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  1. dude im always up for HardCroe GRAW, it's the only way to play it, 1 life no drones siege games.. the feeling when your defending and there's just two of you left, and you're talking over coms to your tema mate and then your like, guy? guy?... ###### he's dead im on my own, that momment of realisazrion as ur last man to stand.. LOL love this game aint played it for like a year, want back in. hate COD never play em, BadCo2 & BF3 all the way and of course my all time Fav Ghost Recon Ilsand thunder... oooohhhrar! GT Akira Kain
  2. hit me up if you ever on for some co-op action ;-) im a good gun to have on your side ;-) GT Akira Kain 8 yr Ghost Vetran ;-)
  3. Old time Vet of GR, Island Thunder , Ghost 2, GRAW GRAW2. ALWAYS up for some co-op with some good players who play as a team, use military talk and keep coms clear and open. nothing worse than ateam that doesnt talk, i dont care if there's loads of talk going on, as long as people are discriptive then u can pick out the info that you need to hear. Love fire and manovour teams, and siege is my Fav multiplayer mode. 10mins 1 life.. oooohhhrar! hit me up for any GR action guys. GT "Akira Kain"
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