... let that sink in... This just boggles the mind. But I REALLY appreciate the kind replies and I'm keeping ALL my legal options open. I've instructed my kids to NEVER open the front door to him. With his explosive temper and knowing he'd go through with his threat, fortunately, I live in a "defend your castle state" (Nevada). I just hope it never comes to that. I hope he can seek some psychological help and put this situation behind us.
    I'll keep ya posted.
    Cheers mates!
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  3. Papa6 added a topic in "Off Topic" Posts   

    Brother in LAW threatens my life
    This issue started 2 weeks ago about and started with a post on FACEBOOK whereby my wife posted a concern about a police K9 unit entering our honors student daughters class scaring the kids and the teacher. afterwards, maybe a few days or less, my wifes brother verbally bashed her saying he's tired of all her drama BS and some other disparaging things. This had my wife in tears and upset me. So I blocked him(brother in law) and his wife off my facebook account. my feelings are, this is MY family and our home and my family should feel safe and secure in our home.
    then two weeks pass... nothing.
    Today 11-16-2015, he writes my wife text messages that I'm the problem, I'm a leech, an uneducated ###### and some other things BUT, what caught our attention was, He sent her a text, (She's keeping the text conversation for any police investigation) stating that if he saw me somewhere, he'd put me in the hospital. He has a history of having a volatile temper and I DO believe if he sees the opportunity, he will hurt or kill me. With my medical disability from the military, I spend enough time in the hospital. 
    So in the end, this evening I filed a police report of his intent to commit bodily harm against me. 
    I just needed to get this off my chest because I haven't had any words with my wifes brother at all and why he would threaten me is beyond me. thanks for listening mates.
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  4. Papa6 added a post in a topic Multiplayer: Hey, Guys, does everyone have a mic?   

    I'd be happy if they give us modding tools and the ability to add members as squads. you know, be able to increase from 4-8 or 9 man squads through the tools.
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  5. Papa6 added a post in a topic Multiplayer: Hey, Guys, does everyone have a mic?   

    That could hamper tournaments. 4 man teams. we can't get away from that. But with so many objectives, just 4 men could take some serious time to complete.
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  6. Papa6 added a post in a topic Multiplayer: Hey, Guys, does everyone have a mic?   

    how many players at one time in coop? will it go back to the original GR roots and allow for 2-4 8 man squads. wait, i recall four sets of squads that were color coordinated and we could make all red squads, blue green or gold. having four same team squads would really make for an awesome mission(s). 
    4 squads, 1 squad just snipers and assign 2 snipers per squad with maybe an extra and approach the map on multiple fronts at once.
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  7. Papa6 added a post in a topic excellent Ghost Recon Alpha preview   

    Are those Russian forces? if so, they have changed to bullpup style AR weapons. I've heard and I firmly believe since the fall of the USSR, all these years, Russia has been updating and improving their military hardware. Bullpup AR's greatly reduce a weapons weight too.
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  8. Papa6 added a post in a topic excellent Ghost Recon Alpha preview   

    It gave me a tactical erection mate. I see you , myself and Rocky in this scenario along with wombat and others doing this mission. Sorry squad_e, you're the bloke who got shot trying to disarm the nukes  
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  9. Papa6 added a topic in GR: Wildlands - General Discussion   

  10. Papa6 added a post in a topic Watched Sicario and immediately thought of Ghost Recon   

    Sometimes I don't know where my head is
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  11. Papa6 added a post in a topic Gamranger: Papa6   

    didn't get the request
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  12. Papa6 added a post in a topic Watched Sicario and immediately thought of Ghost Recon   

    I don't want to assume ANYTHING however, I'm guessing theirs a COOP mode?
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  13. Papa6 added a topic in GR Games Room   

    Gamranger: Papa6
    I installed GR/DS & IT and am using gameranger to create a room that runs COOP or TvT games. you can add me "Papa6" anytime and observe whe I have my server up and running. The COOP games will run the standard number of players. We will run COOP firefight or missions depending on what the majority want.
    as for TvT i'll run Red v Blue and if memory serves 2 teams of each if enough players are interested (Don't worry, my gaming laptop and connection can handle it) if someones Latency is too high, they won't be permitted to play unless they don't affect the game.
    Time to get some Old School GR kicking! C'mon in guys!
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  14. Papa6 added a post in a topic Screen flickering with Windows 10...   

    Well actually from my experience now, if you get your game to run, example, GR 2001/2002 with DS and IT need to use that blood effects mod to run without issue. But back to my point, the DirectX12 stack, was a rebuilt and optomized system in Windows 10. unfortunately however, MS has stated it will be a "windows 10 only" thing so no one can install it on an earlier version of windows. But on ym gaming laptop which WAS an 8.1 laptop, I upgraded to the free Windows 10 and can say emphatically DX12 has given me a smooth, clean gaming experience. It has been brought to my attention on other forums that MS is, or has, cut ties with legacy software and hardware. I tried to install Windows 10 on my sons AMD Athlon system from Compaq I bought back in 2004 and the installer stated that system can't install windows 10 due to some feature, I forgot the name, won't run on his system.

    But this simply means MS built 10 to do away with legacy hardware and software as noted with GR 2001/2002 because that blood mod is the only work around I know of. 10 is surely a paradox, you get the latest system for gaming but at a cost.
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  15. Papa6 added a post in a topic Screen flickering with Windows 10...   

    That's because Direct12 in Windows 10 has an improved code base in it for more fluid gaming and less game stuttering if any. back in January, I watched the windows 10 Microsoft conference whereby they introduced officially Windows 10 and afterwards that day or so, Windows 10 test builds were released. But soon and the move has already started, you can stream your games from the PC using your xbox account and stream games from home to your various devices, laptop, tablet, smartphone and even the xbox system in windows 10 has a DVR recording system to record your in game play so it could feasibly, IF implemented correctly, could put FRAPS out of business.

    added: during the intoduction conference out of redmond, they had a DX11 game and a DX 12 game running side by side and the DX11 game stuttered and then locked up the system while DX12 ran without ANY stuttering or issues. as for the xbox gaming streaming and DVR features will be improved or added as time goes on. Gaming is my only real concern with Windows 10 anyway.
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