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  1. 95% discount for me.
  2. Your Stone Bell vid makes it look oh so simple.How come I never could do it that well!!!
  3. That simple little demo led me to buy my first full fledged PC game which in turn led to many hours of thrilling enjoyment. Still play form time to time and it's still a blast.Playing the Operation Stronghold campaign now.
  4. Really liked playing with the bow and arrow in the last couple of Far Cry games but wasn't to sure if this cave man stuff was for me.Grabbed the PC version for $18 on Black Friday and it's a blast so far. Who ever thought spear chucking could be so much fun.
  5. Happy Birthday ROCKY That GTX 1080 sure looks like a nice birthday present . ENJOY!
  6. Most of them were great but I've played on the Mountain map many times over.
  7. UBI may have lead Ghost Recon down the path to destruction but this site still means a lot to the true Ghost Recon fans. Let's hope Rocky doesn't have any ideas about pulling the rug out from under our feet.
  8. I'll second that.A special shout out to my Dad,92 and counting. Not a gamer but still a cool Dad!
  9. Is it Thanksgiving already?What a TURKEY!!! Funny I was worried about not liking 3rd person view but after watching that I truely know that Ghost Recon is more than 6 feet under.
  10. Check the download section here. All kinds of co-op missions,campaigns etc. Modder JohnTC02 has some great stuff to play.
  11. Happy (Belated) Birthday Cpl Ledanek. Get any new cats for your Birthday?
  12. There's enough great GR mods to keep you smiling for a few years.You picked a great one to start with.
  13. UBI don't want modders messing with there stuff unless they could find some way to make money from it! UBI = GREED AT IT'S BEST.