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  1. Guantanamo

    Looking for siege players

    Anyone? What are people playing nowadays? Battlefield 3 any good? Looking for tense games, no spawns etc. Anything like that being played at the moment? Cheers
  2. Guantanamo

    Looking for siege players

    Hi, I'm looking to get back into playing GR:AW2 specifically siege. Anyone much play anymore? Add me if you do, my gamertag is iTerrorist. I might be a little rusty though so bare with me, not played for a while!
  3. Like the title says. I miss this game! Ad
  4. Ok I just bought GR:FS, I know it's been out a while but my 360 had been gathering dust for some time now and i thought I'd pick it up again. Does any one play siege any more? I never seem to be able to find any games at all. If not any alternatives out there? Or does any one play GR:AW 1 or 2 anymore? I miss blind siege, one of the greatest multiplayer modes ever! Thanks Ad