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  1. Zeealex added a post in a topic Happy Birthday   

    Haaaaapppy birthday Rocky!  have a good one!
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  3. Zeealex added a post in a topic Market Place   

    that sums it up nicely! XD
    it was an impulse buy, but totally worth it!
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  4. Zeealex added a post in a topic Market Place   

    I may have a reproduction PASGT helmet with M81 cover to sell sometime in the coming week, I 'accidentally' bought a real one...
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  5. Zeealex added a post in a topic Brother in LAW threatens my life   

    If I may be so crude... 
    What a ing knob! I hope this gets sorted as John has said, a court order might be a good idea, stay vigilant dude, scum of the earth like him need to be locked up!
    I really feel for you, I also fear for his wife, only God knows what happens behind closed doors.
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  6. Zeealex added a post in a topic Funny Cat Pictures   

    can't stop laughing! XD
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  7. Zeealex added a post in a topic Ghost Recon Equipment ID Help   

    I know the plate carrier the general ghosts used was an OTV/Interceptor vest. and over the top for riflement was a 2nd Generation Tactical Load Bearing Vest (TLBV) you could probably still buy some surplus. I believe their helmet was a PASGT M88 (pretty cheap repros for airsoft too) however I may be confusing that with some specialists, I'll have to check, it's either a PASGT or a MICH. either way, they had an M81 cover. 

    Supports carried a CAMELBAK hydration bladder, if you can get a standard issue surplus one then you're laughing, as they're pretty much the ones in the original game. 

    The pistol holster, the closest I found was an EXO drop leg holster, or maybe an AMA holster, but pretty much any drop leg holster will do, it won't look too inaccurate. 

    uniform was standard issue battle dress uniform, in M81 woodland and 3 colour desert camo. 

    for boots, you want to be looking in the vicinity of Bates Jungle boots, perhaps Magnum Classics if you think they're closer. 
    Gloves are sage green nomex flight gloves, in the desert they're desert tan. 

    Any help?
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  8. Zeealex added a post in a topic Back To Its Roots??   

    haha, terminology tip, modding at GR.net normally refers to creation of addon content, not cheating XD 

    consoles are fine, I'm an all around gamer, I've played on pretty much every console since 1996 and I only had preference to the PC because it was something I worked at anyway. Playstation is an acquired taste, it can take a while to learn how to master the controller, but once it's mastered it's a very comfortable piece of kit. 

    but yeah, HVT rings a bell for sure. 
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  9. Zeealex added a post in a topic Back To Its Roots??   

    I was talking about modding as in, making extra content for the game, par example for arma 3 I was able to add female characters that weren't there before:
    Modding enables the game to be your own in a sense, if something's missing, you can add it in yourself if you have the experience. 

    I love OTS shooters normally, provided the controls aren't a mess (looking at you, gears of war!) but Ghost recon was always better as a first person shooter to me, it just felt better. 

    I mean, if you like playing it, then like playing it by all means, we aren't going to make you feel like an outcast for liking it, we're not that kind of community here. I enjoyed playing it on the 360 as much as the next person, I still have a blast with my friend on Guerilla on his console, but having played the Ghost Recon series for at least 12 years, (god I feel old) there was just something lacking in GRFS' gameplay that was there in my childhood memories, I have a feeling it was probably the Strela  (another story, another time) 

    I used to have a 360, I'm contemplating purchasing another over christmas as they're quite cheap, I sold my prized console to a so called friend and it was later found on ebay with the same burn marks from the iron. I have a PS4 now, in anticipation of Wildlands. 

    I think I may have ran with one of the HVT gang at some point, i'm not too sure. 

    All we really ask is that you appreciate that some of us here still mod the first ever game, and there's still quite a big community around that game, and we've seen the franchise slowly degenerate into something GR never was. and we're hoping wildlands is a more closer representation of the original game. 
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  10. Zeealex added a post in a topic Back To Its Roots??   

    Hey, hey, Johns a nice guy, he's also right, this is more a FS based discussion than a wildlands one, you want our opinions on why we dislike GRFS, no? 

    anyway, does it really matter? people will give their opinions either way
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  11. Zeealex added a post in a topic Picture Thread   

    well done for getting pic of the week on AH by the way jeza!
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  12. Zeealex added a post in a topic Back To Its Roots??   

