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  1. devolution, i can see it in games, movies and presidential elections. AI is not an easy thing but let's call a spade a spade, it's not about game, it's about business. If they think, they can sell enough copies without modding support, optimizations, AI, whatever they will do it. Nothing personal, it's just...
  2. "The year 20XX and the world teeters on the brink of the Great Hipster war...", looks so plastic and unrealistic, i can even touch it through my plastic 21" screen. ;)
  3. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    still don't know how to make "weights" work with character skeleton to finish (at least one) 3ds max script, but i I've done almost nothing for it. So, now we have noesis (link to program) plugin (link to script) to view RSB textures. It can open .rsb file from any Red Storm game. I'll finish export part of the code (save to rsb format) and post final version here with instructions. But what are "My Plans", it something I've never even used. As i remember, it supposed to be a photoshop plugin, but something went wrong. Links to PS plugin file are still here (http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/topic/61545-gr-community-sdk/).
  4. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    It's not plugins, not even GR, but maybe someone may find it interesting https://www.gdcorner.com/rainbowsix/gamedev/superresolution/rendering/2019/01/04/SuperResolutionTesting.html
  5. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    add to my list 😉
  6. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    i can help you with any tool, but i don't know much about modding in GR, that's also means i don't really undestand what are you trying to do. well, script needs some serious testing, but everything works: it can load skeleton from .chr, apply animation from any .bmf and save animation back to the file. Skeleton export also works, although not in this script.
  7. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    everybody loves animation
  8. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    animation test
  9. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    my goal is to replace outdated official plugins with new ones + possibility to import files, so, i think it's (almost) what you want. I will check files later, it's not a problem at all, but you can try this: 1. Get this (https://github.com/AlexKimov/RSE-file-formats/blob/master/010Editor-templates/QOB.bt). it's format template. 2.and this https://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/ 3. Open weapon .qob file in 010 editor and apply template (Menu - Templates - Run Template - Choose QOB.bt). 4. Now you can see a structure tree, move down to points, choose your point and change pos values (X, Y, Z). Actually it's a matrix, but you need only a translation part. 5. Repeat for every single file you want. it won't fix all kind of problems, but maybe you'll find better positions applicalible for all models. process from "my side" looks like this
  10. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    +skeleton, working on character animations import/export
  11. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    progress so far: 1. import almost done: .qob, .pob, .chr. 2. testing format export: .qob, .pob, .chr. 3. only geometry: .map. Map export isn't in my plans, too many work to do, i don't have enough time. skeleton and character animations will be later... also this https://github.com/boristsr/RainbowSixFileConverters. Philip progressing really nice with Rainbows Six 1/2, add some screenshots. All tools will be avaliable later, not sure when (this year, i guess).
  12. Hi, DJ LFD. You can find some, i would say almost everything in official docs (link http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=1074 guide, map example, etc. The GR engine can handle high-poly models, so as textures up to 2048x2048, but it seems to me, that you will meet other technical problems (instant crash, maybe). Collisions are straightforward, ghosts can't jump (but they can fall from heghts) or climb, therefore you don't need to think much about such things. All geometry is collidable by default, but you can change it at any time. GR engine is a portal engine: portals between rooms, portals in windows all this things. So, you will need some portals on your "room level", All ingame objects such as trees are grouped with helper points which served as transformation matrix source. Using keyframes you can make transport move, doors open and some other things. Glasses, billboards, lights... As i said, most of the usefull information about map modding is in docs, but, for example, scripting is not covered well/at all. if only you have a lot of time :).
  13. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    .qob file once more Actually, what you see above is just two obj. files converted from original ones. @Jack Wachter us_delta_a1.chr. i uploaded .obj + .mtl files. If you want to see textures (check .mtl file) just convert them to .bmp (whatever), rename lines in .mtl file (.rsb to .bmp), put everything in one folder and open in 3d editor. tested in 3ds max 2017. @JohnTC02 👍 us_delta_a1.mtl us_delta_a1.obj
  14. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    Hi, Donald. How is it going ? Next step is .chr files, then .pob and .map ones.
  15. AlexKimov

    GR Community SDK

    Hi, gr.net. Some current project status here, still a lot of work to do... as always Random .qob model imported in 3ds max 2017.