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  1. teppe

    Stone Rage

    http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stone-rage Game looks really intresting, hope they get it!!!
  2. teppe

    Ghost Recon: Reload

    With 3 projects at once, it'll sure be going well...
  3. teppe

    Argyll checking in!

    "Glad I kept the old place up and running" - Rocky So you actually had plans closing it down?! /Kidding. Yup, great updates like those! Welcome back, Argyll. )
  4. I saw that a way back as well, Alex, there's another picture of them in-game as well!
  5. teppe

    Longer Firefights

    I checked the 'Equip' - 'Cmbtmdl' file or whatever it's called, but there was not these lines... I thought I was insane, why I didn't post here. Oh, they are not there by default but can be added! :-P
  6. teppe

    TacOpSquad Mod

    Try this: Plan Setup - Cover 90 degrees for 3 secs - Cover the next 90 degrees for 3 secs - Cover the next area of 90 degrees for 3 secs - Cover the last area with 90 degree visual field again for 3 secs - Repeat It's a lot more realistic, and makes it easier to sneak around without firing a shot.
  7. teppe

    Actor Folder and Crashes.....

    It was the wrong priority on the mods........... ;-)
  8. teppe

    TacOpSquad Mod

    We had a run through the different individual skins yesterday; one word can describe it, awesome! If you wan't to help building this mod, join the TOS by enlisting in our forums at: Tacticalopsquad.webs.com
  9. teppe

    TacOpSquad Mod

  10. teppe

    Character Backstory Mod?

    Yea the scaleform/UI is hardcoded. lol ... that was a possibility !
  11. teppe

    Character Backstory Mod?

    It is not possible to do so with modding, but simply hard-coded. If we should do it we would have to know the source code, but we would also have to do Scaleform.
  12. "And once again Ground Branch has claimed another totally different thread for its own" RileyFletcher_01 I did not talk about GB kickstarter but Takedown kickstarter. Please keep it on track John.
  13. teppe

    Tactical Operations Squadron.....

    Still recruiting guys, don't forget to check our website if you're interested in a tactical, slow-paced and in all just awesome unit! We hope to hear from you!
  14. teppe

    Maps But No Mod.....

    Rocky, and I am not smiling, I understand.