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  1. I was there I was young and had a crappy name LOL. it was "RCA_Commer" LOL
  2. Actually Hammer UBI did have a Demo for GRAW2.. I remember downloading it a long time ago.
  3. I thought I heard somewhere it was going to be an 8vs8?
  4. They said in there developer interview they were bringing Objective Based TDM? No?
  5. I have a question. We have all heard that GRO (Ghost Recon Online) will have "Punk Buster" by "Even Balance" implemented into the game. But there is no word of it going to be in GR:FS. Well why not GR:FS? After all won't FS be the superior game? I think Ubisoft should be focusing on FS Rather than GRO. Or has anyone heard different? If not implementing Punk Buster I think Ubisoft should start cracking down on the cheaters hard like banning the player for life if caught just like "BF3" does. Cheating spoils it for everyone and I am sick of the Wallhackers,Speed cheats,Aimbots etc. UBI needs
  6. Hello I was wondering does anyone know if GR:FS will come with modding tools? Or will it even have a "Map Editor" I know I forget were I heard it but I heard it will come with a "Map Editor" but no "SDK" Can anyone confirm this? Thanks, 30K
  7. in my Opinion I think Ubisosofts Shift to a Third Person View in GR:FS is stupid. What ever happened to realism were GR was actually a sim in some way and not some arcade game? They say they want to make it as "AUTHENTIC" as possible and in my mind a Third Person View makes it less "Authentic" & unrealistic because if you were a real soldier you would not be able to see yourself. YOU HAVE TO SEE THE BATTLEFIELD LIKE A REAL SOLDIER WOULD! Through the soldiers eyes! I think a lot of people would agree with me here. That's just my Opinion on the subject. Thanks. 30K
  8. I sure hope it comes to PC! LOL someone with my name only yours has the "Ghost" added to it.
  9. So GR:FS is not for the PC as I am sure you have heard about & you still like the classic PC Style Keyboard and Mouse to play with? A possibility may be here. Basicly it would be like setting up a PC that can play high quality games without the updates and drivers and Graphics cards to worry about. What I am talking about is the XBOX 360 yes that's right the XBOX 360, if you don't like the Console Controls, You can buy adapters such as this one http://xim3.com/?page_id=187 (I Do Not Have One Myself But I Am Thinking Of Getting One) so that you can actually plug in a USB Keyboard and Mo
  10. Hello all, I have a little team I am looking to grow. It's name is [=TF2=] Also Known As (Task Force 2) For Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2,Ghost Recon Future Soldier & Ghost Recon Online. We are an Advanced team, you can check out our Forum here at http://www.tf2clanforums.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=forneworinterestedrecruits&action=display&thread=9 and read the Rules and Qualifications & Follow The steps to Apply for the team. Or if you want to contact me without looking at the forum just e-mail me at Thirty-k@live.ca We hope to see lots of new Recruits!
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