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  1. Koelshooter

    game/share launcher for GRAW2

    Dear Struth, we're about to go Graw2 again, so thanks in advance for your installer!
  2. Koelshooter

    old players that played on .:TAG:.

    Missing In Action: Hydrocide/Hellspawn/Baires/Linda/Deadeye/Mrs. Deadeye/Elkhound Others might be found on Steam; Charlie Coop From GR to Arma 3. best regards, Koelshooter
  3. Very nice. Burner, what name you use on Steam? Thanks in advance!
  4. Koelshooter

    Ghost Recon - Arma 3 revisited

    Hi Wombat, I record with my graphics card (asus nvidia 1070) and just use windows moviemaker. Works for me and thank you for the kind words.
  5. Koelshooter

    Ghost Recon - Arma 3 revisited

    Hey Lightspeed, we normally play on Friday and Saturday nights. At around 21.00 CET. Always welcome!
  6. Koelshooter

    Ghost Recon - Reunion day

    Boxing Day 2017 an option?
  7. Trueled, contact me on Steam: I'm open to Graw 2 any time.
  8. Koelshooter

    Ghost Recon - Arma 3

    You see...it works :-). Just some eye candy. And hee, another one for you (all).
  9. Original GR missions brought to Arma 3 by Lightspeed. Check out the vid and enjoy!