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  1. nyleken

    Wachter's Attempts at Skinning

    Guy with the UCP is legit what the Heroes Unleashed Ghosts should look like. Tan plate carrier and a MICH helmet with no cover.
  2. nyleken

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Only Raven Shield and the PS2 version of Ghost Recon 2 use the Unreal Engine. OGR uses an in-house Red Storm Engine.
  3. nyleken

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    thales100's sounds are phenomenal and easily better than what vanilla shipped with. The Minimi sounds might be my favorite. Don't know where Apex sourced his sounds from but I'm pretty confident that the suppressed M4 sounds are from vanilla.
  4. nyleken

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Ghost Recon uses hitscan for ballistics, not projectiles. There is no moving round involved. Wachter implemented supersonic cracks into the game by replacing the whizz sounds, though.
  5. nyleken

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Bit of a dumb question but how well would your cmbtmodl (and maybe even the Heavy Armor add-on) mesh with vanilla Ghost Recon? Asking because I've given up tweaking my own since it never got quite to where I wanted it to go.
  6. nyleken

    Splinter Cell AI Talk

    Blacklist is an excellent stealth action game. Maybe not so much an excellent Splinter Cell game but it's a great game nonetheless. The enemy AI is fantastic and some of the best that mainstream gaming has to offer. The part where the goon told the other guy that he was checking something out only to be taken down leading to his friend wondering where he is? That's not just a scripted event, I've actually seen that happen during gameplay. Best part? He was calling out his name! The game also highlights the importance of communicating the AI's intention in a way that is immersive and makes sense. Most stealth games would have the enemy split up and sweep an area as individuals in complete silence. In Blacklist the AI will sweep methodically as a two-man group then has one of them tell the other that they could cover more ground by splitting up.
  7. nyleken

    Sam Fisher Mission

    Honestly firefights in this game are incredibly tedious. The AI is way too eager to bumrush your position. Combine that with their TTK on Extreme and their pinpoint accuracy makes for a very frustrating experience. The Far Cry games have an ai director system that dynamically changes the accuracy of enemies depending on the number of NPCs in the scene, which is something that Wildlands could use to make more enjoyable firefights.
  8. nyleken

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Here's some relatively low-res eye-candy
  9. nyleken

    Gun sounds change volume dramatically

    Still have this issue unfortunately, despite using no less than three different laptops with the game. I've managed to reproduce it reliably with the M249, where the end of the firing sound emits an extremely loud BANG, though maybe that's intentional? I've tried out disabling EAX, which doesn't help. Same thing with the alternate cache. Fairly certain I tried out forcing software, too. Also doesn't help. I'm somehow convinced this is an issue with the audio drivers on all three laptops.
  10. nyleken

    Heroes Unleashed Interview

    How do we know Apex isn't just Rocky tho. *puts tinfoil hat on*
  11. nyleken

    GR Differences on Consoles

    I can see why it would kill immersion since it's non-diegetic. That said at least the PS2 version made use of it. Action 1 is one of my favorite tracks from the game.
  12. nyleken

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Decided to actually run through a Black Ops mission to the end. Had a blast, except for the part where 2/3rds of my team got wiped out by the warlord ambushing us. Concealment is no joke, I legitimately could not see his squad despite the tracers flying around. I was forced to flank him by using the river bank as cover, which actually worked for once! ###### was advancing due to our low volume of fire, so I didn't see him at first. Fortunately his last remaining teammate exposed himself, and the warlord was right next to him. RESULTS: 4 KIA, infil zone successfully defended, intel retrieved, 2 Ghosts reach exfil zone. Pyrrhic victory. Lesson learned: always secure an area before moving on. Bounding overwatch recommended.
  13. nyleken

    Sam Fisher Mission

    If anything the mission is a little too "scripted". The game's greatest strength is its freedom of choice and this mission actively hampers it.
  14. nyleken

    Sam Fisher Mission

    Not really making good first impressions. I absolutely loathe insta-fail stealth missions in games. This mission is worse in that it also insta-fails you for killing enemies during the stealth phase even though they're going to go guns blazing later on anyways. I mean at least have checkpoints! Having to go through the same damn routine over and over again with an unskippable cutscene because a random Unidad grunt managed to slip through my mines and kill me is not fun. This might be the ONLY mission in the game where I actually had to switch to Arcade difficulty. On the plus side, Michael Ironside! Yay!
  15. nyleken

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    When are you going to take that long deserved break? I swear the last version only came out a week ago!