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  1. They've cancelled the development of the next Raid, too. It seems they've finally figured out their vision for the game and that's good news!
  2. nyleken

    Testing the waters (story idea)

    I agree, Ubisoft should really consider cleaning up the Ghost Recon lore. That way we won't have to deal with arguments about who the Ghosts are. Granted I still sort of want them to be Green Berets, doing what Green Berets do best. Hell, I even think an open world Ghost Recon game where you nurture and assist a guerilla force would be pretty neat. Ubisoft loves having dynamic elements in their games, why not a Ghost Recon game with a dynamic campaign that reacts to your actions?
  3. nyleken

    Testing the waters (story idea)

    This reminds me of how messy the Ghost Recon lore is. People over at /r/ghostrecon still debate over whether they're actually still Green Berets or not! Here's my headcanon: the Ghosts were initially formed out of elements of the 5th SFG to field test the Land Warrior system in a direct action capacity (we don't see the Ghosts doing a whole lot of UW or FID, the traditional niche of the Green Berets). After that is where it gets tricky. We know from Weaver and Fury that they take operators from different branches of the military as both are from DEVGRU, but Weaver was also made a Master Sergeant, which suggests the Ghosts are still primarily an Army unit. Eh, I don't know. Nomad mentions that he's from "Ghost Recon" during the R6 crossover mission, which sounds pretty lame. I've always thought of the Ghost moniker being a nickname.
  4. Cool game, but there's legitimately no narrative reason for Nomad to be conducting all these missions by himself. The very first time we step into Erewhon, we literally see two other Ghosts who are clearly not injured and are capable of helping him out. I'm really hoping that the AI teammates come back soon.
  5. https://gamingbolt.com/rainbow-six-brand-director-proclaims-solo-campaign-for-series-is-dead Time to look elsewhere for your traditional Rainbow Six fare. And by elsewhere I mean you only have Ready Or Not and Ground Branch to look forward to.😢
  6. Unfortunately, the general public associates Rainbow Six with Siege and that's going to drive the franchise's development.
  7. nyleken

    No friendly AI

    Good to see their return but I wouldn't be surprised if there won't be a significant upgrade over Wildlands. They're a post launch addition after all. Already seeing some people be upset over their return, though. Worst take I've seen is how making Breakpoint a solo experience would've been an "innovation" and ensure that Ghost Recon isn't "strictly just a tactical shooter."
  8. Extremely impressed by the NVG visuals. Maybe Ubisoft could take a couple of notes, eh?
  9. nyleken

    No friendly AI

    I'm still blaming the people who desperately wanted the option to turn the AI off in Wildlands. Ubisoft should've stuck to their guns and never acquiesced. They probably figured that since "most" people hated the AI squad in Wildlands, the playerbase would be fine without having any in Breakpoint. As a bit of a silver lining I hear that the narrative reason for the coop Ghosts being present is that another group of operators came in to reinforce Nomad. If so, that means Ubisoft at least left the possibility of an AI squad being implemented later while still fitting the game's overall narrative. Maybe during the single player campaign you get the AI team back after the prologue, I dunno.
  10. nyleken

    The Gear Museum

    Good find on that Crye CAGE chassis! Seems to be the first gen version, no?
  11. nyleken

    No friendly AI

    Agreed. I think Future Soldier was the most Ghost Recon game we've ever got since you could go invisible, like a ghost, and do some form of reconnaissance. 😋 On a more serious note, features like the bivouac, the serious injuries, and buddy carry are things that would complement a squad AI extremely well. I'm still of the opinion that their reasoning behind removing them is complete BS.
  12. Not much of an MMO raid if it's still a 4 player mission, lol.
  13. As I've said before, the whole "lone survivor" theme they've got going is directly at odds with everything else we've seen in Breakpoint and only applies to the solo campaign. Was the playerbase so harsh on the Wildlands squad AI that they've elected to get rid of them altogether? I remember how adamant they were about not giving players the option to disable them since that would go against the squad-based gameplay they were striving for. Jump forward to Year 2 and they give players the option to disable them. Looking back at some of the complaints, a lot of the instances that were noted are usually the result of player error. The squad AI literally cannot be seen by enemies unless you give them a move order or are engaged in combat, so I'm generally skeptical of cases where they ruined somehow stealth infiltrations.
  14. I'm wondering whether the playerbase's reaction to the AI squadmates in Wildlands influenced their decision to axe them completely from Breakpoint. A Ghost Recon game where the Ghost Lead is a lone wolf due to circumstance is definitely an interesting concept. My biggest problem with this idea is that Ubisoft is still emphasizing the coop aspect of the game with the four-man Ghost team on the box cover and the gameplay reveal involving said team raiding a drone lab. The entire narrative is based on the premise that Nomad has lost his greatest weapon (the team), but everything else Ubisoft has shown serves to reinforce the usual GR concept of working as a team. My guess? They had experimented with squad AI during development but could never implement it in a way that plays nice with the new systems they developed for the game, like serious injuries. We also have to consider the fact that it's being developed for current-gen consoles, which are underpowered CPU-wise.
  15. Really impressed by the improvements to the player animations, especially in regards to the cover system. Also, is it just me or is the female Ghost noticeably more buff than the women of Wildlands?
  16. I've been hearing that there are no AI teammates this time around. Very odd decision.
  17. Looks like Wildlands 2.0, with a lot of community requested features making it in! Very excited about the injuries system, too!
  18. Spicy leaks from someone who leaked Persona 5 on reddit.
  19. Wildlands is dying but that hasn't stopped me from giving it a quick one-hour spin once in a while. On the PVE side it's begging for some sort of mission generator or simple mission editor to increase the replayability because going through the same missions over and over again is a little tiring. Unfortunately, that's all there is to it at this point.
  20. Wildlands sold very well, which is a good thing. I want Ubisoft to know that freedom of choice in GR is paramount. Their greatest obstacle now is to figure out how to retain more players. Skyrim is an SP game that's still being played nearly 7 years after release, even on platforms that have no mod support. Might wanna take some cues there, eh?
  21. If you went up the road, I assaulted the first big building I saw and rushed through the stairs.
  22. I'm feeling like you might've had some disagreements with someone recently, eh? I agree with your assessment that adhering to TTPs too closely is detrimental. Tactical shooters aren't milsims and only simulate real-life combat to an extent that is enjoyable for the general audience. Focusing exclusively on real-life TTPs might be great for roleplaying but it also tends to diminish the value of creativity, which tactical shooters emphasize to a T.
  23. I just set it to Arcade then switched on Tier mode after the assault. No regrets.
  24. nyleken

    GR Unpopular Opinion thread

    Wildlands has much better stealth than OGR. Wildlands also has some of the most mediocre stealth gameplay I've ever played. Make of that what you will.
  25. nyleken

    Theme Teaser

    I can already see the plot for the movie: