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    CTD during play

    Looks like you got the Catalyst 3.8 drivers. Not knowing when you upgraded to that version, there have been some issues with the Catalyst versions 3.7 and 3.8. The 3.9 version is said to work fine, other gamers have rolled back to the 3.6 version, either ATI's own, Card manufacturer's or Omega's.
  2. GreyHaired

    Modem-router needed.

    http://www.linksys.com (today owned by Cisco) The BEFSR41 with 4 built in switches (just hook up the other PC(s) with RJ45 cable to one of those ports and you're up and running) is very stable. The router setup is userfriendly as well.
  3. When I set "Vsynch Off" in the advanced settings of my Radeon 9500pro, fps jumps from an almost static of 85 to +200. I installed the omega drivers that apparently set the "Vsynch off" by default. It's said that this can result in "tearing images". I did not notice any difference in game- or graphic performance. Then I read an article about FPS. It gives a good picture of what it's all about and after that I reset the properties to "Vsynch on demand" and run with max. 85fps again. Whether or not you're on the hunt for maxed out fps, this article may be of interest: http://www.viperlair.com/articles/editorials/misc/fps/ Conclusion of that article: it's more important to solve the monitor's 60hz refreshrate problem, reducing risk for headaches.
  4. GreyHaired

    Computer problems

    @keldros 1) update directX to 9.0b from "Windows Update" (9.0 has quite some issues) 2) Uninstall your driver and install the 40.72 WHQL version from http://www.nvidia.com >download drivers > driver archive. 3) update your chipset drivers from http://www.viaarena.com Hopefully you'lle be up and running then.
  5. GreyHaired

    FPS - the higher the better, or?

    To Sgt. Slaughter: what's the refreshrate of your monitor? Not sure if the RAM type is a bottleneck. Also try the game's setting at 16 bit instead of 32. That'll probably increase your fps.
  6. GreyHaired

    Ever heard of ghost restarting ghost

    The latest nvidia drivers (=5x.xx series) have caused conflicts for the MX cards. Tried that myself on a friends PC the other day. Removed all nvidia software and installed the 40.72 WHQL certified driver instead. That worked for him. http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp-2k_archive.html It's a question of temper re directX 8.1 or 9.0b since your card as such doesn't support directX 9 but is compatible with the software. This being said, Sotophantm is fully correct that upgrading to 9.0b can resolve graphic problems.
  7. GreyHaired

    Sound problems with A7n8x in GR

    This is a good site for nforce2 info: http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/ I rolled back to the original drivers form the Asus CD and only updated the sound part - believe that was actually via Windows update. That, combined with changing driver for "Computer" in "Device Manager" from "Standard PC" to "ACPI" solved the sound issue for me. I'm not updating the chipset drivers until I'm convinced they are OK.
  8. GreyHaired


    Ah: you got the game with your MSI graphics card? If not: what drivers do you use for the graphics card? If yes: you have to "create and incident" with Ubisoft. I'll get some info for you on that and add in in an "edit" to this post, later today. EDIT: link from www.ghostrecon.com: http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_vie...con_ts&id=zxkwy NOTE: Item 3, end of line should read "graphics driver", not "chipset driver". Edit 2: LOL: or click the item under "pinned" for MSI bundled version. With a big "sorry" to the moderators for my overseeing that one.
  9. GreyHaired

    Multiplayer Hosting and Firewalls

    Like ickky says. Not knowing if you got it working yet, 2 things to be aware of: 1) If you have a dynamic IP: this one changes so you have to check it and give it to your friends. Bottom of the site http://www.mywanip.com is a link to a freeware util. Run that to check your dynamic IP at any time. If you've got a static IP it's obviously the same address all the time. 2) internal IP: you forward the ports to your internal IP and you find that by clicking "Start">run and type: cmd ("command" on older versions of Windows) In the command prompt that pops up, type: ipconfig and press "Enter". That'll show you the internal IP** In the router's setup go to "Forwarding" (might be a submenu under "Advanced") under program description write "Ghost Recon", under ports to be forwarded write from: 2346 to 2348, check both tcp and udp, type your internal IP address**, check "enable"(or save, or apply - don't know your router) that should do it.
  10. GreyHaired

