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  1. Sunraa

    New Forums Online!

    Looks nice and smooth.
  2. Sunraa

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Nick Cave- Nobody's baby now
  3. Try this one : http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-377.html There is also a link to patch 2 there. If you are not registered yet, let me know and i'll send you direct link
  4. I really like it. Thanks to ZJJ who informed me that it's out. I only have 2 problems with it : 1. it's too short I just started to enjoy it. 2. I didn't hear any sound on crosscom. I just saw a guy in top right corner, but i didn't hear him. GRINers, thanks a lot for this Demo. It's easier to wait now.
  5. Congratulations to all the winners !! and everyone on second place
  6. CPU: AMD x2 4600+ RAM : 1024 Graphic card : Ati Radeon 1950Pro 256 PCI Settings in GRAW2 : 1024*768, all on low or medium. I'm getting like 10-20 FPS. It's really bad for me. But in GRAW i can play with 1280*1024 with all on max, except details and i'm getting 25-50
  7. Sunraa

    Win 2000 or XP?

    Some users didn't upgrade there computers for some years and i think that is the reason for using windows 2000. When i was system administrator i actually prefer win 2k instead of win XP. you can run windows 2k on 166 MHz comp with 64 of RAM and it's not a problem. It's support active directory that most company use. If i notice that some of mine friend has a old comp, i try to convince him to use win2k instead of winXP. I think it's always better that your system run smoother, instead that it looks nicer.
  8. Sunraa

    MP Demo Feedback + Discussion

    I really like the intro. I've watched it like 5 times already. Nice music, graphic. I specially like the new game type. I don't know what you guys did, but for me the performance is a lot worst the the beta version. I could play beta on 1280*1024 without problems, but now i can barely play it on 1024*768. Anyway i hardly wait to see the whole game released, so i can drink some beers while playing it
  9. As a demo user you are not allowed to distribute the software period. So i can't upload the demo to our site and distribute it to our members?
  10. Sunraa

    Tinker goes Technical!

    I have windows 2003 server as my primary system. For testing i'm using Vmware Server : http://www.vmware.com/products/server/ , which is free. you can run every OS in vmware as long as you have enough of resources.
  11. Sunraa

    Dual Channel RAM?

    Check this PDF : http://www.kingston.com/newtech/MKF_520DDRwhitepaper.pdf On page 9 you will find Benchmark between normal and dual channel RAM. It's a bit old document, but there is good explanation.
  12. Sunraa

    Tinker goes Technical!

    press F8 at startup (when you hear that comp is checking for CD/DVD/floppy) and choose start with command prompt.
  13. Sunraa

    Tinker goes Technical!

    This are masks for network. This basically means what kind on IPs are available for you in your network - this means that you have 256 IPs available for you. Usually we use 192.168.1.* range. That zero at the end of the mask means that you will have first 3 numbers fixed, but for the last one you can use number from 0-255 for you can use 65536 IPs. First 2 numbers are fixed, and you can change the last 2 numbers