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    GRAW 2 Won't Let Me Aim Down Sights or Shoot.

    The controller works fine in other games just fine, just in GRAW 2
  2. sebastienseansham

    GRAW 2 Won't Let Me Aim Down Sights or Shoot.

    I don't have another controller But I do have a friend or too I could borrow one from... By "reset your controller settings" do you mean to go to options, then control setup and then choose controller A etc? Because I did that and now it seems to be letting aim down the sight about a quarter of the time (if I press really hard, and only works after 3 seconds of holding it down) and I still can't shoot
  3. As the title states GRAW 2 won't let me aim down sights or shoot. I got the game second hand from a friend when I got a new xbox. I haven't even gotten past the training stage because of this. I have tried again and again to restart, try a new game, let the xbox cool etc. But nothing seems to fix it. Could it be because it is second hand? My friend who owned it before me said he played fine. Have any of you had the same problems? And if so if anyone has a solution to this, could you tell me. Any sort of help would be much appreciated.