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  1. Wolverine - Banned for 30 days for being AFK again....for the umpteenth time. Next time he is AFK, I suggest a permanent ban, as he is AFK for hours at a time and it lengthens the games and creates issues with other players having to wait on him. SneekyPete
  2. Demonio, this is a screen shot of you glitching, as if you were on the ramp of the map Embassy. You are fully aware of this being a glitch. One further instance of glitching, arguing, cheating, cursing, or otherwise arguing with and admin is a permanent ban. As discussed with other admins, this is the 3rd Kick/Ban for the same or other issues. As far as the screenshot goes, you could not be killed when you were laying down, as such, a glitch. No further discussion. Any futher infractions will be a permanent ban. SneekyPete
  3. Demonio, Kicked for being AFK, then laying down on an incline, then arguing with an admin, as witnessed by 2 other admins (Saker and Zazel), banned until 09/26. This is the 3rd kick/Ban for Demonio, from cussing, to glitching, to arguing with an admin...all documented or witnessed by another admin. I am being extremelyi lenient for him and only placing the ban until the 26th of this month. I would suggest if there is another infraction after this, that it should be a permanent ban. SneekyPete
  4. ED Pirate banned for 3 days for glitch peeking on tank on 09/16/2012, at 2259. SneekyPete
  5. Wolverine, AFK again today - 5 day ban...I would suggest permanent if he keeps it up after this ban. SneekyPete
  6. DG- Darkman banned for 2 days, disrespecting CHI Ser as an admin in the server and attempting to argue SneekyPete
  7. All, TRR maps installed on server. SneekyPete
  8. BGF - Groundhog - banned for 5 days for derogitory comments towards admin, as witnessed by Chi Ser SneekyPete
  9. Demonio banned for 24hrs for swearing in the server - by Flyguy SneekyPete
  10. LK Doom - Banned for 5 days for spamming in the server about his clan. Has been told 4 times already. SneekyPete
  11. I agree with setting those schedules up. We have uploaded a large amount of Server sided mods already. I can upload different mods to add to the server...suggestions accepted. The only other issue is time. I set it up one friday and we played for almost 4hrs on different mods and missions. For example, I will be working friday and saturday, don't know if one of the other admins will be available to set it up for this weekend. The other issue will be to get the word out for other people to start downloading mods at GR.net. I enjoy difficult coop missions, etc, its a welcome change of pace. SneekyPete
  12. Oelmuvum, Good points all. In the future we will censor some portion(s) of an IP in the future. SneekyPete
  13. Mellamo lol banned for 24hrs - rude behavior in server and to admin. SneekyPete
  14. Great having you Ser!
  15. Great illustrations ser, definitely a plus that players can visually see the glitch in game. SneekyPete