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    Your Favorite Music Genres

    Johnny Cash is good. Trace Adkins is good, but I hate Big and Rich and the only Toby Keith song I think of off the top of my head that is worth a damn is You Ain't Much Fun Since I Quit Drinkin'. And that song came out a long time ago. I prefer George Strait, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakum, Hank Williams Sr., Brad Paisley, Ricky Skaggs, and George Jones. I like Randy Travis' and Brooks and Dunn's older songs. But at least with you I know what you're talking about. I've never heard of two thirds of the various the sub genres of punk, rock and heavy metal that some of these people have listed. And the ones I am familiar with make Big and Rich sound great by comparison.
  2. Ryan243

    Your Favorite Music Genres

    Clearly I'm the odd man out. I like country. Not the new pop crap they call country. But actual country. I do like different styles of country though. Bluegrass Honky tonk Neotraditional I also like some classic rock. Mostly the Eagles. And a few songs by other bands. (I never would have thought of looking up country music on Wikipedia. Worked pretty well though.)
  3. Ryan243

    Mélissa Theuriau

    Brooke Anderson makes me wish I could watch CNN. (I live in the middle of nowhere so I can't get cable and I'm too poor for a satellite dish.) But if I could, I'd watch a lot of CNN. Mélissa Theuriau has been dethroned. Who will dethrone Brooke?
  4. Ryan243

    New GRIN emoticons

    Where the hell did you get those runes anyway? Most are Anglo Saxon. Some could be Danish or Icelandic. Some are complete crap. What you've written is WHO _RA_HOC(or K)Y UNFAL_D. What in the world are you trying to write?
  5. Ryan243

    Got a New Toy? Post it!

    A quick search for spring air rifles got me a British site with a much bigger selection than the one dickie's been looking at called Airguns online. It has spring powered air rifles. Unfortunately they don't tell you what the hell the velocity of the pellets is for any of their guns. And by the way dickie only the top rifle on the site you've been looking at takes CO2. The others are one form of spring powered rifle or another. I guess I should mention, break barrel air rifles are spring powered. There are other spring air rifles, but the break barrel ones are the most powerful.
  6. Ryan243

    Mélissa Theuriau

    OK. So where are the pictures of this hottie you stalked?
  7. Ryan243

    A Proud American Father's T-Shirt

    Amen to that.
  8. Ryan243

    Mélissa Theuriau

    I wouldn't call Mélissa Theuriau the hottie to end ALL hotties. But Robin Meade sure as hell isn't going to be the one to dethrone her. Who else here thinks WytchDokta is off to stalk some poor woman?
  9. My idiot geology professor has a field trip to El Paso scheduled for the 12th through the 16th of this month. My college has that time scheduled for Easter break. I have no intention of giving up my vacation time to go and map rocks in the desert. So I needed a jury summons. Unfortunately I don't have one and (fortunately) have never gotten one. So I will have to make one up. I just got model jury summons forms provided by the state of Texas. (I love the internet. ) So I'll be making my own jury summons today ordering myself to appear on Wednesday or Thursday of next week to show my professor on Monday. (I haven't yet decided which of the two days to use, any opinions?) So I was just wondering what is the best/most creative/funniest way you have ever gotten out of work or school is.
  10. Ryan243

    What you can see from your window?

    I'm at school in the science building. The blinds are closed right now, but if I wanted to I could see a few trees, two big churches and a parking lot (all of this is across the street).
  11. Ryan243

    Albuquerque New Mexico

    I've been through there a few times. I haven't spend more than just a morning there. But it hasn't ever looked like it was terribly interesting.
  12. Ryan243

    attn dog lovers

    You assumed I was a tree hugger? Not even close. Although I am a member of PETA. People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. And I firmly believe most animals are tasty. I also regularly sponser vegetarians as part of the For every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat three campaign. But oh well. You had no way of knowing.
  13. Ryan243

