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  1. New details for the MP Beta of Ghost Recon Future Soldier:
  2. PCgames.de has updated her news. Ubisoft comfirms that GRFS will be released on PC and the people have misconceived the statement of Ubi Pierre! What a deliberate confusion
  3. But these articles based on the german ubisoft message board. There is no official statement from ubisoft as yet: Edit: German Magazins are very fast with this assumption. Look at the commentary, the people are very upset and a lot of people mention that ghost recon is a stupid game, atlhough they havn't play it. Well this support my doubt that a lot of german people hate future soldier or they havn't got any interest. I notice that also with my fansite. It's a very small fanbase in germany and it's very difficult to reach the right people
  4. Well i think the US store ist very slow with his updates. In the german store GRFS ist also available for PS3 and Xbox.
  5. Why you whisper? I think you aren't alone even at this board. Danke <--- this smiley looks ugly
  6. Hehe Interesting wisdom. It took a bit of time until i translated and understood this in german - but it's good @Zeealex I agree.
  7. Yes thats right, but this post supports the point, that GRFS will be released only at PS3 an Xbox at March 2012. We cannnot say what Ubisoft is planing for the future.
  8. Well hello everyone, i am new here, but i guess it's time to register here, because i am the webmaster of the little german website ghostrecon-game.de, the little partner of this big page . Hello Rocky My english isn't very well, but i'm working on it (it's the grammar). @topic Well in the german ubisoft message board there was a staff member from ubisoft, who explain which project was developed for each plattform. According to him Ghost Recon Future Soldier won't be released on PC. Edit: Oh, someone was faster than me