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  1. Ok, i have the same issue. Windows 10 and the host file cant be edited with this launcher, because W10 doesnt allow it access. Could someone tell me the things that the Launcher changes in the HOST file, maybe I can add that manually. Or does the launcher do other things as well ? Thanks. Wolf
  2. Ok, i just realized, its the same issue like in the topic before. Feel free to delete this post here. Wolf
  3. Hi guys, we tried the launcher, but it doesnt work. As it appears, the launcher tries to access the .HOST file but W10 doesnt let that happen. So it shows me an error trying to access the .HOSt file, and after that it doesnt work. Any chance to get that working ? I appreciate any help. Btw, has anyone got it working with LAN and Tunngle ? We tried that now, and sometimes it works, but then sometimes you get stuck in loading or even stuck at WAITING FOR SERVER, and sometimes it works but then again, its possible it comes with LOST CONNECTION. Would appreciate all help. Thanks Wolfseye
  4. Wolfseye

    GRAW2 Match Statistics

    Great. Do I need to just overwrite the files already on my Webspace or do I also need to use the SQL file again ? If possible I wouldnt like to add all the Stats again. Thanks in advance. Wolfseye
  5. Wolfseye

    GRAW2 Match Statistics

    Thank you, sounds great.
  6. Wolfseye

    GRAW2 Match Statistics

    Thank you very much, I like it. Just a question. Which part in the .css file would be the font color of this ? And also is there a way to give this part of the list, the top, a different font and color than the rest of the list ? I hope that can be done somehow. Thanks again. Wolfseye
  7. Wolfseye

    Behaviour of Players

    Yes. Since it is my server, i think i can decide that.
  8. Thats UBI. As soon as they are involved, as good as a game can be, they ruin in one way or another. I am already afraid since UBI is involved in TRACKMANIA 2, that they will ruin it. I am a huge fan of the original, without UBI, but now the 2nd and with UBI, I really am afraid they will ruin the game for me.
  9. I would like to know what the big differences are between GRAW1 and GRAW2. Different GraphicsLess/more MapsBetter/worse Gameplay (most important Coop)GametypesLess/more bugs I have come to really love GRAW2 in a very short time and even if I have cursed the game a million times for the many crashes of it, I still really like it very much. However, a game like this or a previous Part of the GRAW series with less bugs would be also very appreciated. So if someone could tell me the differences between the two GRAW games, that would be great. Thanks in advance. Wolfseye
  10. Tonight we had a guy come onto our Server, his name was -=FBG=-SF07. He played with us for a while, then I decide to use the Grenade Launcher. First of, because the situation made sense to use it, and second of all, I like it. Then he said that I am not supposed to use the Grenade Launcher. I asked why ? He didn't replied. After a while I wrote that, since it is my Server, I should be able to decide what I shoot with and what not. Then he said a few not so nice things and said n00b to me. I was like "######???" ... I do not care really what other people like to play like, I don't critisize their style of gameplay and I sure don't let others dictate mine on my own Server. So I kicked the guy. He came back but I kicked him again. After that he seemed to have stayed away. Is that normal behaviour ? When i go one someone else's server, I don't start to question his playing or insult him. What are some people high on these days ?
  11. Thats possible. Seems after loading it went back to roughly 600 MB Memory and staying that way. Still a lot of Memory for a ded. server FPS game. I've seen bigger games using less memory with ded. servers. Got another question for you. Probably a simple one. When lets say we play on the Server and then, because we don't have time anymore, all leave the server, is it normal that the Server usually stops that current map and loads the next one ? In some games I've seen that behaviour, in others the map stays. How is it with GRAW2 ?
  12. Something else that strikes me is the fact that when I start the dedicated GRAW2 Server, it shows me roughly 370 MB memory in the taskmanager. Which is ok. But then it goes up in less than 2 minutes to over 700 MB memory, without even someone being on the Server. And its still slowly climbing. Is that normal ? For a dedicated Server especially thats a little heavy.
  13. I wonder, is there a way to see whats going on on GRAW2 Servers (players etc.) before starting the game actually ? With an external Server Browser tool or some like that. The login to play GRAW2 online is via Gamespy. I remember in the old days when I had Gamespy Arcade where I could see all the Games Servers that were supported. I guess there is nothing like that anymore, right ?
  14. Dont worry, m8. Thanks for the offer anyways. Sure I will need it again sometimes.