    attn dog lovers

    @ desertranger12: You don't have to inflict pain for something to be wrong. Doing stupid things is wrong. Being wasteful is wrong. The whole idea of clothes for dogs is stupid. It's a waste of money. So, it's wrong. Why give clothes to an animal that was born with a fur coat? It's just stupid! (I'm intentionally ignoring hairless "dogs" here. They are hideous and they aren't dogs. They should all be fixed. If you're allergic to dogs, get a cat. Don't get an ugly hairless "dog!" ) If your dog has fur, he doesn't need a jacket! Period! This basically sums up the rest of my feelings on dog clothing. It's from some article about the ridiculous amounts of money people spend on dogs. well, depends, some dogs might need some extra protection ( warm winter cloths for a chinese nude dog ( hmm, direct translation from norwegian..) ), or they got an uniform to wear ( police and rescue services for example ). There is a much better solution to keeping a dog warm than dressing it up: Don't get a hairless dog (especially if you live somewhere cold) and don't keep a short haired dog outside in the winter. Except for a bullet proof vest on police dogs and the little red or yellow vests search and rescue dogs wear, I can't think of anything that would constitute a uniform. Bullet proof vests are protective gear, not clothing. And I don't care about the little search and rescue vests. And as for Halloween costumes: Dogs don't like them and they look stupid in them. Why dress a dog up? He doesn't know who Darth Vader is! He doesn't want to look like Vader! Why waste the money? And in case anyone wonders why I hate people putting dogs in clothes so much, it's because I love dogs, I hate stupid people and I can't stand seeing money wasted. Also because, my grandma recently started putting sweaters on her chihuahua mix.
  14. Ryan243

    attn dog lovers

    Dressing dogs up is just wrong.
  15. Sounds like a good mod. I'll be the first to volunteer. I'd be glad to beta test the maps once someone has made them. I'm great at finding every little mistake in a map. (Ask Dugite about the time I beta tested his.)
  16. Ryan243

    Debra Lafave - no jail

    Not mature at all. But honest. And I have to agree with him.
  17. Ryan243

    How are our Aussie mates?

    The cyclone hit just south of Cairns in Queensland. dekela is the only member I know of that lives anywhere in Queensland. And I think he's down in Brisbane. So he's a few hundred miles from there. I think our members should be OK.
  18. Ryan243

    New Bond Stills

    His possible inability to be a ladies man is no reason to change the character. If he can't do it, that's a reason to find a different actor.
  19. Ryan243

    New Bond Stills

    Brosnan was not the perfect Bond. Sean Connery was. Agreed. Both Brosnan movies were completely ridiculous. Who the hell would tell a woman to get dressed? Unless she was ugly and you weren't that drunk. Besides, pushing women away is not Bond's style. I liked Goldfinger's "No Mr. Bond I expect you to die" line. It was funny. Some people.
  20. Ryan243

    Got a New Toy? Post it!

    No problem. Cabela's has one with a different finish on the cylinder for $179.99. So based on that, I'd say $150 to $200. If you can find the name of the maker on it somewhere, I might be able to be more precise. I know the feeling. But for me it was the CZ forum and company website and what possibilities the next gunshow might hold. But I can relate.
  21. Ryan243

    Got a New Toy? Post it!

    @RooK: I'm with you on the triggers. I don't care about the DA trigger on a semi auto and I like light crisp SA triggers. In my experience, the DA CZs have better single action trigger pulls than the SA only CZs. So in order to get a good SA trigger from the factory, you need to buy a DA. It's all about liability, though. Some damn lawyer made them screw up the triggers on the single actions. Personally if I were going for a 9mm, I'd go with the 85 Combat. (If they made one in .40 S&W I'd have it.) It's a double action, so it should have a good SA trigger. Personally I couldn't care less that it's ambidextrous although CZ acts like it's a major selling point (I know to some people it is, but I know how to handle a gun one handed with either hand, so I don't need to have contols on both sides). The reason I like it is the fact that the firing pin isn't held in by a pin. It's much easier to clean the firing pin on a CZ or CZ clone when you can easily remove it. It sucks to try to get some kind of solvent down in there or to drive out the stupid roll pin. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the diagram in the CZ 85 manual. Compare the 85B to the Combat. All B model CZs have the firing pin held in the same way.) I like to be able to easily get to the parts of my guns. Of course it lists for $90 more than a basic CZ 75 B. So if something is eating up funds, this could be a problem. @Ruin: Your blackpowder revolver is a modern reproduction of a Remington 1858 Army. (I can't see if the barrel is octagonal. If it is, and the barrel is 8 inches long, it's a New Model Army). It is probably marked .44 cal somewhere. If so, it's probably actually a .45 (this is common with plackpowder "44s"). If it's marked .36 cal, it should fire .375 bullets (this is also common). With the 44s, there is a lot of variation. Some fire .451 caliber bullets, some are .454 and others are .457. So check first. If you have calipers, it's simple to check. If not, find someone with calipers. As for powder charge I'd just go with the minimum on whatever black powder or modern black powder replacement you get (if the package doesn't have the data, the company website will) and work up. Edit: I like this thread. I get to talk about CZs and teach about black powder revolvers. And of course, see people's new toys.
  22. Ryan243

