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  1. Ok, got the message! I deinstalled the game..., problem solved
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if my question has already been posted before, but I like to know if there is a patch or mod to skip the annoying intros and movies in the game. Maybe some people like those annoying long intros, movies and long moments where you are forced to wait until you finally can continue the game, but in Single Player as well as in Coop I find it more than annoying. I know that you can skip some of them, but it would be great if you can skip ALL of them permanently. As far as I remember there was a similar mod for GRAW 2, so maybe one of the great mod builders have come up with a highly appreciated mod for GRFS Rico686
  3. They don't give a f...g damn about pc gamers and future soldier is by far the worst game they ever released. This week I reinstalled the game again because I got bored of all the other games and thought to give it one more try. I never liked to play 3rd person and I still don't and in this game the controls don't respond as they need to (at least not always). If you're running fast it's like being drunk and the view is more than annoying. You don't get to do what you want ( like in GRAW 1+2) and the very long movies between missions are totally annoying!!! Once in the game there is no possible way to get back to Options again. For that you need to quit the game first. So, you can't change any settings anymore... (did they forget that on purpose?) Although you're considered to be an elite team, you can only use the weapons the designers selected for you. So..., once you selected your weapon kit, you're bound to deal with those until you finished the level even though some levels require different weapons. Obviously those designers don't know a damn thing about guns and how to deal with certain situations. If you do the missions in single player those so called team mates are mostly in your way and (unlike in GRAW 2) when you need them to do something they just do their own thing. In GRAW 2 you can at least order them to Hold or Attack or whatever. If you don't do all the challenges etc or you can't finish them, you never get the chance to use all the other weapons that are locked. So, if you play on multiplayer against people who have all those better weapons and better ammo.... you're just screwed. Unlike GRAW 1+2 there won't be options for independend map builders to build new maps, so this game is probably at its end like they did with Las Vegas 1+2. There is so little you can choose for yourself in this game that it's obviously designed by morons and made for morons who don't like to or can't think for themselves. If it would have been made as a sequel FPS on GRAW 2 with these new graphics and weapons and stuff, it would have been the best game ever but now it's the worst game they ever released.... or just as bad as all the other modern games. All the GRAW 2 fans who were hoping to find dedicated servers (like in GRAW 1+2) were left out in the cold and Ubisoft never intended to do anything about that. There's no money in dedicated servers, that's why they came up with that annoying thing uplay. Uplay decides whether you can play or not. And just like steam and origin, it's just all about dragging money out of your pocket. If you buy a game or dlc from one of them, your game/dlc stays in their cloud and you won't get any physical disc to reinstall the game on another system. So for them it's always a win-win situation. Today's gaming is not what it used to be anymore and online gaming is controled by steam, origin and uplay...... But the funny part is that we... the people, the gamers allow them (more or less) to do whatever they want. Just like in all the governments, the ideas and decisions are based and made on divide and conquer...!
  4. Hi John, The company I've worked before used the "freezer method" as a last resort and we've done it many times for the customers. The hard drive should be sealed in a waterproof bag and left in the freezer over night. As soon as you take it out of the freezer you will have about 30 min to try to recover your data from the hard drive. In order to do that you need to attach it to an adapter so that you can use it as an external hard drive. Mostly after about 30 min the hard drive will get warm/hot again so you need to seal it as before and put it back into the freezer. I know it takes alot of time doing it this way, but that's how we were able to retrieve/recover most of the data. In some cases we were able to recover all the data, but in other cases alot of data was lost due to failure in starting the hard drive. If you're sure that the problem is the PCB of the hard drive, you can try to find an identical PCB and replace it. This is something you should only do if anything else didn't work. Make sure that the PCBs are identical. Hope you'll be able to recover the data. Cheers, Rico
