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  1. Zeealex added a post in a topic Need some questions answered.   

    you need to login to uplay when you start the game from steam, and you'll need to launch GRFS from uplay. 

    i'm sure there's a workaround, but it's probably naughty. 

    you also need to press start to watch a cutscene then press start AGAIN on the console versions... kinda weird.
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  2. Zeealex added a post in a topic Need some questions answered.   

    heya OldGhost!

    I'm going to be brutally honest, you didn't miss much with GRFS, it was pretty weak in my opinion, some aspects were good but it was call of duty in third person and everyone whispers instead of shouting. 

    the cloaks make no sense, the idea is that it turns off if you move too fast, you can sprint from cover to cover while crouched and it will stay on, but if you even walk while standing, it turns off, pretty bad scripting on their part methinks. 

    1. you have virtually no control except for iffy gimmicks which are only introduced to you halfway through the campaign because #Linearity

    2. If you buy it on steam, I believe, it downloads the entire game, but you DO have to use UdontPlay to launch it unfortunately. 

    3. I believe you can play single player offline, but again, it runs through UDon'tPlay so there may be a check upon launching. I'll check that later and get back to you

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  3. Zeealex added a post in a topic my grfs is lagging in 1gb graphics   

    GRFS is terribly optimized, my R7850 is lucky to get 15fps at the best of times

    what video options are you running?

    the two things to upgrade here, is your RAM and your graphics card if you want even a smattering better performance
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  4. Zeealex added a post in a topic Which icon should we use?   

    love it! sorry, that wasn't a pun! it fits much better!

    OT: are you going to change the main site banner back any time soon?
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  5. Zeealex added a post in a topic My latest Impulse Purchase   

    got some more fundamental pieces of kit recently the most fundamental being the classic Ghost Recon patch, which is ridiculously hard to come by. 

    what's new is the NVG shroud and rhino mount, TLBV, and the all important patch, the boots i've had for a while, they're magnum elite II's and they cost more than all of that other gear put together!

    the TLBV is a genuine issue surplus TLBV as per the idea when i started this that EVERYTHING will be genuine issue surplus or at least close enough to it, to enhance authenticity, no cheap made in china knock offs.

    realistically I only need a few more things:
    a webbing belt
    that ridiculous butt bag
    Combat goggles
    Nomex flight gloves (i can probably substitue with my oakley SI assault gloves)
    in the game's case image, the ghosts don't wear IOTV's just TLBV's so i could probably get away with not needing one. 
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  6. Zeealex added a post in a topic Happy New Year...on to 2016!   

    Happy new year gentlemen!
    Sorry it's so late!
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  7. Zeealex added a post in a topic Picture Thread   

  8. Zeealex added a post in a topic What Song Are You Listening To?   

    Some good old/new fashioned John Williams:
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  9. Zeealex added a post in a topic Wildlands Ask Me Anything   

    well I just posted that because there was discussion on both of those topics, yeesh, can't do anything right these days. 
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  10. Zeealex added a post in a topic Wildlands Ask Me Anything   

    Character Customisation: Confirmed
    Third Person: Confirmed

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  11. Zeealex added a post in a topic I'm wondering how Wildlands will differentiate itself from the usu   

    Wasn't there a thing in OGR where you return to 'healthy' after 3 missions?
    Maybe a similar thing should happen here, alongside a team selection roster, anyone you aren't currently using, can be assumed to be on Base, therefore you can assume they are getting treatment, so after a set amount of time not being used, they return to healthy status.
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  12. Zeealex added a post in a topic Ground Branch.. It Lives!   

    I'll be PM'ing you to further discuss this, I don't want to Hijack a thread with discussions about another member
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  13. Zeealex added a post in a topic Ground Branch.. It Lives!   

    whoop!  can't wait. 
    just quickly, sorry, being a nit picky little cow again, I've noticed some of their head model's necks need to be tapered at the back, at the moment they're very straight and it looks kind of strange. 
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  14. Zeealex added a post in a topic Ground Branch.. It Lives!   

    your statement is, first and foremost, utterly wrong, Crash is not a troll, he has an opinion, and he is allowed to share that opinion, whether we disagree with him or not. 

    secondly, the only person here who seems to be getting their panties in a twist is you, because someone has stated their opinion to the contrary of yours you think that's okay to yell "TROLL!" and wave your arms around the place to someone who has been here for nine years, and who has grown to be quite a good, positive presence on this forum, if a little critical, but his critical voice is a rational, well researched one. 
    you've been here since april, and you've made all of 5 posts, all of which are gushing over ground branch, and it seemed as though you were trying to hijack one thread with your twittering on about it. 

    so in that case, you are the more likely candidate for the "forum troll" awards, than crash, so sit down, shut up and contribute something more than mindless gushing and namecalling. 

    on the ACTUAL TOPIC, did anything get done about those head textures jeza?
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  15. Zeealex added a post in a topic Picture Thread   

    looks badass! 

    that's the only issue with deriving the geometry from one base mesh! 

    eeeither way, that F-16 SS makes me cringe in anticipation!
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