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    Our group Raidcall: http://www.raidcall.com/go.php?sid=2291744

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  1. Hi, only coop? Team? Ds & It?
  2. Hello friend ... It would be fantastic, count on me for whatever you need ...
  3. Saludos Lafulillo, que días entran a jugar, sería bueno pegar unos tiros... Greetings Lafulillo, what days to play, it would be good to hit some shots ...
  4. AOG Ip SERVER: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1200214233330018/
  5. good games ..
  6. CLAN =*CHI*= FOREVER hello all .. Our clan has dedicated server for GR. Online now .. New ip: expect them skipyghost necessary mod .. link here: http://www.tusfiles.net/x2uboam0nmm3 or: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81031337/SkypeGhost.rar extract and copy the folder "mods" have fun ..
  7. try to access the server, but have a password, I see the info also has another mod separately from the originals, we need to test the server by the issue of lag?
  8. I hope to see the same time yesterday, ..... good game
  9. Hello, the times I've played against his clan, I've enjoyed it, there is always something new to learn ... Because of that we have a team participating in the Chilean League, I will have the server on, but running with GR, DS, IT and skypeghost mod, it happens that the organizers want to test the stability to be considered a server for competition, so I encourage you to download this mod: LINK REMOVED greetings, see u later
  10. lol, nice movie...
  11. here replays: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/81031337/replays/12-12-15.rar greetings
  12. rgr
  13. Today, I will not be available, I joined the team participating in the tournament "League World Conquest" of Chile, besides that my server is reserved for that match (22:00 Chilean time, 19:00, local time in Mexico) but I'm sure there will be enough players who will be in my clan GameRanger ... greetings... good match xd
  14. usually open my room at 5 pm, and leave at 6:45 pm and returning at 9 pm ... I hope we can play for a while now, and if I can I leave the server while I do what I have to do ... regards server up.. 5 pm.
  15. oks, only GR, mp1 and mp2....