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    Character Backstory Mod?

    I'm talking an in-game Biography for each character that you can look at when deciding to pick a soldier for your team. If it has been done already then I would appreciate a link if you do find it.
  2. I was playing one day and found that I didn't have any particular connection to any of the characters I had on my team, and that got me thinking, what if each character had their own personal background. I mean where they come from, training they have had, family if any, time in service and any prior service (like going from another branch to Army). I believe it would add an exponetial amount of immersion into the game, and a genuine caring for your team. I would love to hear the communities thoughts on this sort of mod.
  3. To be more specific, can you choose different soldiers with different skins from different mods for the same to be on the same mission