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    Tactical shooters pcgaming wise, started off with r6 in 98' along with the swats then went onto ofp/arma and ghost recon 1 and expansions.

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    Heroes unleashed

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  1. Expect a couple of explosions.....
  2. Yeah probably won't buy either, will moan at someone to gift it to me when I get jelly of their tactical monster truck.
  3. Thank god, there have been some serious heated exchanges in our TS about if that is affecting the AI or not or that that person does or does not have a suppressor on, people start rage quiting lol. Good its fixed....hopefully unless UBI be UBI being UBI again.
  4. Better late than never that I found this
  5. Yeah odd lol. Saw you in credits Rock! My mission is complete:
  6. Not well, they seem to have created super soldiers:
  7. Looking forward to storming the POW camp big time!
  8. ArmA 3: Ground Branch Coop:
  9. So after removing the OGR thoughts from my mind and just taking the game for what it is I played through beta in Coop and did have a lot of fun. I'll try and purchase it for the £30 off the legit key sites, although that is my entire weeks food money gone. (urgh being student for 5 years sucks!)
  10. You lost your limb......!!!!
  11. I there (Heroes Unleashed yiss!)