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  1. No, I thought EasyCo really wanted to start a GR.net militia. I know it was a joke. I was simply pointing out that 37 is not really all that many. And then I was thinking out loud. This is a fine example of the problem with written comunication.
  2. Ryan243

    Irving Jailed for denying holocaust

    I'm you on this jchung. I think this illustrates ruins point about "the American people tending to be ignorant" perfectly. Sadly, if some law like the Austrian one was passed in the US, hardly anyone would know how it was unconstitutional. And besides the ignorance issue, of course you'd have the idiots (who would completely the miss the point of anyone who argued against the law) defending the law by saying "What kind of anti-Semite are you? You don't think the Holocaust was real?" anytime anyone tried to make an intelligent point regarding the fact that the law would clearly be unconstitutional. Something similar to the people who say "If you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about." anytime the government does something that is an invasion of privacy. :wall: That's a big part of what's wrong with America. The noise from the idiots drowns out everyone else. And as a result, they get their way. And everyone loses their freedom. I think I should stop here for today.
  3. Ryan243

    California Unclaimed Property Search

    No ######? Really? Boy, I don't know what I'd do without you. I meant what the hell was the settlement for that it was only $80. I forgot to tell my grandma about this (I assume it's hers, since my grandpa is dead). Oh well. It's not like it's going anywhere.
  4. Ser just posted the details, 37 weapons (that count includes grenades), so yeh, you are probably right ← Wow, we could start a GR militia with that. 37 is a lot more weapons than I have (I've got 6 guns and 0 grenades), but 37 wouldn't make for a very large militia. Naturally, if you were at war, your militia could use those 37 weapons to capture more from the enemy. Then you could get a decent sized militia.
  5. Ryan243

    California Unclaimed Property Search

    No money for me either. :'( I found an $80.74 insurance settlement of my grandpa's. I wonder what the hell kind of insurance settlement is only $80.
  6. Ryan243

    computer too old:BASH IT!

    1200 hits. I have anger issues.
  7. Ryan243


    It was a toss up between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Charlize Theron but in the end I went with Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  8. Ryan243

    weapon of choice?

    M82 or SR25sd. I'd sometimes take both an SR25sd and a M82 (2 different soldiers obviously, I haven't played in a long time but when I did it was always single player.). That way I could have the silent one if I needed it or I could reach out and touch someone.
  9. Ryan243

    "The sig above you" thread

    10/10 I've always liked guns in sigs. As I'm sure everyone can tell.
  10. Ryan243

    The Wish

    I always liked that one. I heard it as "You want two lanes or four on that bridge?" but otherwise identical.
  11. Ryan243

    Funny pics!

    It's a small town in Austria.
  12. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    So how is college?
  13. Ryan243


    Me too. I guess that makes us well above average.
  14. Ryan243

    Sig Request Thread

    Thanks RatoN!
  15. Ryan243

    Sig Request Thread

    I'd like a sig with my new gun in it. Something simple.
  16. Ryan243

    No More Hot Booth Babes at E3?

    Of course!
  17. Ryan243

    1911 Fans and Owners

    If you're lucky you might get a gun for 70-75% of the MSRP. I did. (It was 70% before tax. 75% after tax.) I know of people who've gotten even better deals, but reallistically I don't think you're going to do much better than 70%. All that being said, 85% is generally about right. Just hope that you find someone who is overstocked. @ Rook: Nice gun.
  18. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    Nope. You're talking to a ghost.
  19. Ryan243

    1911 Fans and Owners

    So Rook, what caliber is that Witness of yours? Any special model? Or just the basic Witness? I'm a big fan of CZs and CZ clones. On Saturday I got a CZ 75B SA in .40 S&W.
  20. Ryan243

    "SunMaps" MOD >>

    I'm impressed. I worked on the thing, and I don't even have it. (Had to reinstall Windows a while back and didn't have a back up of a lot mods.) Good. I'm glad to hear it.
  21. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    Oh good lord! Now I can never go to South Africa! (I hadn't planned to anyway, but now it's just too scary.)
  22. Ryan243

    I can't compete with Colin's post but.....

    And what crime would that be? Spamming to win an award? Or are you referring to when I asked if you were out incinerating pigs? Because incinerating dead pigs isn't a crime, it's just called bad cooking. As for the spamming charge, don't worry too much. If this site dealt harshly with spammers Wytchdokta and many others would have been summarily executed long ago.
  23. Ryan243

    Calling all Aussies!

    Ah. OK. Good job.
  24. Ryan243

    I can't compete with Colin's post but.....

    What makes you think that it would be harder for a prehistoric man to control himself than it is for you to control yourself? Or do you go around setting fire to piles of pig carcasses? And if you think bacon smells like burnt pig, I don't ever want to have breakfast at your house. As RatoN pointed out, easier said than done. A few years back I went on a three day hunting trip in south Texas. The hunt was nominally a javelina hunt but feral hogs and coyotes were also fair game. In case you don't know, this is a javelina. I saw exactly two javelina the entire time I was out there. I didn't even get a shot at them (my dad and I were several yards apart and they went between us). I didn't so much as see a feral hog (and I had no interest in hunting coyotes, although I could have got one if I'd wanted it). Pigs aren't easy to hunt even with a scoped rifle, much less a spear. The better question is, why don't you have anything better to do than try to win an award for most pointless thread? And by the way, the way the whole post is worded it sounds like a bunch of cavemen are supposed to be sitting around sniffing a burning pig. Who the hell would rather smell a cooked pig than eat one?