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  1. Well, perhaps not to that extreme but I'd totally be fine with a first person Ghost Recon with VR support. I've watched some gameplay of RE7 with PSVR and being able to lean around corners with the headset on made me think of Ghost Recon's leaning.
  2. We'll likely see some quality of life features implemented post-launch and of course the usual bug fixes. Not sure about how they'll go about doing DLC. They're planning on making two expansions that are included with the season pass and we have little to no details about them (but that's expected). Far Cry Primal did get a survival mode of sorts in a content update so the possibility of there being a tactical realism game mode implemented post-launch may actually become a reality. Provided they balance the game around it, of course. Honestly, I think cosmetics might be their cashcow if they wanted to fund continued development of the game. It doesn't actually affect gameplay so it's kind of safe. I might actually even pay for them if it expands the pitifully small selection of vests and plate carriers. (Like, seriously, the only Crye products we get are the Multicam variants, shirt, and pants. You'd think the Ghosts would have access to JPCs, AVSs and CAGEs being a Tier 1 unit and all. Did JSOC decide to cut their budget? Might explain the 20-round PMAG they get.)
  3. nyleken

    GR Differences on Consoles

    Agreed. Always found it a little odd to have action music soundtracks in the game and yet it only gets utilized in the menus.
  4. Welcome to Ghostrecon.net. Come for the discussions on Ghost Recon, stay for the opportunity to expand your vocabulary. Oh, and the mods are a cool thing too I guess.
  5. I can already see this thread devolving into a slapfight. So, in summation: Hatred of game devs is not a good idea. Conflating honest, constructive criticism with "hatred" is also not a good idea. Apologism is counter-productive. Being passionate and putting hard work into something does not necessarily result in something good. Don't really have much to add but I'd like to emphasize that constructive criticism is always, ALWAYS a good thing. I wouldn't get caught up in the negativity too much, either. The community manager for Wildlands doesn't seem too perturbed by it, anyways.
  6. I'm really confused by the reinforcement mechanic. I have no idea what conditions trigger it other than maybe going loud. Yet, that produces pretty inconsistent results. Sometimes the AI calls for backup, sometimes not. Is it like MGSV where only larger outposts have access to a command post that can communicate with regional headquarters to send in QRFs from adjacent outposts (yes, that's a thing)? Or is it dependent on the proximity of AI patrols nearby?
  7. Wonder if they got John McTiernan to direct this. He directed the live action trailer with the cat, IIRC.
  8. Now that I think about it, I may have been too harsh initially. I'm still disappointed by some of the design decisions made but they aren't a sign of laziness either. They put effort into them.
  9. My favorite moment so far is having an enemy QRF die because they crashed into a dumpster. No input on my end, they died because of their own incompetence.
  10. Well, they are French after all. All kidding aside, I think Ubisoft stopped caring around 2002 when Splinter Cell was released.
  11. Don't really think that Ubisoft is going to delay it. At this point it's probably going to be patched extensively post-launch and so the best time to pick it up is probably going to be a year after launch. That's also assuming the game is still alive at that point. Apparently the game has been in development for four years. I'm not exactly keen on the development process but I genuinely do wonder what they've been doing for the past four years.
  12. I don't agree with the tailoring for the masses argument, either. Red Storm's tactical shooters were pretty much milsims made for casual people anyways. It's not like Operation Flashpoint where you had to fiddle with an unintuitive action menu, OGR was perfectly playable on a gamepad.
  13. Gotta admit, I do enjoy sniping. It's a lot more fun than I expected. I can confirm that your team AI does get spotted but it takes much longer for the enemy to do so. The bosses in Itacua were pretty underwhelming, tbh. The story missions as a whole were uninteresting. I had more fun doing the side missions.
  14. That reminds me, Rogue One is still out. Maybe I'll go watch it again instead of having to suffer through terrible vehicle handling. Just for fun, I decided to compare the front pages of the Ghost Recon and For Honor subreddits. Guess which sub was full of memes and guess which one was full of complaints?
  15. The fact that there are no Crye plate carriers available is odd considering multitude of other Crye gear available. The vehicle handling is just... bad. Really bad. It reminds me too much of the first Watch Dogs. Don't even get me started on the helicopter.
  16. Game is pretty janky tbh. I might be a bit spoiled by MGSV's level of polish. Actually, Far Cry 4 feels better to play too, now that I think about it.
  17. Surprisingly, the beta was live on schedule. Played maybe a good 20 minutes of it. My first gripe might be that there aren't a lot of plate carriers to choose from. My second gripe is that the first sicario you encounter has his back turned to you. I will say that the friendly AI is better than I expected. I'm actually wondering whether they can be spotted at all when they're following you.
  18. I was always fascinated by some of their Lithtech Engine games. They almost made no effort to hide the fact that they were using the engine from FEAR. It actually reminded me of how Dark Messiah still used the same menu from Half Life 2. From what I've seen of GW3, it looks promising. Maybe not hardcore tactical shooter but I'm also the type of guy who likes Sniper Elite so....
  19. City Interactive hasn't exactly had the best track record when it comes to games. But hey, maybe a triple A budget might do them some good. I kind of dig sniper games anyways.
  20. Got my beta code! Starting pre-load... now. Going to play some Island Thunder to tide me over for Friday. Until then, good luck guys.
  21. nyleken

    GR Differences on Consoles

    Another bump but is it just me or does the PS2 version of Ghost Recon have dynamic music? I don't recall there being combat music starting up during firefights in the PC version.
  22. nyleken

    What is a tactical shooter to YOU?

    To me, a tactical shooter is the Castle map from the Ghost Recon demo. It's pretty much everything a tactical shooter is and should be. The map is wide enough to accommodate different approaches while being small enough to be focused. Enemy placement made sense. You have sentries on the battlements, patrols on the perimeter, and other personnel scattered within the courtyard. You have objectives that are clear and easy to follow and can be done in any order. Combat is varied with medium-range firefights and CQB skirmishes happening within the same level. Gameplay is both punishing and lenient. The map's tight focus means that being able to complete objectives is almost never a tedious task.
  23. Huh, that's weird. So all it does is change the amount of damage you take?
  24. Great gameplay, Rocky! Did you guys ever play on the hardest difficulty? If so, how was it and would you recommend it for a first-time playthrough? EDIT: I watched AI Bluefox's video on the mission. Did the Ghosts seriously reference the campfire joke? I'm all for giving them personalities but, c'mon. On the other hand, the voicelines for spotting enemies are actually pretty good.