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  1. HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

    I'm using the Chalet map by Hana_JP currently, which I think is probably the perfect map for the sort of mission you're looking for. Trying to figure out how many hostages to put in the map. I was thinking 8-12 would be nice with 1 guard assigned per two hostages. Hell I could look into randomizing this to incentivize replayability. Side-note: Using the command map to place entities is such a PITA. It reminds me way too much of mission editing in ArmA without a 3D editor.
  2. I could but I'd probably tweak each file individually afterwards anyways.
  3. HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

    I imagine it'd have to be CQB heavy to make it challenging, especially if the amount of tangos is going to be lower than usual. There's a couple of custom maps that might be perfect for this sort of scenario.
  4. This is mainly a mod to suit my own tastes and to provide a lightweight alternative for my friends. I feel Droopy's mod changed a little too much for my tastes. But you're right, it's quite difficult to make something that's different from what Droopy, Riley or Apex made.
  5. Changing the accuracy might be enough. I think changing all the enemy weapons to full auto only might be overdoing it a bit, I'd probably only restrict it to NPCs like the Ossetian rebels. IMO it's important for there to be a clear difference between an untrained separatist militia versus a professional military with some unfortunate conscripts sprinkled about. Making NPC only kits will help with this immensely.
  6. After playing SWAT 3 recently I've noticed that my most used mod for it is Finn McCool's Enhancements 1.5, a lightweight (only 700kb at induktio!) mod that mainly corrects errors found in the game's texts, enhances the sound, adds AI improvements from other mods, improves on the effects, and rebalances the enemy AI to be less superhuman. So I thought about doing the same thing! The features I plan on implementing are: Renaming weapons/items to their actual real-life name. This includes the grenade, whose in-game model is that of an M26 yet its HUD icon is that of an M67. Fixing typos and/or inconsistencies with the mission briefings and audio if there are any. Adjusting enemy AI accuracy to be less "aimbotty". Biggest problem with this is that it might make the game too easy, especially since I don't plan on removing the fog. Changing the weapon sounds. Easy enough to do but whether the new sounds are better or not is largely subjective. Things that I may consider: Adjusting weapon balance. May have to be implemented due to point #3 in the above. Adding new weapon kits. I have my eyes set on Burner's flashbangs if I go ahead with this. If anyone else has other minor quibbles that they'd like to see changed I'm all ears.
  7. Blood Oil Remastered?

    Bit of a pity. Even with the updated UCP in HU they still look like regular grunts rather than a CIF unit with more funding. As for the fog on the CENTCOM missions you might want to consider how that'll affect the balancing.
  8. HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

    I could try to make a hostage rescue mission of sorts for you. It'd have to be a repurposed map from vanilla or another map pack since I'm not a mapper. My first thought was the Tbilisi map with the bank and embassy.
  9. Steam Sale

    Did Ubisoft ever indicate why they removed the Advanced Warfighter games from Steam? EDIT: Nvm.
  10. Blood Oil Remastered?

    That woodland guy with the bump helmet would make an excellent replacement for the Heroes Unleashed Ghost models.
  11. Arma 3 Out Takes 12.2.2017

    I feel the same way about games today, too :). I think Wildlands suffers from what most Ubisoft games suffer from, and that's a lack of an incentive to replay it. I know it's a little bit of a pipe dream considering how weak console CPUs are but what if the next Ghost Recon had a dynamic campaign mode where mission victories or failures result in different consequences? Say you helped generic third world rebels capture a village and you're immediately tasked with blowing up the motor pool at a nearby enemy FOB in order to stifle any attempt at a counter-attack and yet you failed miserably at it. Funnily enough I feel the complete opposite. ArmA 3's AI impressed me more than OGR's.
  12. HU Addon: Cloak-and-Dagger

    I'm up for it but I'd need to find a cheap mic first.
  13. Trying Spanish Voice Acting

    You know I really never thought of doing this! Weaver's monotone delivery is grating and the fact that Midas and Holt are nearly indistinguishable from each other doesn't help. I've noticed that the female voices for the team are a little better. Unfortunately you can only do this with an all-female squad during multiplayer since there's no AI customization available. A pity since Ubisoft went through the effort of recording all of the Ghosts' lines twice for each gender.
  14. Playing with some sounds...

    Excellent addition! We need more supersonic bullet cracks in games.
  15. This image of a police operation in Brazil reminds me too much of your typical public coop game on Wildlands. The lack of uniformity, that one guy on the lower difficulty playing CoD-style, the mishmash of civvie clothing and military gear, the player who just joined and looks completely out of place.

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