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  1. Zeealex added a post in a topic The Ghosts - Mod for ArmA 3   

    you can download CUP terrains. it's just the terrains, nothing else
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  2. Zeealex added a post in a topic The Ghosts - Mod for ArmA 3   

    sorry, i just have to say it, eeew, CUP, there's virtually no upgrade involved with CUP, it's just straight A2 ports and it's bogged down with way too much unnecessary stuff. 
    I would highly recommend a switch to RHS, they also have the LWH in there which is essentially a 4 point PASGT, hiddenselections retextures are allowed. and you'd honestly get a much more accurate result with them than using CUP.

    but, that's an outside opinion, I may be biased as i work with them, but the bias is reasonable i'd say. 

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  3. Zeealex added a post in a topic The Ghosts - Mod for ArmA 3   

    I could probably zbrush and bake a new BDU model if you want me to, saves using A2 ports for assets, I have a good friend who textures like a god, I'll see if he'll hop aboard.
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  4. Zeealex added a post in a topic The Ghosts - Mod for ArmA 3   

    A few friends and I were talking about a similar project, we were essentially going to remaster the entire game including remastered versions of the maps, but bigger, better and more diverse, with original GR gear, PASGTs, land warrior system, BDU's etc
    If you need anything from me let me know
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  5. Zeealex added a post in a topic a new current review of wildlands   

    Bahaha Rambo combat Barbie!!
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  6. Zeealex added a post in a topic change the direction of this site   

    what would be the point? it's been for 16 years nearly, it's still home to many of us old and gold Ghost Recon 1 fans, we discuss the pros and cons of each game on a regular basis, and there's still people out there modding for the game, and as far as I see it, so long as ghost recon is ghost recon, Rocky will continue to host Ghost, it's a lot more than some arbitrary fan-page set up by some guy just last year, this is a tight-knit community, nigh-on family that's been built and strengthened over this past dozen years, sure, we're quiet, but it's better that than a gaggle of different tangents all being discussed at once, not all of us here play arma and i'd eat my pants if Rocky decided to change the site's direction because one guy who played arma that one time said it should. It would be like suggesting we should change the name of the site to "" because I've worked on ground branch and my friend Jeza plays it. 

    Bohemia Interactive Forums is where the arma community lies, I'm also around there, for the most part its a friendly community, why don't you pitch your tent there if you're looking for like minded players and modders?

    I feel your pain regarding ubi######, really, I do, I hate what they're doing too, but we're a lot more than just Ghost Recon Wildlands, there's 15 years of history in this site, those who try to damage, an independent fan site for the problems are ubisoft are no better than ubisoft themselves. 
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  7. Zeealex added a topic in GR - Mod Finder   

    GR Map Max files?
    Hey guys!

    Is there a repository of original Ghost Recon Map files in a max compatible format somewhere? I only need them for reference material


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  8. Zeealex added a post in a topic Windows 10 Installing Ghost Recon   

    my gold edition never had any kind of DRM, i installed it to my external hard disk, and can run it with no disk in the drive, I've not had to do anything unspeakable in the process. 

    but honestly, it's cheap on steam and it works on my windows 10 PC with no issues. 

    If you want to try the resolution fix just let me know I'll slide an options.xml for you to paste into the main folder on monday evening
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  9. Zeealex added a post in a topic Windows 10 Installing Ghost Recon   

    just run the game in windowed mode, theres an options.txt file in the main installation folder, and you can turn fullscreen to 0 there and save. 
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  10. Zeealex added a post in a topic Burners Ghost Recon: Wildlands E3 2016 Gameplay Analysis   

    It's microtransaction heaven. 

    but hey, it looks... sorta okay, not okay with those crazy ass hairstyles though. just a stock bun thanks.

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  11. Zeealex added a post in a topic FEMAL3 for Arma3   

    so uhhm... it's changed a bit...





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  12. Zeealex added a post in a topic How to copy out maps from mods   

    it would no doubt be the better option to be fair, deleting certain modules might make the mod unstable. 
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  13. Zeealex added a post in a topic How to copy out maps from mods   

    it's been a while since i've looked at the GR file structure, but i'll take a look and get back to you. 
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  14. Zeealex added a post in a topic Funny Cat Pictures   

  15. Zeealex added a post in a topic Blackfoot Studios   

    *shouts from back of room* BOOOO YOU SUCK!

    need to have a co-op game with you at some point jezzman 
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