    Computer problems

    We speak of two different things: 1) partitioning your harddrive = splitting it up in e.g. C, and D, or C, D and E drive implies formatting the drive as it is right now. That means that your downloads will be gone. I found an "Fdisk guide" at http://fdisk.radified.com/, otherwise ask if any questions. You need a Windows startup disk - there's a link on a/m site to such disk but you can create one yourself. Easiest is to create a rescue disk in Windows - doesn't matter if it's 98 or ME - then make sure that "fdisk" , "mscdex", and "format" are present. If not you can copy those from Windows/Command to the floppy. If you've got Win 98(SE) or ME, start up your PC on the floppydisk and see if it finds your CD rom drive. Just to make sure you can install from the CD. If you got XP and after you have run the "fdisk", make sure that in your BIOS, the "boot from CD ROM" is activated. 2) Get a CD burner to back up your downloads: You'd do this on your present system. Once you've made the back up, then run the fdisk and a clean re-install of Windows and software.
  11. GreyHaired

    Computer problems

    Windows' own defrag is thorough and slow. 24 hours? Can well be depending on the size of your drive and knowing you didn't defrag for a year. Norton Utilities is a popular alternative. (www.symantec.com) Others are "Fix It" from "Ontrack" or "Nuts and Bolts". Just search on google.com for info about those programs. Back-up: you can buy external zip drives or hard drives that you can install and use for back up. Alternatively get a CD burner and back up on CD. Probably the cheapest solution. If/when you're gonna re-install, then run "fdisk" and make a separate partition for your downloads. That way you can always format the C-drive and still have your downloads on your PC.
  12. GreyHaired


    Do as Crimson suggests. Order of install: EITHER: Ghost Recon Patch 1.3 Patch 1.4 OR: Ghost Recon Desert Siege Island Thunder Patch 1.4 There are "Gold Editions" on the market, including GR/DS/IT. Some say they are, others they are not patched to 1.4. Anyway on the games start up screen, right bottom corner, you can see the patch version. Good luck
  13. GreyHaired

    ADSL which one

    I - or better: buddies on modem - lagged less when I switched from 512/256 to 512/512. They still lag once in a while, mainly on heavy maps with tanks or rain/snow. The others don't have any lag at all. This server is a P 1.7 Celeron, Aopen microATX board, 64MB MMX Nvidia graphics. The only high-end feature on this PC are the Corsair RAM (1024MB). I'd say lots of RAM is important. Alternatively we game on my own PC that's got nforce2 board, AMD TB 2600+ and Radeon 9500Pro. RAM = 512MB Corsair dual channel. While the first one is a standalone with no other activity than "hosting", the difference in performance between the two is neglible, even though I host and game on the second PC. Bought my board+processor in June, board dropped 35%, cpu 50% in price since then. In Denmark, that is
  14. GreyHaired

    Ever heard of ghost restarting ghost

    In addition to the above advice: set colours in the game options at 16 bit (instead of 32). Update your chipset drivers as those include updated onboard AC-sound drivers.
  15. GreyHaired

    PLS HELP ME NOW!!!!!!

    It's most probably a driver item: go to http://download.guru3d.com/3dfx/ to get latest, third party, drivers for your graphics card. go to: http://www.creative.com to get updated driver for your sound card. Don't think your soundcard is directX 8 compatible so in sound options of the game, check "force hardware" and uncheck "EAX" if that's checked. As to you video card: Dannik's right but you must consider your processor speed so suggest 32 or 64MB RAM card as your processor and certainly also your power supply unit will have problems in handling faster cards. While you're in that shop get some more RAM. Take it your PC runs on SD Ram and those are cheap today. Good luck and let's know how you're doing.