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  1. =MM= SHADOW

    Stargate Mod

    I could not believe it when i recieved an email saying someone had replyed to this thread. This mod never made it past BETA due to my situation at home and work. It got past on to HitdeATWAR who hopefully is still working on it but unfortunately i think his life is getting the better of him too. The Beta mod got passed around abit and seemed to get a good reception, pity nobody has finished a completed version yet though By the way Tonyo, Nice to see your still going and all the best with the new mods. Dont let them film buffs get the better of you. MODS are FREE and they should have no say in what goes on with them. But they always seem to try and bully people around.
  2. =MM= SHADOW

    Stargate Mod

    My apologies to all on this mod. Due to real life commitments and lack of help this mod will not be released. The Mod is just not good enough without the maps finished.. The last Beta was released a long time ago and got good comments and criticism these were noted and implicated into the final release but this will not be released. For anybody interested in taking up the challenge or just playing the beta then i will post a link to the ageing beta mod, This MUST be taken as BETA and will overwrite your heroes.xml files to include ALL specialists so please save as needed. The Texture files are also reduced by 50% to save download size, as a result the graphics may suffer due to this fact. Many thanks to BLAKARION for the Missions and TONYO for the Abydos Map. The mod itself includes a lot of things not actually implicated into the beta and a lot of test pieces so please do not take literally. Thanks for all your help.. Shadow...OUT.. Stargate_Beta LowPoly Replicators These files need to overwrite the files in your \Mods\Stargate_Beta\Characters\Replicator folder to allow the LOW POLY replicators.
  3. =MM= SHADOW

    can anyone do me a favour

    Spyro check your email. As requested Jack Stone Nigel Tunney and Buzz Gordon with Boonie MK6 and Default Heads. Added Gloves to hide wrist deformaties .
  4. =MM= SHADOW

    Red Hat 9 and Win XP sp1

    Try logging in as ROOT and out of X . CTRL-ALT-F1 But i never seen that one Yet. "Dont kill the penguin just yet"
  5. =MM= SHADOW

    Red Hat 9 and Win XP sp1

    Ok Ruin i have found out the problem for the ATI driver.. Its the fact i have used the UP2DATE facility to update redhat. I am now on kernel 2.4.20-30.9 when the default disc kernal is 2.4.20 and working on a fix round it. I know this because i have just installed the ATI drivers on the kids pc and it runs SWEEEET So before you make the same mistake i thought id give you the nod Here is the correct way to install them (ignore ATI read me) Make sure all Nvidia Drivers are installed escpecially nvgart To check this "cd cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.20" and then "make menuconfig" scroll down to "Character Devices" select it then scroll to " /dev/agpgart (AGP Support) " you should now have "Nvidia Chipset Support" Once you have all this in your system you can then install the ATI Driver. Download the ATI Driver "fglrx-4.3.0-3.7.6.i386.rpm" unpack from command terminal like this "rpm -i --force fglrx-4.3.0-3.7.6.i386.rpm" This will then inform you to run "fglrxconfig" DONT use CTRL-ALT-F1 to exit Xsystem type root and then your root password then "init 3" this will take all graphic programs off line then type this "cd /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod" "sh make.sh" "cd .." "sh make_install.sh" "fglrxconfig" <----- Answer all info as needed "modprobe fglrx" "reboot" Now all your files should be working properly use "fglrxinfo" to make sure OPENGL is installed (should say "ATI RADEON") and "fgl_glxgears" to benchmark (useless really) Sorry for this waste of a post if you all ready know this but it took me long enough to figure it out and it will save you some
  6. =MM= SHADOW

    Red Hat 9 and Win XP sp1

    Thanks Firefly but im sticking with REDHAT, The whole course im doing uses it so i may as well. The problem is not Hardware detection. It finds my Radeon NO PROBLEM. The problem is installing the new ATI drivers. OPENGL just will not have it. Apparently ALOT of people are having this problem wether it be Red hat, Suse, Mandrake or other Linux system.. They should take a leaf out of Nvidias book.. I got Redhat working on my kids comp with a GF4-TI4200 and Unreal 2004 runs fantastic..
  7. =MM= SHADOW