  5. Hi John, We ran the map several times now and we didn't find any problems anymore. We didn't have any problems in the bunker either; everything went smooth. Can't say that we were too slow or too fast, but none of us came up with anything that should be reported. The only thing I can come up with is some of the ambient sounds; I like the sounds though, but sometimes they can get on your nerves, especially when you're trying to find the sniper (or snipers) that already killed you a couple of times Other than that good job again I can understand that every new map you're building now takes more and more time because of all the new features and buildings you put into them, but I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we all appreciate alot what you're doing. You're one hell of a map builder John!!! I forgot to mention one more thing. Some people might want to run the map in "God Mode" for testing and Jimmy and I tried to do that in the previous version. I think that running/testing the map in God Mode can give you a glimpse of how the map looks like and how many AI there are, but personally I don't think that all the triggers will be activated correctly. In that mode it didn't show any issues, well at least not to us. So, personally I think that testing a map correctly can only be done in a normal way and by taking your time for each and every mission. In God Mode all seems to run a bit too smooth, but that's my opinion Rico, Jimmy, Derat, Nighthawk and Boebes
  6. Hi John, Yesterday we were testing the map with 5 people on an online created server and we had pretty much the same problems as the others. Mostly with the laptops and the doors in the underground bunker. The X showed up at odd places in the room and corridor. Tonight, Jimmy Chaos and I tested the map again but only with the 2 of us and in the bunker we didn't go for the laptops and docs in random order (which mostly will happen if you play with more people) but waited until the message box disappeared before going to the next objective. This time everything went ok with the laptops and the docs without any strange issues. We cleared the bunker level by level without any problems. If the AI gets killed too close to the laptops, there can be a problem with the "Press X...." message because alot of times you pick up a gun you don't want. I think that it would be better if the AI is sitting a bit further away from the laptop. Some people like to use grenades when clearing buildings/rooms. Most of the time there won't be any problems, but sometimes the furniture gets blown into the wrong direction, blocking doorways. Funny thing is .. a second or even a third grenade doesn't move the damn thing. Really strong furniture lol. This is what I found so far, but we need to run the map one more time. Other than that, I was really amazed by all the creativity and effort you put in this map. The new buildings are awesome and so is the underground bunker with those special cell doors. I like the way the bunker opens (and the sound of the opening floor)..., reminds me of those Raiders of the lost ark movies. Yeah, you did a real cool job again Cheers, Rico
  7. Hi John, I've tested V1.2 and I haven't spawned on any roof anymore LOL. Playing the map alone on my online created server didn't give me any problems whatsoever. So, no issues, crashes or whatever. The map just ran smoothly and the building at the insurtion is really high LOL. Btw, this time I really did my best to get the game to crash but it didn't, so..... The animation with the laptops keep amazing me. Really cool to see the download running and hear that particular sound when the download is done. I think the map is ready for release unless someone has found something we all overlooked. Rico
  8. Hi John, Yesterday I tested the new version (v1.1) with Jimmy on my online server and I spawned on the roof of the insertion building, as you can see in the screen I made below. After a few minutes I had a crash. Mon Nov 26 22:17:08 2012 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? mswsock (???) : ??? mswsock (???) : ??? ntdll (???) : RtlNtStatusToDosError graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Like you and others who upgraded their system I didn't have any crashes anymore since the upgrade, until yesterday. With other games I don't have any crashes at all, so I can't imagine that it's due to my hardware. I'm using an Intel i5 - 3570K 3.4 GHz / 16 Gb DDR3 RAM / 120 Gb OCZ Vertex 3 SSD / HD R6870 OC 1Gb Graphics Card and everything is running on Windows 7 Ultimate. We didn't play any further 'cause we wanted to wait 'till one of the dedicated servers is running the map, which will be today. So we'll give it another try. Rico and Jimmy
  9. Hi John, I am sure that there are more beta testers than those who write their comments on the forum, but for many of the people who like to test, the problem lies within writing some comment on this forum. Many people are facing a language barrier although we have Google Translator now. The translator does the translation mostly in the automated and preprogrammed way, so from time to time you get really funny translations. So, those who are afraid of being mocked for their "bad or funny" English, choose rather to stay away than to join the forum and post a comment. It's a pitty but it's also a reality. Rico
