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  1. AOG2 is now only running Mp1 Mp2 and BH_Clean map with new IP this dedi is not on 24/7 due to some a$$ who keeps trying to log in over an over on reconlogger so i turn it on in the am most time 9am(est) till 12midnight. Have any ?s or like to have a mod added for missions an maps goto http://aog.boards.net and drop a request. SK Darkstorm SK Rapidstrike SK Map-Pack,HerosUnleashed_b8 GRPA Reloaded mods can b added.
  2. Yea Riley hasnt responded to my request on redoing a new version prob has better things to do i just took win10 off the pc and put xp back on it so the programs will run ok.
  3. Leeroy who owns the dedi runs DA due to the CHI clan and others who have a tendency to run them famous cheats so to battle back we use shrikes but i run a private dedi using Apex"s mod Heros Unleashed the Silent-Killer mods the Centcom and a few other mods. IP= AOG1 = and da new downloads page for mods www.armyofghost.net
  4. Come visit us at www.armyofghost.net and like to dust off them guns and come do some shooting =AOG=1 IP is ALSO use this IP to join us on teamspeak! ALL mods needed are on the website.
  5. Any one know how to build a new version of reconlog that will ork with windows 10? I know that it wont detect the hacks most the new idiots are using but would like to be able to record game play for so many days or start end game from reconlog ingame admnin or set up other users. It used to work with win7 an 8.1 except on a crash the dedi wont restart on new version of windows but can still change mods.
  6. Now u can get the needed mods to join our server at http://aog.boards.net
  7. OK on the no DA4.9 that you will have to get from our teamspeak server.
  8. Army OF Ghost runs a dedi mods u need can be found here at ghost recon.nets downloads. AOG runs on IP Time players are on is late in the evening 9:30 till 1am for most who still play. Time is est.(INDIANA). Mods are BH_Clean & DA4.9 they are on all the time the dedi is up.
  9. AOG Army-OF-Ghost Still alive and kicking Dedi ALL Mods even the hard to get SK Mods found at www.aogrecon.com
  10. IF yr downloading a mod its easier to unzip/extract to desktop then drag n drop into mods folder IF ITS a Mod and not some other kind of file. What was it you downloaded ? OH sorry to have taken so long to get back on here sept n oct is gensing hunting time for me so most the day is spent in the woods lol.
  11. AOG(Army-OF-Ghost) would like to say thanks to all who still stop by and play a round or 2 on either 1 of our dedi servers. We also have hard to find mods like the SK mods sorry to see they droped the site . If looking to chk out what mods we have visit aogrecon.com and also any one fill like loading up the GR then come hang wit AOG were still trying our best to keep one of the best PC games alive. TY =AOG=Pops
  12. Any one just need a server to play on AOG run 2 Dedicated open 90% AND all mods we run are located on the forums www.aogrecon.com Coop firefight with over 110ai to shoot or use the heros unleashed server for random mission play. Both servers can be edited AOG is PW find it on our TS server.
  13. LMAO yupers I b from Indiana I gotz my learnin wile sneekin dads beer and late night TV
  14. www.aogrecon.com We still run a dedi server and still battle in the evening time (indiana est). What mods you cant find here on this site we have on ours. We dont use gameranger but our server is up ALL the time. is also the teamspeak IP to AOG Army Of Ghost is dedicated to finding old clans and new players to come back to GR. NEED a Dedicated server We also have a spare that is run when needed for clan battles. ALL run Reconloger and we mix up the mods on weekends to keep it fun.
  15. DO ypu really want to play GR with ALL the mods out there???? then goto www.aogrecon.com and send a PM to me there on our forums....The complete game gr with Mp1 Mp2 and you can DL ALL the mods you would ever need to play. We STILL run a dedi server and 90% of the time were on there of an evening (Indiana est) I am doing my best to keep GR alive and kicking even if it mean braking the rules This game is an always will b the best shooter game besides the ranibow 6 series LOL. soooo hit me up on our forums and u and ALL yr friends can help keep the best game alive,
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