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  1. Shotguns have way too much range, and the DB ammo is sickening...nothing like getting cheap kills.
  2. NightStalker Gaming is currently accepting applications for entry level positions.( Recruit Training ) The team has been around for 6 years. We prefer to keep our numbers small, and our personel extraordinary. This is a paramilitary team, please leave your feelings at home. This team is dedicated to perfecting themselves for professional competition. While we will participate in things such as game battles, the MLG Pro Circuit is the desired arena. We accept people of all ability levels, not just top talent. We will provide all necessary training. The training you will be given will be a co
  3. My two cents is that nobody bought GRFS because they wanted to play gears of war, call of duty, metal gear solid, or anything else. People bought GRFS because they wanted to play ghost recon. I feel Ubisoft and Redstorm failed in a big way by doing what they've done. I understand that the desire to mainstream GR and optimize profits was probably the driving force...but...the simple facts are that 1.) the tactical shooter market is a niche market and it isn't mainstream...and...2.) I don't remember any franchise being successful by emulating the competition...originality is key, innovation is k
  4. So you are confirming that it is nothing on my end? How can it be that Ubisoft could send such garbage to market? Surely there are regulatory agencies in place to prevent such things. I love GR, and I have followed this game since it was nothing more than a rumor 5 years ago, I looked forward to it...and I see what it could be...problem is...I can't get past what it is. I sincerily hope that something is done...I just want to play and enjoy the experiance I purchased.
  5. The amount of surveilence options given the size of the maps is absolutely ridiculous. In my assessment combat gamers are becoming increasingly dependent on tech to do the work for them. GRFS has done nothing but make this issue worse. My team jokingly refers to the sensor grenades as "I'm too lazy to pie my corners grenades".
  6. I am hoping to find somebody that can help me figure out what the hell is going on. I have been experiancing horrible lag in multiplayer from day one. The title update only decreased the frequency of host migrations and server connection lost issues, it did nothing for the lag. For the last month I have sought tech support from Ubisoft and from my ISP...to no avail. Everyone seems to want to point fingers at eachother. Yesterday I spent 3 hours and 20 minutes on the phone with Microsoft tech support...even to the extent of remote assistance where he could operate my pc. We went through my enti
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