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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for some people to do some Co-op Exfiltration with, but LIVE seems to be a bust (can't find any games in the matchmaking). So if anyone is game, just message me and I will send the invite. my GT is ShadowSGT spud >Game rules 5x Individual respawns are given to each player to promote a fair game. Any weapon used will be a silenced weapon (excluiding explosive devices). Requests for game type can be made. A.I. difficulty is set to normal or hard, with the amount of enemies varying between maps. finally, be respectful to other players, insults and trolls
  2. AWESOME!! This game already looked cool before, now it is just getting better.
  3. I can say this honestly, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be THE greatest Military Shooter to hit stores since BF3 and MW3.
  4. I say stick with the second setup, it is consistent with the different grades of real life body armor protection.
  5. The only other thing you could learn in regards to tactics in my opinion, is how to take on certain situations. I mean, with the diversity of mission areas and objectives, there is always some kind of lesson to be learned. You are fighting against competent and sometimes highly lethal enemies that will bend you over and beat you a** like no tomorrow if you screw up, which makes the lessons learned that much more memorable, because you died twenty times before you actually got past it XD But truthfully, you learn how to rely on what you have, cause lets face it, there isn't constant resupply
  6. I am surprised that no one has commented on ya. I guess this makes meh first.

  7. I would have to say that I learned very little that I haven't already learned from other War Games or such movies as Black Hawk Down, Jarhead, and TV with the Military Channel. Those who haven't really learned it before, can obviously figure out some very basic fire and maneuver tactics, as well as duck and cover lessons. But in my personal belief, if you can learn how to position and command two or three men on the field, the you can learn how to do the same on the field of airsoft or the field of combat, if you payed stringent attention and trained hard of course.
  8. I have heard of the MSR it is made by Remington but I have never heard of MR-B before. The MR-B is more than likely another Variant of the Modular Rifle-Caseless (MR-C), probably the rifle shown in the original reveal trailer of Future Soldier.
  9. I won't judge the game in the slightest. These previews from E3 and the Beta are not the real thing. I won't submit an opinion because I do not have enough subject material related to the game to make a final judgement or form an opinion. All I can say is that even if everyone says it sucks in the end, I will stay with the game simply for the fact that it will offer me something different form the tactics-lacking and highly unintelligent game play of CoD to the unrealistic setting of BF (mainly saying this because its like every other game about modern Warfare doesn't actually use REAL mili
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