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  1. will wabbit hunter

    Chris Kyle

    watched stars earn stripes recently it's sad chris kyle is dead.
  2. A bit overkill dude, the issue was resolved within hours. Have you any idea how long Microsoft have sat on some security issues with Windows before patching them? You don't go and uninstall windows though do you? The same could be said of just about any software vendor, dealing with security issues is a daily occurrance, and Ubisoft dealt with this one swiftly. So enjoy your games, it's a done deal you know ubisoft didn't send out any emails warning people of this problem as soon as they found out. thats a failure to notify of a big problem. i only found out about by going through forums im registered at. ubisoft has to have the email records of people who have registered games like splinter cell conviction. iv'e taken splinter cell conviction off my pc to be safe for now i don't fancy keeping it installed only to find some other problem show up with the uplay thing. oh and when iv'e gone to play it coop after say five to ten minutes of playing it decides to crash or it takes forever to be able to to join a friends request. uplay is a buggy thing look at the problems people have with ghost recon future soldier on pc.
  3. interesting video i wonder if the directive of not calling in airstrikes on villages etc to avoid civilian deaths is the reason there was no airstrike call made? or there was airstrike call made but the video got cut for whatever reasons.
  4. will wabbit hunter

    Future Worriers?

    hehe that is so funny.
  5. will wabbit hunter

    Serellan's New Project

    very good it reached the goal.
  6. will wabbit hunter

    Serellan's New Project

    i wish good luck to serellan with this.
  7. will wabbit hunter

    HUGE announcement

    interesting :notworthy:
  8. ubisoft is blind. they don't need to go so heavy on people who are doing nothing wrong. they should tie there games to steam like other games have done of late. doing that would be a wise choice. they should not do this hardware thing at all.
  9. will wabbit hunter

    tour of duty Australia's secret war

    this was very good. and informative 40 medals awarded for bravery to SOTG two of them the Victoria Cross.
  10. will wabbit hunter

    tour of duty Australia's secret war

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QQ-9eNIWlQ&feature=channel_video_title i will be taping this. about time these men were able to tell there story.
  11. will wabbit hunter

    Time...... to play the MW3 campaign

    finished it yesterday very good. call of duty modern warfare series has come full circle and characters from the first one have come back .
  12. new trailer for call of duty modern warfare 3. it's looking good :D
  13. will wabbit hunter

    MoH: Medal of Honor 2 - confirmed

    it's now October and this got confirmed in February there should be a teaser trailer out. anyway im looking forward to this game i hope it's longer than the last one. and maybe if they can have a mission where you are on the skids of a little bird and you do some shooting with personal weapons that would be awsome.
  14. will wabbit hunter

    battle of Doan

    Australian heavy firefight at Doan. iv'e seen bushmasters close up at the RAAF base at williamtown at the airshow last year there very big. bushmaster at 0.15 in video also at 2.58 the soldier has a HK-417. the Australian army recently got the HK-417 along with MK-48 machine guns. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElWGhYiyJuE
  15. i hope there's some new single player footage soon or a new trailer. getting close now to a month till it comes out.