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  1. Hey everyone. I used to play desert siege with the tropic thunder addon and hundreds of map mods. It was fun and to this day has advantges that even modern game dont have, including the ability to open doors, tactical team based play, and gigantic maps. The problem is that about 3-4 years ago, the servers started being empty so i stopped playing and moved onto modern warfare 2, then black ops 1 and 2, and Battlefield 3. I miss playing a game that was tactical and team based, and where doors can be opened and closed but noticed that the new Ghost Recon looked rather on the ######ty side. 3rd person? Invisiblity cloaks? NO MODS???? I guess the game designers had never actually played a Ghost Recon game before. With that said, what is the best option out there? Arma 3? Or are there any modern GR games that have the qualities of Desert Siege?