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  1. Zeealex added a post in a topic Wildlands Character Customization - Who Cares?   

    Maaach betterrrr

    Life mods are generally frowned upon in the more purist arma community though, they detract from what arma actually is supposed to be, a sandbox shooter, a lot of life is just 9 year olds, stupid youtubers scraping the barrel and a lot of servers and life mods use stolen content. 

    one of these mods would be contextually better to use:

    VSM gear pack
    Tryk's multiplay uniforms
    and not to sound egotistical but Identizee was made solely for the extra character customization options.  

    but i'm just being nitpicky, cause arma's my baby 'n' ######  sorry i'll go back into my cave now
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  2. Zeealex added a post in a topic Wildlands Character Customization - Who Cares?   

    Rocky do you even arma? XD since the bootcamp update arma 3 has had readily available character customization via Virtual Arsenal. Mods add extra selections. 
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  3. Zeealex added a post in a topic Island Thunder 2 in Arma 3   

    sweet stuff lighty, downloading this as soon as its ready. 

    you need any non mission related help or liason with RHS you just holler and i'll see what i can do  
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  4. Zeealex added a post in a topic Picture Thread   

    what, ghillies that don't light up like a christmas tree?! i don't believe you for a second!

    all i got right now is this guy:

    and this smirk:

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  5. Zeealex added a post in a topic Wildlands Character Customization - Who Cares?   

    I like to customize, but i think that's just myself as a modeller and an artist it's sort of a habit to make something and make it your own so to speak. 

    if it's like mass effect where i'm going to see the face i create in cutscenes I feel i do it more so, in games like Skyrim i care somewhat less as there's little facial focus in talk scenes and there's no actual cutscenes to care for as much, as it's all pretty much live in real time right in front of you

    generally though i don't mind so long as there's at least some customization of gender available, call me a feminista, but if you're going to have customization of a no-name character of some sort you can't overlook one of the biggest things to customize in that character. looking at you, Arma 3...

    if its ###### where you play as a specific and important person, in a canonical story line then it makes sense and i don't begrudge it. 
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  6. Zeealex added a post in a topic Photo Corner   

    Numero 2!
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  7. Zeealex added a post in a topic Burners Ghost Recon: Wildlands E3 2016 Gameplay Analysis   

    I think on the DLC side as well, I've not watched it all the way through yet so i'm not sure if you've mentioned it or not, mods often work alongside the DLC, and require DLC, some of the best mods available for Ghost Recon 1 required both expansion packs, and some of the best mods for Arma 2 required combined ops. and I know for an absolute fact that the EXACT same thing is going to happen with Arma 3 APEX. 

    DLC doesn't become just extra options when used within a moddable game, it becomes a platform for modders to make so many new things, and it also becomes 'free advertising' so to speak. 

    for example wasn't a modder back when I played A2, I relied on other people's mods to make my experience a good one, and for that, more often than not i saw awesome addons and terrains that needed Operation Arrowhead, rather than sit here with mods that didn't look nearly as awesome as the stuff available for A2:OA, i went and bought OA, BIS made some money, and I was able to get the best possible selection free user content. 

    the exact same can be said for Ghost Recon, some really cool looking mods were available for GR, but required DS and IT to work, so I went out and bought the gold edition. I'm a happy camper, ubisoft got their money. 

    long story short, if you make your DLC more than just a few skin mods here and there, if you give your DLC extra mechanics, extra models, extra meaning than just a reskin, people will use this platform to branch out from there, and you may well find yourself actually making more money with a couple of good, solid expansions sold for £25 than a pink weapon skin pack for £2.99

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  8. Zeealex added a post in a topic Thoughts on having female characters?   


    at least I don't have to mod it if that's the case

    I wonder if Liane Schirmer's back as the female VO for the 6th time?
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  9. Zeealex added a post in a topic Ghost Recon: Wildlands E3 2016 Gameplay   

    I'm with SCAgent here, you get games like Dark souls and people never shut up about it, because it's unforgiving, because it's difficult, people clearly want games that make you say "woah, hold up a second, this isn't just some hack 'n' slash" 

    I personally think if GR was to go back to that unforgiving-yet-forgiving nature, where if you slip up you are more than likely gonna die, but that's okay there's five guys left so you won't insta-fail the mission. where there was no character development yet you felt genuine remorse for being a total idiot and getting someone -who you knew very little about- killed, people would relish in it's uniqueness and its ability to break the status quo, spec ops did it, titanfall did it, battlefield is doing it. It's not about tactical playing to an imaginary 'niche' it's about breaking the status quo and making your game look totally badass for doing it, people will gladly see themselves become a part of this niche if it's a game that they can get on board with. 
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  10. Zeealex added a post in a topic Ghost Recon: Wildlands E3 2016 Gameplay   

    is it boring of me or wrong of me to just want information? no cringy voice acting, no stupid fancy ######, just the game, what it does, and what i can do.
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  11. Zeealex added a post in a topic Ghost Recon: Wildlands E3 2016 Gameplay   

    "lets try to keep this stealthy"

     five seconds later sprints across an open area and in front of a door and opens fire with an unsuppressed rifle
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  12. Zeealex added a post in a topic Picture Thread   

    This map tho...

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  13. Zeealex added a post in a topic Wildlands: Too Jingoistic?   

    I think, in all, it's a problem with virtually every shooter game out there presently, it's either america vs russia crap or jingoistic white savior crap. I think the best game that actually addresses the latter very well is Spec Ops: The Line, personally I think it's a non-issue, but in the wider spectrum of things it might prove a little more worthwhile to pay attention to this tone in shooters as a whole, avoiding any direct political opinions i'll refrain from talking specifics. 
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  14. Zeealex added a post in a topic GR:W Full map size revealed   

    I just wanna run around and blow things up like you do in Just Cause right now. The map actually looks pretty promising, noticed a few engine glitches in that video, lets hope that's ironed out before release. but it's got to be a fair balance of scale and fun, I don't want it to end up like GTA V where there's a huge map but not an awful lot to do. It's all well and good having a huge map, but if there's little fun and variety to be had within it, it defeats the object.

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  15. Zeealex added a post in a topic Picture Thread   

    This isn't arma...


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