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  1. Beta is coming out on the 21st. Just the beta, mind you. The actual mode will probably come out near the releases of this year's big budget triple A multiplayer shooters, so I'm willing to bet it's going to be dead on arrival.
  2. Funnily enough, GTA Online added the same helmet except this one has dual and quad-tube variants along with actual flip-down animations.
  3. To be fair to Ubisoft, they did add a special forces pack to Wildlands that added NVGs to a ballistic helmet. It only costs $20, is bugged, and there's no flip-down animations for turning on night vision. Meanwhile, GTA Online added the same helmet with dual and quad-tube variants and actual flip-down animations. It's also free.
  4. Might actually be kind of difficult since Charactersmith was developed with player characters in mind. You'll have to wait until the second game.
  5. The GR patch was a nice touch. Pity it wasn't already in the game.
  6. Yikes, the game's Metacritic score is pretty low compared to the rest of the series (except Ghost Recon 2 on the PS2 and GameCube). I've had a lot of fun with the game but I can't deny that I also have a lot of issues with it. Wildlands isn't exactly up to par with other Ubisoft titles in terms of quality, especially in the animation side of things (the MSR reload animation bothers me so much for some reason). Ubisoft does have a track record of addressing criticism in sequels, but that's generally seen with Ubisoft Montreal. Ghost Recon is firmly in the hands of the Paris studio, for better or worse.
  7. Devs mentioned that they're leaning towards SWAT 3's team AI rather than SWAT 4's. This is great, especially considering how clunky the team AI in SWAT 4 was. Burner will be pleased.
  8. Don't get your hopes up. I doubt Ubisoft is looking towards making Wildlands a live service like Siege or For Honor.
  9. Hunted mode has two stages, I believe: relaxed and tactical. I might have triggered the latter a little too often, hence why I've gotten a lot of instances of reinforcements coming in immediately. They haven't fixed the detail map issue yet but they did address the brightness issue... somewhat. It seems that they fixed the issue with the shirts and pants having different brightnesses but the problem is that quite a few people seem to have their Multicam textures switch between mustardy-yellow and being darker. On my end it's been consistently dark, much to my relief, though I've noticed that the vests and backpacks have even darker textures.
  10. I played through the entire game in Extreme, too. A lot of fun but also very, very unbalanced. It's like the aimbots in the first Ghost Recon, except they're dual-wielding MAC-11s now. Also, whoever thought that having reinforcements spawn in the moment you're in hunted mode needs to be reprimanded for such a terrible decision. EDIT: That grid pattern on the Crye shirt still bothers me. Why is it there and why is it so bloody prevalent?
  11. Really? It told you every 5 tiers that it would lock your difficulty cap.
  12. Delta started fielding Crye Precision gear around 2006 (in AOR1, interestingly enough!) and switched over to Multicam around 2008. So yes, the Ghosts would probably field test those too, likely to the chagrin of their fellow Special Forces brothers who are stuck with not-so gucci gear. Did some digging and found this neat diagram for GRAW. Game was released in 2006 so I find the amount of Crye porn interesting.
  13. Since the Ghosts are part of the 5th SFG (and arguably qualifies for CIF considering they focus almost exclusively on Direct Action missions), having them use UCP is correct for the game's time period. That being said, I'd argue that the Ghosts are a bit of a step-up from your typical Green Beret. Giving them Delta gear from the same time period, like older generation Crye combat shirts and Paraclete plate carriers in Multicam along with gunfighter cut helmets might not be out of place.
  14. It's not weird for me to enjoy listening to Nouredine Abboud speak, right? RIGHT?
  15. I'm not sure if the Tier levels actually change anything beyond forcing you into Extreme difficulty. The truth of the matter is that the game was clearly not balanced with Extreme difficulty in mind. That's why we have sicarios dual-wielding MAC-11s headshotting trained operators from 100m away. It reminds me a lot of the frustrations I had with the aimbots in the Red Storm games, though it's a lot more obnoxious here it's a bunch of thugs holding their weapons "gangsta"-style. As for you having to put 5-6 shots into a sicario before he drops, that's a weird quirk of the game. It's not explained in-game but Wildlands has a critical hit system that is at 100% during stealth mode, hence why you're able to take down people with one shot. This drops to 0 once you're hunted or engaged.