    Got a New Toy? Post it!

    On a CZ forum I go to the general consensus is that CZs and their clones are addictive. That's been my experience with DA CZs. I've shot a .40 S&W CZ 75 B, a CZ 97 B (all CZ 97s are .45 ACP) and my mom's 9mm Baby Eagle (one of the old ones, a steel one with the safety on the frame, where it belongs instead of the slide). All have good SA trigger pulls. The Baby Eagle has a nice DA trigger pull. I don't know what the DA trigger pull is like on CZs. When I tried out the CZ 75 and the CZ 97 (I was debating between .40 S&W and .45 ACP, I ended up going with .40 because the grip on the CZ 97 is larger and as a result isn't as comfortable.) I didn't try the double action trigger pull on either. I didn't care what it was like since I like clocked and locked. So when I found a good price on the CZ 75 SA, I took it. I figured why not? I don't need the double action. Now I have a really nice gun with a crappy trigger. So the money I saved over the basic model has or will go into the trigger. But at least my gun is mostly costing time, not much extra money. (I got mine for $405 after tax, which is less than MSRP. The MSRP on a .40 S&W CZ 75 is $539 plus tax. The new trigger is $50. The new harder sear I will need in order to do a decent trigger job is $45 plus shipping. Oh boy, I saved $34 off the MSRP. I can do better than that just by haggling. But at least I didn't spend too much extra. And I like the gun, so I can't really complain too much.) I'd recommend getting one of the DA CZ 75s. Unless of course you only want to use it in single action and you can find a CZ 75 SA with a good single action trigger. Now that I own an SA with a crappy trigger and have to spend what I saved on it to get a good trigger, I'd only buy an SA that came with a good trigger from the factory. What caliber are you thinking of getting? I couldn't believe he wanted to sell them. He's working on this custom Mauser 98k and he wanted to raise money for it. I don't get what his deal with that Mauser is. It's a usable gun, but that's all. It's certainly not, and never will be, worth the time and money he is putting into it. I agree. I love them both. The Dan Wesson is my favorite revolver. And the Model 41 is the most accurate handgun I've ever fired.
  23. Ryan243

    Got a New Toy? Post it!

    I don't have any pictures of my guns. But here is the company's picture of my newest toy. A Smith & Wesson Model 41. The one I have is older than I am but it's in near mint condition. My dad was going to sell it and a Dan Wesson Pistol Pack, but my mom and I talked him out of selling either one. He gave me the S&W and my mom got the Dan Wesson. My second newest toy, which I bought in January, is a CZ 75 B SA (the gun in my signature). Here is the full picture. I still haven't gotten around to doing anything about the CZ's trigger. CZ's are great guns. The SA (single action only) is a really nice version. But if any of you ever get one, be prepared to get a trigger job. The single action trigger pull is better on the basic model CZ 75.
  24. Ryan243

    As Much As I Like Gadgets..........

    Hell yes! I am with you completely. So you might change your mind? Cell phone are evil. I don't think there is a time or a place for cell phones. Call me a Luddite if you like, but I wish that they would ban cell phones. I do not know a single person who is consistently considerate when using them. I'm a Libertarian so to say that I'm not a fan of bans on anything is an understatement, but I'll make an exception for cell phones. I even know how to do it. Ban cell towers. They're much harder to hide than cell phones. Then, until the price of satellite phones goes down and portablitly is improved, you'll have the most successful ban in history. And even then, if you can control what satellites are put into orbit, you can have a successful ban. Oh to be a dictator.
  25. What'd you say about my mama?! I said the problems with her are that she is ugly and has something communicable. When I replied to you, I just assumed you were stupid.