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  1. Chudy Picio

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday And Best Wishes To Our One And Only Rocky!
  2. Chudy Picio

    Simple Map Ideas?

    Maybe a small square with a communist era apartment block in the background (like a place somewhere in Eastern Europe)? I could even provide you with pictures from outside of my own apartment. Always thought like the surroundings of my block would make a small, but cool little map.
  3. The sad thing is that older Call of Duty titles (like 1, United Offensive, 2, World at War) used to be better (at least in my humble opinion) - maybe because they took place during World War II and that is more interesting than some strange future scenario? I guess that's true. And now? Now we have this.
  4. Chudy Picio

    Ghost Recon SPEEDRUN 54m30s [WR]

    Ha, that's how I very often took care of the camp in the first mission: either with GL or with AT. Not very tactical, I know, but the job was done.
  5. Chudy Picio

    change the direction of this site

    Here is a comparison of Ghost Recon and Arma 3 (both screenshots were made by me) - you can see which one is better... Just kidding. Joking aside, I really like both games, but like Zeealex said - this is a page for Ghost Recon fans. And it's not like one can't write about different games here - it's just that we need a place as a GR community because GR (and especially the original one) is still very much alive as a game and thus we require a site like this one.
  6. Chudy Picio

    Chechen war uniforms in GR

    Exactly, back then they were really trying to make games accurate - if I recall correctly Red Storm even managed to use Ethiopian army's colonel rank on one of DS uniforms, which is absolutely amazing.
  7. Chudy Picio

    Chechen war uniforms in GR

    Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I last wrote anything, but you know how it is - sometimes there just isn't enough time to do everything. Anyway, I recently bought a book at a bookstall for about $5/£3 (so it was worth it) - it's "One Soldier's War in Chechnya" by Arkady Babchenko (very interesting read if you ask me). This book reminded me that I wanted to create a topic like that for some time - once upon a time I was doing some research about Russian uniforms in GR inspired by Chechen wars. Two sources to prove that - one real, one fictional. The real one are photos from Chechen wars - we are lucky, some Polish people interested in Russian military made a collection of different photos, so there's no need to browse Google for hours: https://picasaweb.google.com/108860538429450958271/WOJNYWCZECZENII199496199903 The title says "WARS IN CHECHNYA 1994-96; 1999-03". Some of the Russian soldiers seen in GR are almost the same as the ones presented there - very neat. Second source is a movie based on the Chechen wars called "Purgatory" (1998) - I've seen it with Polish subtitles, but I think it is possible to find a version with English ones as well. Guys from Red Storm Entertainment must have seen it as well - take a look at the Spetsnaz guy from the movie, later recreated in the game.
  8. Chudy Picio

    SV98 Sd anyone??

    Hi again, Oh, sorry then, I misunderstood your question. I checked the files of GR mods I have on my disc and was only able to find a regular SV-98 - I couldn't find the silenced version. Maybe it was never made? I don't remember seeing it anywhere in the mods (only the regular one). /Peter
  9. Chudy Picio

    M107 SASR

    Wow, that looks great - I'm speechless! Awesome work, I salute you.
  10. Chudy Picio

    Island Thunder 2 in Arma 3

    Interesting - reminds me of "Hidden Agendas" by Tom Clancy (the Guinea-Bissau part). Wish you luck!
  11. Chudy Picio

    Escape from Tarkov (EPIC)

    Ah, I see that "Escape from Tarkov" has finally made it to ghostrecon.net. We can only hope that this game will look as good as on this gameplay.
  12. Chudy Picio

    SV98 Sd anyone??

    Hi ingeloop! If you are asking if a silenced SV-98 exists in real life - it does. Here is an example: http://boardr.pmang.com/files/pm/attach1/cmboard/320/b5-/b50/39-/06-/07-/39060796./20120823122344.jpg /Peter
  13. Chudy Picio

    3ds Max 5

    I just want to bump this topic - I really don't know what to do with this program, I still haven't used it. Maybe there is someone who knows what to do?
  14. Chudy Picio

    Ghost Recon Equipment ID Help

    Here is what I could find on one of the Polish airsoft forums (someone asked a similar question to yours a few years ago). Remember, this is my translation of someone else's quote and not my research, so it might not be 100% accurate in terms of described equipment. The gear is supposed to be the original Ghost Recon Demo Expert's gear: "Pouches, vest and bags look like the ones from the RACK (Ranger Assault Carry Kit) system. In addition to that he wears something like an older version of IBA (Interceptor Body Armor). The uniform is BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) in M81 Woodland. Two green canteens seem to be the ones from ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) system. Handgun holster is called Blackhawk Special Operations Holster. The boots have different names, but you can find them under the name Combat Vulcanized or something similar. The helmet is called PASGT (Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops) "Fritz". Googles look like Bolle X800." That is all I could find, I hope it helps.