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  1. 4 player mode no problem, its more team work what you most do than... .. . The only thing what i hope is, that thare comes in the GRFS multiplayer a game mode ware we can play WITHOUT grenades and drones uav (as in the other Ghost Recon games)!! ! The grenades and drones uav is something what more Ghost Recon game friends dont like in the new Ghost Recon game.
  2. Thanks greedings and a biggup @ Rocky and Red Storm.
  3. There are many GRFS pictures made from videos, and many of those pictures are not really sharp. I do photography, and i like pictures from games, sow i show you some pictures what i have made during the Ghost Recon Future Soldier gameplay. The rifleman uses assault rifles and light machine guns. His improved armor can sustain more hits to the torso and light. Machine guns are the only guns that create suppression. The engineer uses shotguns and personal defense rifles. His scope detector provides a warning when enemies are scoped in and aiming at him. The rifleman uses a
  4. Hellow, i have made a new GRFS wallpaper.. . chack it out.. .
  5. I really hope that this is the last time that ubisoft moved this game to another date (Grrrrr ) !!! !! ! and I hope that in this extra time that we have to wait longer, that ubisoft shows os some new gameplay videos from GRFS !! !
  6. I go for the Winter Digital Camo !! !
  7. as the Real Life Headsup Display comes out, than I do it on my head, because not many games come with that (as GRFS comes up with that)
  8. it is a long time ago that we have seen new gameplay videos and pictures from GRFS, but sometime this week Ubisoft than hosted in UK a Future Soldier major press event, So I hope soon to have news about it and new GRFS Gameplay and the date from the GRFS BETA.
  9. My heart beats full of excitement to the GRFS Beta
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