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  1. Hi , and happy new year , the best for all ! I came back to improve some missions i make ( or improve ) and i have a problem when i use "ammo box" for reload and the "replenish inventory" command ...it's work well with ammo ,AT rockets, frags ...but when the actor who have a kit with "bombs item" , go to the ammo box , he can only "replenish" with only 1 bomb !!! (whatever the number of bombs in the kit) Thanks if anyone have an idea of the problem .🙂
  2. Acehole

    Good tutos for modding weapons

    Thanks a lot for to have take time to answer and your advice's ...as i understand , with the limitation of GR to simple modding , the making of a weapon seems difficult ! i make in Photoshop my own reticles and successfully modify the RSB files of weapons that i want to improve to have more details on it but , for exemple, don't succeed to add or remove a silencer , a scope , mags ....the operation leave a white "ghost" of the removed part or a mess of pixels with the added one . The exemple furnished in the zip from Marcinko discourage me , i have no access to 3DS Max and learn how to use it seems tricky ! in fact , i hoped that i can find a real good tuto and to use a simpler tool than 3DS max,mostly for the simple modification i want to make ...Thanks again for time and happy new year !
  3. Acehole

    Patch for "Armored Core 4"

    Bouuuhhh ! i can only do the first mission in the campaign and the second one crash ...so ,i try to unlock the missions by Igor but succeed only to open a few one . And two crash again after that , finally , i don't know if it is possible to do the entire original campaign who seems very problematic ! i go to Igor to see if it is easily repairable or if exist an other patch ? sincerely .
  4. Acehole

    Patch for "Armored Core 4"

    Perfecto ! i start the campaign ,thanks ...
  5. Acehole

    Patch for "Armored Core 4"

    Thanks ( a lot) ! i go try this mod now but ,in fact ,the patch is the same files than the "normal" download (the complete mod) and not a patch....so,same issue, the game crash at the launch of the first mission . any other link for the real patch (if it exist) ?
  6. Acehole

    Patch for "Armored Core 4"

    Hi, somebody have a link (or the file ) of the V1.2 patch for "Armored Core 4" ? I am trying this mod that i have never tried before but it crash on the launch of the first mission with C.D.T, and the link to the patch is broken ....Thanks in advance and very happy new year for everybody of the "GR" community ,the best for all
  7. Acehole

    A new sort of spam ?

    Thanks for explanation , but this is really a ******* in a forum with only good people !
  8. Acehole

    A new sort of spam ?

    Hi, after i make a short visit to the "Richard's FPS weapon mod " topic , i received a mail , like the one of these received as followed subjects but with a bunch of links to some merchandises stuff (probabely illegals) as you can see on the screen capture ...i see also these links in the download section of GR in the comments of mods but you seems now have cleaned them ...i hope it is not a virus to spread this way ,but my antivirus doen'st react ...thanks for your reaction .
  9. A tip ? i have try with succes the "flasbang" somewhere in download and made a kit with silenced gun + these grenades ...that work fine in a mission ,like one you try, where is an hostage ,because ,in fact ,the blow of the grenade distract the guard when you throw it and he want to try to escape ,so ,if you are prepared ,you can kill him ! Good luck .
  10. Hi,Wombat50, sorry to bored you one more time for my problems with Centcom missions...i have a same problem of "save and reload" ctd with the T05:takeover mission .In first ,sorry to have misunderstood which IGOR file i must look after a crash ,i look at the Ikecrash .log ! so , for now, i read the good one ,Ike.log ,but don't understand what happens .i try the mission that i modified (PERSO Ike .log) on my own installation of GR and the original one (ORIG_Ike.log) on a clean install of GR (with no modifications).The crash occur in the same way : save and reload with no problem until i succeed in the first objective but ,when i go to retake the enemy base (change of zone ?) and kill a tank , game crash and cdt . If game is played without save and reload ,no problem ,mission end normally ...So , i try to read the two Ike logs but i see especially some missing chr and rsb files ..I don't know if it is relevent of the cdt but the problem is that i cannot find the files related as missing in Igor ! i make a research in all my folders of GR , even in my bunch of Mods but these files (chr or rsb) are nowhere ...why the game search files that don't exist ? Thanks again for help ,be rassured ,it is the last mission i want to modify Ikelog.zip
  11. Yes, if it's work ,dont' fix it at the end of that i want on these missions in Centcom ,i can perhaps upload these but are they anybody still interrested ???
  12. As i said before, i solve the problem with the change of ammo dump and rearm zone ...for me ,the mission is now ok , the two rearm zones are close (i split in two the original rocket zone ) but the interrest of the mission is intact . i think the problem is here around these ammo dump zones but i don't understand why ! I can sent you the miss updated but i use a modified perso ammo box , i think you can have a crash without the elements of it ?...
  13. like for my impossible download of your miss updated ! , i send you a message with the log...
  14. So, same crash after 2 reloads, same ammodump who disappear but remain active , i look at he log quickly but no clear explanation ...more like a driver problem or memory leak ? but corrected in the way i describe above . IkeCrash.log
  15. it is the "03_Dingo's lair"...as i related in my precedent post (error 503 topic) i solve that with two differents vehicles : one ammo box and one ammodump but i will try to reload the original mission to see if igor log is more explicit with your advices ...