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    Weird saturation and lighting

    I had an issue similar to this while running Assassins Creed 3. Something to do with AA. I simply updated to the beta (12.11) graphics card driver (i have a XFX 7970 OC 3gb) and it worked fine. You could also try taking AA off and testing that.
  2. Okay so, ive recently upgraded my pc with a new motherboard and CPU. So my current set up is as follows: Asrock Fatal1ty z77 motherboard Intel 3770k 3.5Ghz CPU 16gb 1600mhz RAM 650w Antec PSU XFX 3gb 7970 OC (Factory overclocked) Windows 7 Ult. x64 The issue is that when i double click on the icon (not the shortcut) it just doesn't do anything... no black screen, no logo. nothing. Only the process open in task manager. Ive tried it in compatibility mode, for both XP and vista, but still nothing. even running with admin privileges. Im currently running off my phone internet.. but i dont see how that would effect it running. I dont currently have any access to any other internet till iinet get me back online. Im running Catalyst version 12.1, an and the auto detect says it is up to date. When i run Dxdiag, it says said something about not being able to access directsound? but under each sound tab (3) there were no problems found. Im also running Dx11. Ive tried running the game 'out of the box' it was a digital download from ubisoft (got it for free with a Lynx promo) as well as patched to 1.0.5. When i run the detection program, to see if my system is good enough (obviously it is) the only thing its not happy with, is the Graphic driver version (1169) im not sure the system it uses to tell what i have. Any help would be great.