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    music ummm....I hate chickens.
    I like snow though.
    Real men love Moose
    I like lots more things too

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  1. Havok added a post in a topic Happy Birthday   

    Wow haven't logged in here for a while and there's some old names from the past having a Birthday today. Happy Birthday Private B and Fehyd wherever you may be !!
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  2. Havok added a post in a topic [PS3] Members and PSN IDs   

    PSN ID Vapourspace
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  3. Havok added a post in a topic Market Place   

    Silver Surfer Parable hardcover Illustrated by Moebius
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  4. Havok added a post in a topic Market Place   

    Some Batman stuff on Ebay .... I'll even ship it free to a North American forum member

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  5. Havok added a post in a topic the best boots for snowy weather?   

    You musta been up here in the summer then WK !!

    Usually we gear up like this in the winters !!

    All ready to trudge off to The Beer Store !!
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  6. Havok added a post in a topic Modern DJ Equipment   

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  7. Havok added a post in a topic Modern DJ Equipment   

    Yeah...that's no longer a DJ !! I'm all for digital musik but not when going out...I mean I'm not dissing DJs because it's a skill...but if I am going to see a DJ he/she better be up there sweating and digging in crates,bouncing to the beats !! Not sipping a vitamin water and texting their homiez !!

    Vinyl sounds beat digital any day...
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  8. Havok added a post in a topic Ebay....   

    Wow...what a trip !!

    So once again I'm searching for info on Ebay & come across this noob's post....made me laugh.

    Okay so I am seasoned Ebay buyer now.

    Anyways the reason for dredging up this old post is because I need any information regarding Ebay stores.

    Does anyone have experience running one ? What are the benefits ? I know there is difference in fees and you get more pictures for free per listing. I understand there is a monthly fee depending on which level of service you select.

    The reason I ask is because I have a massive amount of items I want to list....but with Ebay stores you don't get the 100 free listings a month...sure other benefits...but once again I find Ebay confusing in regards to this matter. And it doesn't help they seem to change rules/fees quite randomly.

    I've only really bought stuff like CDs,clothes,movies etc. The majority of items I will be listing would fall under the book category, which have higher fv fees.

    So does anyone have experience with Ebay stores ?

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  9. Havok added a post in a topic UK Broadband   

    Wow...I never knew Virgin did landlines too. Over here the phone/internet/mobile is monopolized by two companies and we get rooked hard !!

    50 meg speed...I thought you meant 50meg d/l cap LOL The XXL package.. wish I could get something like that over here !

    He's going to check if Virgin is available at his address.

    Sure Rocky.. if he can get it at his address I'll get him to use your referral code.

    Always good to get anything free/credited from Big Business !!
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  10. Havok added a topic in Computer Discussions   

    UK Broadband
    Need some advice on UK internet & landline providers.

    My friend lives in London, Harrow zone 5 if it makes a difference, and wants to get a landline and internet. He's been looking at Talk Talk, Sky, BT.

    I have no clue as to service providers outside Canada.

    Anyways my question is what is a good provider to go with....he's looking around 30-40 pound a month for unlimited internet and a landline. He only has a mobile now.

    Also if anyone has any promo codes or sign-up a friend kinda deals let me know.

    He'll mostly game on a console online... and will use internet mostly for media downloads..and file transfers....streaming media etc.

    Thanks !!
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  11. Havok added a post in a topic Havok's House   

    What time zones is everyone, well I know Alpha's.

    More than likely I'll try and figure something out 2morro....I dunno maybe like 4 p.m . EST. No promises but if not then no doubt next weekend.
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  12. Havok added a post in a topic Havok's House slagged onto the afternoon shift this week. I hate working....

    Anywho...I may be available Monday the 2nd. Holiday over here. If not you can count on a server for the follwing weekend.

    Let ya know tomorrow for sure...

    Hey Alpha can ya send me a link to change the rets to blue for friendly and such. Gotten used to the buttons again at least.

    My damn hands wanna rebel against using a keyboard to game once more. Damn evil PS3 has my wrists all curled up like a golem. Had to cheat and unlock Jack Stone in the .xml for single player. He a bad ass.
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  13. Havok added a post in a topic Havok's House   

    Alright been off for some holidays,just gotta sort out a headset.

    Probably do some hosting next weekend or jump on with you guys.
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  14. Havok added a topic in GR Games Room   

    Havok's House
    Ahhh...the good old days !!

    Running late evening/night/into the morning servers, chicken wars, El Nino and his wicked back rubs !!

    Well I've re-installed Ghost Recon and in the next 2-3 weeks, once I've cleaned up the House and re-stocked the mini-bars with fresh, cold beverages I think I'll have a House warming. (also once I've learned to use a keyboard again )

    Don't think bandwidth will be a problem these days....could even have G/L wars I'd imagine...not !

    So boys and girls....go download Canadian Operatives 2 and patch it !!!! because I guarantee that will be on the menu at some point.

    And if enough of the geezers of old swing by maybe that damn Alpha Squad mission The Farm could be taken down once and for all !!

    Recon leads the way !!
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  15. Havok added a post in a topic PS3 version confirmed   

    No....I have a PS3 also..

    Yes...the dark side...

    In the process of building a gaming rig again...been talked into it I have.
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