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  1. Wildlands sold very well, which is a good thing. I want Ubisoft to know that freedom of choice in GR is paramount. Their greatest obstacle now is to figure out how to retain more players. Skyrim is an SP game that's still being played nearly 7 years after release, even on platforms that have no mod support. Might wanna take some cues there, eh?
  2. If you went up the road, I assaulted the first big building I saw and rushed through the stairs.
  3. I'm feeling like you might've had some disagreements with someone recently, eh? I agree with your assessment that adhering to TTPs too closely is detrimental. Tactical shooters aren't milsims and only simulate real-life combat to an extent that is enjoyable for the general audience. Focusing exclusively on real-life TTPs might be great for roleplaying but it also tends to diminish the value of creativity, which tactical shooters emphasize to a T.
  4. I just set it to Arcade then switched on Tier mode after the assault. No regrets.
  5. nyleken

    GR Unpopular Opinion thread

    Wildlands has much better stealth than OGR. Wildlands also has some of the most mediocre stealth gameplay I've ever played. Make of that what you will.
  6. nyleken

    Theme Teaser

    I can already see the plot for the movie:
  7. nyleken

    GR Unpopular Opinion thread

    Ghost Recon: Hominid Warfare was a little strange and clunky but I've yet to see any other game capture that feeling of Homo Erectus small unit warfare in the African bushland. As for OGR's AI accuracy, I'm a little mixed. It makes sense considering the draw distance of the vanilla game and the fact that engagement distances aren't particularly large. On the other hand, I also think that AI aimbots are unacceptable in this day and age. Modern AI is fairly decent at being mobile, utilizing cover, and flanking so making them aimbots on top of that is a little unnecessary.
  8. nyleken

    Theme Teaser

    Man, all these crossovers... Is Ubisoft going to have a Tom Clancy universe cinematic franchise, like Marvel? All the individual movies would lead up to a big movie featuring the Ghosts, the Division, Fourth Echelon, and Team Rainbow teaming up against a big terrorist organization threatening the entire world.
  9. Had the same problem. Had to click on a user post to access the thread with all the replies.
  10. They should consider readjusting the enemy accuracy tbh. It's not a big deal in Regular but having firefights in Extreme difficulty is Extremely tedious. IIRC Far Cry adjusts the enemy accuracy dynamically based on how many are rendered on screen which sounds like an ideal solution. Perhaps consider porting over the suppression mechanic from Ghost War over to PVE as well?
  11. nyleken

    GR Unpopular Opinion thread

    There's not really a wrong way to play the game though. Playing the game slowly and cautiously might've been the intended style of play the devs encouraged but sprinting everywhere like an operator on crack is an equally valid style of play. Works out well enough for me. The only time I go cautiously is when clearing rooms. I find the AI to be fairly predictable so it's not really an issue for me.
  12. nyleken

    Thoughts on Wildlands

    > Yeah, some of the outposts may be better until you realize you capture the same ones multiple times each throughout the game. The world is just corridors masking as an open world in between the same outposts. Sounds like Wildlands, except its less corridors and more an empty wasteland in between the outposts. Granted it does have actual ambient life so I'll give it a point over MGSV for that. >The shooting feels way to loose and using anything but tranquilizers is pointless because the game encourages non lethal playthroughs´╗┐.´╗┐ Not really. Tranqs become unreliable since the enemy starts using hard counters like body armor and helmets. It's actually cheaper to just use guns with actual bullets since tranqs require a specific type of plant to produce. Besides that the game is a lot more lenient about being lethal than previous games since you can actually S rank missions with that playstyle.
  13. nyleken

    Thoughts on Wildlands

    I actually feel like MGSV does most of what Wildlands can do but better. The stealth is better, the AI is better, the animations are better, the outposts are better, the support options are better. I could even argue the shooting is better since there's a lot of variations in how enemies react to getting hit. Sure it doesn't have squad AI but I've found companions like D-Dog and Quiet far more useful than the Wildlands Ghost team.
  14. nyleken

    Thoughts on Wildlands

    Eh, I think the game is middling at best, even by Ubisoft's standards. It's like Far Cry, except less fun and more clunky. Actually does Wildlands do anything that sets it apart from Far Cry besides being in third person and having squad AI?
  15. nyleken

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Guy with the UCP is legit what the Heroes Unleashed Ghosts should look like. Tan plate carrier and a MICH helmet with no cover.