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    Calling all Aussies!

    Fantasy isn't my thing. Me too. At first I played it as the Spartans, but then I decided to try the University faction. Those are the only 2 I've tried so far. That's a lot of exams.
  2. Ryan243

    Websites you often visit

    Other than porn and GR.net, I don't go to many sites that are entirely non news related. Although I prefer the strange news stories (not the kind of boring crap that makes the nightly news on TV). Ananova's Quirkies section Yahoo's Odd News section Fortean Times' Breaking News WorldNetDaily For the tiny amount of "real" news I really pay attention to. I read very little at all here and then I mostly read stuff on the second page. I also read Walter Williams' column there every week. I check in on Ebaumsworld every once in a while. And I'm going to have to start reading Tucker Max.
  3. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    No big deal. It is a fun game. Do you ever play it anymore? The demo only lets you play for 100 turns, but I've won twice. The first time I won, I beat Morgan Industries and the Spartans on my own and was allied with the Religious Nuts Who's Name I Have Forgotten and Gaia's Whatever The Hell in a war with the The Hive and the UN. I kicked The Hive and the UN's butts, but my "allies" got the bases (I beat all but one or two units in two bases, but didn't have enough units in place to complete the takeover and my "allies" came in at the last second and got the bases. ) The other time, I beat every other faction entirely on my own. No. Does he write sci-fi?
  4. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    No. I haven't tried Alpha Centauri. I just now found a demo for it though. And Alpha Centauri is newer than Civilization. I'm talking about the original Civilization. Alpha Centauri came out after Civilization 2. If your interested in playing a very old game, you can download Civilization here. I love how the idiot reviewer doesn't mention that you can win the game by conquering the world. That's the only fun way to play the game. Tomorrow I'm going to download Civilization 2
  5. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    Il-2? I haven't played any compter games recently. But the last one I played was Civilization. The first one. I've had it for years. I don't even own the more recent ones.
  6. Ryan243

    The Rules ! ! !

    Great rules!
  7. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    Yes there are. :no: Not cool. I hate Myst! I don't have that kind of patience.
  8. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    I finished Rats, Bats & Vats the day before yesterday. It's good. It's very funny. I started Pyramid Scheme yesterday. I'm only to chapter 20 something. It's good so far. Lately I haven't had as much time to read as I'd like to. It's funny, I had planned to post this today, and I log on and find you asking about it.
  9. Ryan243

    Is OEM RAM any good?

    I love that thread! I'm sure people were staring at me while I read this. I don't know, I was too busy reading and laughing to notice, but there are two other people in this computer lab, and they're studiously ignoring me now. They must think I'm nuts.
  10. Ryan243

    Cajun47's Nightmare

    They are rare, but there actually is such a thing as an American Croc in the Gulf, and they are known to swim up the rivers. Homosassa, Fl is one area: http://wildflorida.org/herpbibl/resultstop...CACU&Topic=DIST American Crocidiles are found in Florida (as the link that you provided yourself indicates). As far as the US goes, they are ONLY found in south Florida.
  11. Ryan243

    Google Earth

    I just downloaded Google Earth. I haven't done anything with it yet. But I found this site that might be of interest. They have things other than mistakes elsewhere on the site.
  12. Ryan243

    Forum Habits ..

