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  1. gothgirl

    moving drone

    Pointman: Stop giving useless remarks if you don't know what you're talking about. Don't you think I thought about that first. BTW the inhouse options for controls are rubbish. They don't tell you anything you wouldn't know anyway. I figured it out myself in the end
  2. gothgirl

    moving drone

    Thanks I figured it out eventually, knew it was something simple but thanks anyway. I know this is a different topic. but how do you use the scope on sniper rifle, which key or MB. Pressing RMB doesn't use scope.
  3. gothgirl

    moving drone

    Ive done that. It says on screen use W & S so only goes back & forwards. I need to get it down the steps
  4. I am on mission tiger dust and have landed drone but cannot get it to move round corners it only goes backwards and forwards. ow do I get it to go down the stairs as I cannot turn it. Thanks
  5. gothgirl

    Sync shot

    This may sound stupid but just got this game, I have targeted 3 enemies but how do I fire at them. They are synced and ready. Thanks OK found out