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  1. Hi, yeah, now I found this topic which has a clear answer like yours. The interface was not clear for me, and the game does not have a tutorial http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35200&st=30&p=458067&#entry458067 ***************** Common problem, but it's just an interface issue, not a bug. When resupplying, click the blank, third tab (to the right of your sidearm) and a list of available extras will open up. The Zeus will be there, if it's available for the mission. You can also use this third slot for other things, like extra ammo, grenades, etc. Don't forget that you can also equip your team's third slot. *****************
  2. Dear Members, I just bought this 'old' game for PC, and I stuck on this level mentioned in subject. I found a walkthru, which says the following: " When all enemy threats are gone, you need to move to the roof of the garage. Here, a Blackhawk will drop off a nice little toy for you- a ZEUS MPAR (rocket launcher). You need to take out one Bradley M1 tank to the north and one to the south. " But I do not get any rocket launcher here, I can only switch handguns, rifles from the Blackhawk. Any ideas? It sounds like a bug... forums.ubi.com not answered yet... Thank You! winters.online *