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  1. I didn't come here to fight, I pointed out a few things I disagree with and what would be better. Stealth game is kinda weak in the Open Beta, I hope that changes a lot later on, I kind of miss lurking in the shadows with cloak.
  2. what do you mean? People keep calling me a troll in RaceDepartment, yet all they do is insult and troll me. Or are cold hard facts too much for a fan...........boy?
  3. The cover system is fluid yes, but very often it doesn't work at all, you end up staring at the wall instead of end up peeking over it when you engage. I don't see a problem in having to double tap spacebar to climb or jump and tap it once for cover, like in GR Phantoms.
  4. Picked up an enemy gun by accident, now my gun is gone, can't manually take cover..what is this, Rocky I thought you were supposed to help these guys make this game good.
  5. I have around 18 hours in the Open Beta, what I can say is that the Open Beta itself is pretty short, it took me less than 6 hours to finish whatever there was to do, I'm sitting at level 16 right now and feel like I don't have to play it again. Open Beta's gunsmith also is really lacking, kinda makes you feel sad, I was expecting to get my M4A1 and tune that bad boy up...also I really hate the fact that silencers reduce the damage A LOT, like 50%...we all know in real life they actually make the gun better..
  6. Make a consumable thing that heals you upon use, instead of HP regen like in Call of Duty.
  7. If everything keeps clipping through the walls and ground, then its a typical "not enough effort put into it" game, also really dislike the physics of vehicles, looks like the cars are being pulled forward by something in front of it, not pushing itself forward.
  8. trust me, Watch Dogs 2 will dissapoint just like the 1st one.
  9. Dissapointed, just looks more and more like a worse version of Future Soldier, completely lost the Ghost Recon point, might as well slap "The Division: Wildlands" on the game. GRAW2 really was the last Ghost Recon. Weren't some of you from here at Ubisoft helping them get the point what Ghost Recon was all about?
  10. I'd say its not really worth it at this point, people out there are having lots of troubles and are already reverting back to win7 or 8.1
  11. I'll just wait until Kunos releases its Rally Cross script for Assetto Corsa
  12. Well, they've been working on Wildlands for 3 years now, only pre-alpha footage and 18 months of development to go, Ubisoft everyone