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  1. KRP 56

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Nice! Thanks for sharing wombat50. Including Lurch!
  2. Always online is a deal breaker for me.
  3. KRP 56

    2560x1440 resolution?

    Cool ! You can also get 2K & 4K resolutions on a 1080P monitor if your using an Nvidia GPU by enabling DSR in Nvidia's control panel. Saves money and looks close to native 2K & 4K as far as I can tell.
  4. KRP 56

    WIN 10

    SecuRom/SafeDisc aren't supported by Windows 10. There are ways posted on the net where you can try working around that problem but I think most people just use the Steam version as it does not use those DRM's.
  5. That's the best way to play the campaigns. A whole lot more tension that way. Keep your head down!
  6. KRP 56

    Happy Birthday

    Cool! Sending the year out with a bang of a birthday.
  7. KRP 56

    Gymkhana 10 - Ken Block

    Watched it last night. Great tire shredding fun. Wish I could get a joy ride like that for Xmas!
  8. KRP 56

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Same here. Excellent slideshow.
  9. KRP 56

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Looks like you caught Rodney Dangerfield posing as a Mexican on your video cover picture 1-4-18. Maybe Elvis and him share bunk beds down there somewhere.
  10. KRP 56

    Merry Christmas Ghosts!

    Merry Christmas All Ghosts. Santa made me work Xmas and since I was bad I have to work New Years also.
  11. KRP 56

    Screenshot Slideshow

    Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  12. KRP 56

    Roaming Rome

    ENJOY!On your way back home swing by Tashirojima . I'm sure you'll blend right in there.
  13. EZ strikes again.I couldn't get mission 6 to complete. Tried multiple times and it would not register. Opened Igor and enlarged EZ and it worked fine. Seems to me that the EZ's that are small and right on the edge of the maps are the one's that I can't get to work.
  14. Hope you don't find this to hard to believe but after finishing all objectives in mission 2 and taking my men to EZ it would not complete.I had my men a little in the tunnel a little out of the tunnel and I even had them dance around for a little bit but still no avail.Once I enlarged the EZ circle in Igor it worked like a charm. Keeping fingers crossed for Mission 3. OH! Still having fun minus the EZ problems.
  15. Moved EZ to a new location and it worked fine. Not sure why it wouldn't register complete at the original EZ.