    I'm the opposite. I haven't been to the news page in a year. If the first page interests me, then yes I read past the first page. For example: I've read every page of Calling all Aussies. But there are plenty of threads I've only read a page of or have never even been to. I do every once in a while when I'm bored. I've chased Nightmare, Slink and Dan around the forums a couple of times. I just like picking on people. I read the blogs back when they were new and people were posting in them. I have no idea. I've had the same avatar since I joined. And all my sigs have been given to me by Nightmare (who I just found out is now WytchDokta) or Dan. Not very many. I try to get things right the first time. When I edit a post it usually has to do with forgetting something, not spelling. I think my record for that is 4. Forum habits? So you want to know how obsessive compulsive I am? I do the same thing every day (except rare occasions when I get a PM). I log in as soon as I can (first thing after class every day). Then I click View New Posts. That usually returns 2 or 3 pages of posts. I go through opening all the threads I want to read on the first page in new windows. Then I read them (leaving open any that I want to reply to). Go to the second page of new posts. Do the same thing. I continue this until I'm through all the pages. Then I reply to whatever threads are still open. I do this because 1. I'm obsessive compulsive and I've always done it that way, so I will always do it that way and 2. that way I know what all has happened since I was last here before I reply to anything. Saves a lot of asking people what they're talking about, or editing posts. After I've replied to everything I'm going to reply to I hit View New Posts to see if anything interesting popped up while I was busy. Then I log off and go do other things. Then I'll check in again in the afternoon. I read through the new posts the same way I do in the morning. If I've gotten a PM, I answer it first. Then I do the standard routine. I don't really have any mysteries. A lot of times when a reply takes a long time (like this one) I hit Preview Post just so I can see what people have said while I'm typing. For example I was the first person to read this thread, but 3 people have posted before me. I don't read posts that look like that. Or l33t crap. I hate that ######. Me too. NONE OF THESE REALLY BOTHER ME ALL THAT MUCH. Although I don't type in all caps myself or have emoticon battles. I like to do long posts with lots of quotes.
  13. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    I live out in the middle of nowhere too. 1 hour drive each way every day. But at least by living with parents out in the country, I don't have to pay rent or buy food.
  14. Ryan243

    Do you drink?

    I drink. I don't get drunk. But I don't drink socially. (It's hard to drink socially when you don't socialize). I HATE beer and I don't like wine. Scotch and brandy are my favorites, but I'll drink most hard liquor.
  15. Ryan243


    Not even close! But I do watch it every week.
  16. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    That doesn't mean you can't go run over university students and hit their cars now.
  17. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    You might have better luck around a university. Students tend to pull out of parking lots without looking (at least they do here in America). And pedestrians never look before they cross the street. Best of luck!
  18. Ryan243

    Internet Anagram Server

    Sure. Let's just do it here. Guess my full name. Anagram: A PALTRY ANAL ORGY WICK That's f'in disgusting. I agree completely. How about A RILLY CRANKY GOAT PAW or, my absolute favorite, LOLA A CRANKY WARTY PIG instead?
  19. Ryan243

    Internet Anagram Server

    Sure. Let's just do it here. Guess my full name. Anagram: A PALTRY ANAL ORGY WICK
  20. Ryan243

    Rock Star: INXS

    I have watched a few episodes. (That just goes to show how little there is on in that time slot. ME watching a reality show where they're trying to pick a ROCK STAR for a band I don't listen to! As I said I've only watched a few episodes.) :no: To perfectly blunt, Mig sucks. I don't really care enough about this show to hope and pray anything, but if I did care that much I'd be hoping an praying Marty wins. He's the best on the show. That isn't saying much of anything. Most of the people on that show couldn't carry a tune in bucket. Marty is OK. (Except that song Trees. What the F is that crap?!?!? ) I thought it was great when he mananged to turn a Britney Spears song into a rock song. I didn't believe it could be done. He deserves to win for that alone. (But as I already said, he's the lesser of evils, so he would deserve to win no matter how he had done on Baby One More Time.) :no: That's one of the few rock songs (not by the Eagles) that I like, and NO he did not do well at all.
  21. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    You're sad you didn't hit anything? In that case better luck next time.
  22. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    No problem. I'd have figured it out in no time. I see, I guess that's why you've heard of him. I never had before now.
  23. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    It should be. Baen is an American publisher that specializes in Sci-Fi and fantasy. That's all they do. I'll have to look into this one in more detail tomorrow.
  24. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    Rats, Bats & Vats and Pyramid Scheme are right here and available for free. I've downloaded both and will be reading them after I finish Flight of The Falcon by Wilbur Smith (apparently it's also known as A Falcon Flies).