    I'm going to talk about this from a PC and Xbox 360 perspective, as I owned it on both systems. 

    For me the biggest problem with GRFS was the lack of modding capability, as a modder for GR, GRAW and the Arma series, making a game my own 'flavour' if you will is as important to me as the game itself being good. I personally feel modding contributes to the replay factor of these games as much as any feature, most of the multiplayer features in arma are built onto mods, 'Life' servers for instance use several mods and addons. some multiplayer game modes themselves are in fact made by the community. With all of the PC versions of the ghost recon games, there was SOME modding capability, with GRFS this was completely absent. 

    This is why games with the likes of GR1 GRAW, and GRAW 2 are perhaps more favourable to some than GRFS. 

    The bigger difference as well is also that we all here, as most of us are hardcore fans of the GR franchise, we wanted a first person shooter without the flashy stuff. instead we got an OTS WITH all of the flashy stuff.

    Thirdly, the release of the game wasn't perfect, not on PC anyway, the release was plagued with bugs, for a good few weeks it was all but unplayable on some systems, that again, devalued the game, and even today on a decent spec rig, I'm lucky if I can get a stable framerate above 20fps. 
    On the 360 I saw a few bugs, connectivity was a big issue, if I wasn't completely disconnected from the session, it lagged out, it was very rare that I had a decent game. and on the topic of a decent game, a decent team was hard to come by, a lot of them were a little challenged as to what it was you're meant to be doing, and the team based elements of the multiplayer, while a good idea made life very difficult if people didn't pull their weight. 

    coming from GRAW2 on the 360 as well there were a lot more co-op game opportunities than PVP, I'm primarily a co-op kind of woman, I prefer working with people to achieve a goal than constantly shooting at people, the 'hunt' game modes were very tense and suspenseful, and required a lot of team play just to complete. 
    Guerilla mode, while yeah it was really cool, it was virtually the only co-op game mode available that wasn't the campaign, and it was essentially just a sit and shoot mode. with no real planning needed. 

    GRAW 2 also had no levelling system, it's something that really annoys me with games is the levelling system is something developers feel they need to implement, in real gameplay it adds nothing but imbalance to the game and is constantly pulverising new players, who soon stop playing, with GRAW and previous games, this was absent, you could play with whatever equipment you wanted. And utilize whatever you had, it was a lot more balanced as a result. 

    all in all, i suppose to us hardcore fans, GRFS just felt like the red headed stepchild of the series, there was very little, even in the campaign to get excited about, and I suppose the sheer disappointment of the game itself was enough to cause people to lose hope and switch back to GRAW and previous titles. 
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  13. Zeealex added a post in a topic I'm wondering how Wildlands will differentiate itself from the usu   

    Nah ah, the campaign is VERY important, while multiplayer is growing to be quite popular, the story of ghost recon was always the first aspect of the game that needed to be good, they need to nail it if it's going to be successful with the original fanbase, they need to make it more tom clancy and less hollywood this time around as GRFS sometimes felt like I was just playing a 3rd person, whispery version of CoD with fancy light things and writing in the sky. 
    Multiplayer PVP game modes aren't very original, to me running around killing other players all day doesn't make a game stand out; I could do that with any shooter with multiplayer capability, It needs to tell a unique, gripping interactive story that you can make your own and that will make it a memorable game

    the amount of discussion I've had with some friends who played the original, of how they even handled the first mission, the number of ways which you could play the campaign were a good source of debate, one friend uses an LMG and riflemen to take out the camp I used a lone sniper with riflemen on standby as backup. 

    Thats the sort of thing that needs to be there to make this game good, the linearization of the successor games meant you were less able to do this. 

    Thankfully it's already there in part with the campaign being set in bolivia against prolific drug cartels (huzzah for no america vs russia crap) different approaches on the one target, however how much freedom I get is yet to be seen. 
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  14. Zeealex added a post in a topic Need help w/GR:AW   

    sorry i've not been able to get to your PM I open it everytime i'm online with the means to reply however I always get distracted. 

    you literally put the contents of the zip into the GRAW folder. and overwrite folders if prompted, the path I gave you is the specific path to extract to. no subfolders, nothing just the graw folder. 
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  15. Zeealex added a post in a topic Picture Thread   

    revived my DiamondBack mod after replacing the broken original model with brand new geometry.


    it'll become part of IdentiZee
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