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  1. look at this Joystiq on AllThingsD interview with Iwata the version of GRO on Wii U will have a fee, however the PC version will remain free until informed otherwise ----> speaking of which, why was the thread on the Wii U taken down? didnt want to repost if it was killed lol
  2. as do i, but we have to hope and pray to the great Tom Clancy in the sky that all the other games suck ass, im just worried about the numbers.....
  3. from the pictures shown, the in game third person view actually looks good
  4. a fall release? when soooooo many games coming out in the fall like battelfield 3, mw3, and other multi platform games i dont think they will have such a successful release
  5. what a smart post lol next time use layman's terms, but i yeah i totally agree with your explanation, but 60$ is a hopeful idea, im sure anything you buy at the "store" will have an expiry date or a time stamp
  6. just finished watching the trailer for Ghost Recon Online at the Ubisoft Keynote, they say it was developed by a SIngapore Studio..... Beta applications are available now. Both Ghost Recon games will connect, share achievements, online looks pretty solid for teams, weapon customization on all levels. it looked okay, buy i saw 2 things i didn't like 1. riot shield look-a-like 2. stealth system that might be OP though future soldier player looked good for 4 person co-op
  7. no, not really - a lot of websites just copy wiki, i found a ign article from july 09, that basically surmises what you said 'there has been an explosion in quality in-house engines coming out of the publisher in recent times. This includes Dunia (Far Cry 2), LEAD (Splinter Cell: Conviction), Fox (Naruto: Broken Bond), LyN (Beyond Good & Evil 2), IRISZOOM (R.U.S.E) and Anvil, aka the Scimitar 2.0 Engine' http://pc.ign.com/articles/100/1003725p3.html i remember a rumor about the anvil engine using some unreal code, but that was on 4chan so....
  8. wow, it looks like they took socom 4, and put everything the fans wanted in it, ie lean, grenade arc, ...... lol still its looks ok, but im still waiting for tactical team footage
  9. well ubi has used the anvil engine alot, ie assassin's creed 2, or maybe they would use the gamebryo engine, fallout 3 & rift, as i hear they will be using it to make a guitar-music game so maybe they would use it again - but i think its early to make any educated geuss unless someone on this forum knows otherwise
  10. not sure if this helps, but in my experience with mw2 - an acog on the vector is a poor choice
  11. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56772 i suppose the intel would come out of here
  12. yeh your right, frontlines feuls of war would make for a decent template to refer to, and yeh i was wondering why this wasnt up already lol
  13. thanks lol