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  1. Thanks Riley for replying, I wasn't expecting many to be honest. After a fresh install I get the can't write to installation folder, I tried the 1.35 and 1.30 patches which both seem to generate the wrong disc inserted errors. It really ###### me coz this game was the reason I bought the five pack, but I got it on a 2 for 1 deal with flashpoint and got 6 games for A$40, not too bad I suppose. I will keep trying, again, thanks for the help.
  2. I have purchased the Tom Clancy 25 year pack, which includes GRAW. If i don't patch the gane I get an error about cannot write to the installation directory, if I patch to either 1.3 or 1.35 I get the wrong disc inserted error. I am running Win 7 32 bit. I realise this is an old game but I would really like to know if I should give up or is there a fix, I have the original DVD in the Drive that installed the game. The other 4 games are running fine on my machine.