  10. Hi John, Thx for your reply to my email and I didn't fix the problem yet (the one I emailed you and Rocky), but I don't have that issue on this (my other) computer. So I just gonna do my replies on this one. I played the map on my own and yesterday with others on the TAW server and it's again an amazing map with those new buildings and sound effects. The birds are cool but sometimes I think it's a bit too much. As for the sound of braking glass it would be nice to see some glass breaking. It's also amazing to see the laptops downloading the files. Really cool how you did that !!! Whether playing on my own or on the TAW server I didn't have any crashes at all. As for the first door at the start which has to be blown, I blew it open without any problems when I was playing alone. Playing with more people on my online server I saw the problem with the door. As I was playing on the TAW server yesterday I saw the same problem with the door again, but one of us blew the door more open using GL. I haven't spawned on strange places so I can't relate to what you, TAWGoose, JackDoe and CJ wrote about that. Other than that, the map is great!!! Playing this map is surely no walk in the park LOL Good job again John! Cheers, Rico
  11. Yep, I think that should be clear enough for everyone
  12. Sure I do Hammer. As a matter of fact I started with the good old Delta Force games and then all the RainbowSix games. As the original Ghost Recon was released I bought it with the only 2 Expansion Packs there were (Desert Siege + Island Thunder). I know that some people still play the game and there are alot of maps I still don't have, but I haven't been playing OGR so much anymore. So, at some points you're right Hammer...., OGR is another game that is indeed still alive, even after so many years. The only person I have been playing OGR with is my clan buddy MIB-EU_Dave, but we are looking for people to play with... and I need to reinstall all the maps I have etc. And Riley..., maybe we all can play together some time. I haven't play OGR (or GR1 if you prefer that) with more than 2 players yet. Would be cool though
  13. Yeah I agree with you CJ, where are all the brilliant minds that gave us GRAW 2 fans so much fun with their maps and other mods??? Where are you people, what happened to you all? GRFS is a big disappointment and UBIsoft doesn't give a s...t about that because they got their money in their pockets and that's it. The disappointment with GRFS left most of the GRAW 2 fans (who thought that they would get a nice sequel) scattered in the dark. I have a great admiration and respect for those who are still giving so much of their own time and creative thinking in GRAW 2 even though people think that the game is "dead and outdated". Although GRAW 2 is from 2007, people are still playing the game and there are still TDM servers with alot of players on it each and every evening. There are still alot of Coop servers with veteran and new players who enjoy playing the game. The Beta testers are still enthusiastic about the new maps and we are always curious what will come up next. We may not forget that GRAW 2 had brought alot of people together, playing Campaings, Coop, TDM, DM, RvsA, HH and a bunch of them still do, including me. As far as I know GRAW 2 is the only game in which you can connect to other players in a very easy way regardless the mode you choose to play. It's also the only game that still has people who are still making new maps and mods. Although UBIsoft is not supporting GRAW 2 anymore, there are still enough dedicated servers running the game.... even after 5 years!!! There are alot of games with better graphics etc., but I haven't seen one single game yet that has the same possibilities as GRAW 2. Therefore I still believe that all you mapbuilders and modmakers have what it takes to get GRAW 2 back on track. We always need to inspire each other in building new things... Rico
  14. Hi John, Yesterday me, Bismarck and Jimmy were playing the map on one of the MIB servers with the Rahnman's mod and all went good until we wanted to use the elevator for the 4th time. The message to get the elevator down didn't appear anymore so we couldn't use the elevator. We tried everything to get the elevator down but nothing worked. So we couldn't finish the map. Another thing was when the three of us went up with the elevator for the 1st time; Bismarck fell down through the elevator... That's it so far; up until the elevator we haven't found any other issues. Rico
  15. I can confirm what Bob and Jack said, because I did the same. At first I thought it was necessary to use/install the sound mod as given by you John, but when I compared the files I saw that only the required sound files needed to be copied and dropped in the right folders. I tested the map with default weapons and with Rahn's weapon mod and everything worked just fine. The sounds are still working as intended and I didn't have any crashes, but I must say that I only tested it on my own online created server. (but it's not a map that can be played alone in a short time... lol ) It's a challenging map in which you really need to stay focused if you don't wanna get killed. There's a voice saying something about 'long range" when you approach one of the lower buildings on the left (at the beginning). I thought that it was someone mumbling on my TV when I heard it the first time LOL. It's a nice touch, but I think it could be a bit louder. The prison is also a fantastic building, but you know what I miss in all those cells? A toilet ... That would make it even more realistic. But in all, the new sounds are great and the new buildings and features are awesome.