    Exporting problems

    If you use a DS chr mesh, The model will bond nearly perfectly. Use the subobject-element (picks whole object) to delete the writing. Croc as long as your model "collapses" during animation all is well. The "off shoots" only occur if the mesh is out side the default envelope area. Keep up the good work
  8. =MM= SHADOW

    Red Hat 9 and Win XP sp1

    WOW more linux noobs I have just spent the last week installing and playing with Red Hat 9.. First off definately leave windows on and partition the disk in windows. The easiest way i found (did it on the 3 comps here) is to make free space with no ext3 partitions. So you have windows partitions and then unpartitioned space. Install Linux using the cd's (3 of) make sure you ask to use Boot Loader (LILO is best IMO), Automatic partition with option "leave file sytstem intact and use free space" this way it will install linux on the free space you provided and set it up nicely... Add LILO to MBR at end of install and your cooking on gas. I now have 3 comps dual booted with XP and RedHat9, On the Network i can access windows and linux PREPARE FOR PROBLEMS. I have an Nforce 2 mobo with 9700pro graphics ... EEEK ok Nvidia have there heads screwed on here. IF you have any nvidia hardware the nvidia drivers are so easy to install. BUT the default Kernel does not support AGP8X .. you will need to manually patch the kernal with the NVGART file. I also notice you use a 9500pro.......... I STILL have not got full support with my 9700pro. Major probs when ATI drivers are installed and im still looking for answers. IF you do use your lan then i suggest downloading all the Linux drivers on xp and transfering to disk, This way when your lan doesnt work you dont need to keep swithcing. Goto Nvidia.com and get the .tar.gz file at the bottom.. The others WILL NOT WORK (2 days to find out). Hope all this helps as im a nOOb to linux aswell, Im doing an online course to help but cant access it through linux ... LOL .. For some reason i cant get Java Plugin working Also the easiest way to partition the disks is to use Partition Magic 8, Use boot disks and the whole process takes about 15mins Then 45mins Installing Red Hat. Good Luck and send me some feedback
  9. =MM= SHADOW

    Monitors: LCD vs CRT

    Get the IIYAMA E431S, A 17"TFT.. Dont know how much it is in the USA but over here it is very well priced. I waited 2 months to get one of these in stock and am VERY pleased with its performance. Even sold my 19"TFT to get it Heres a few Reviews 1 2 3
  10. =MM= SHADOW


    I use Cable but one VERY GOOD ADSL ISP is BULLDOG.. These people are hard to beat.. VERY HARD TO BEAT..
  11. =MM= SHADOW

    modding soaf

    SOAF uses a different RSB editor than GR.. Just use the RSB plugin from the DESERT SIEGE disc to mod the textures for SOAF.. You will find they will then all work
  12. =MM= SHADOW

    Stargate Mod

    Sorry K, Still waiting for Chems to clear his busy schedule to take a look at altering the maps
  13. =MM= SHADOW

    Stargate Mod

    This Mod will be available ONCE Chems has finished the extension to the Abydos map... IF he is still doing it? Chems get in touch...!! If this is a no go we shall put a few missions together and release it as it is... The Beta got some good feedback so it looks like it could be a go..
  14. =MM= SHADOW

    Will ne1 PLEASE!!! help me???

    The Unreal Recon mod was made by downloading the .3ds files and then realigning all the verts, Once this is done i then went about re-animating the model for ghost recon. The whole process took a few hours and as you can see in the Unreal Recon mod there are 40 characters.. (Thats ALOT of hours). You cannot just get the UT file and convert it. If you can get hold of this space marine in max or .3ds format and get permission of the creator to use it in a GR mod then i will alter it for Ghost Recon use for you..
  15. =MM= SHADOW

    .chr wrist wrinkles...

    Unfortunately my forum has gone and all tips and tricks with it, But i do still have the pics, And as i was only talking about it the other day here are my tips to the WRIST TWIST problem.. 1) Hide it with a watch or Wrist Band ETC 2) Add a wrist cover as shown below.. Just detach and copy the wrist section scale slightly higher and tag as the arm