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  1. this is why you use my favourite tactics of "hit and run" and kill everyone first. i'll be detailing my hit and run tactics in my review coming in a few days, it's probably he most fun and sadistic guerrilla tactic going.
  2. That was the mission in which I discovered my new favourite tactic. Was a great mission, really enjoyed it.
  3. Awesome shots Rocky! I've forgotten if its agua Verde, but there is a REALLY strange looking rock somewhere around there/San mateo
  4. how do you mean? if you're talking about the game itself then that honestly is subjective based on the player's playstyle.
  5. Moral of the story? take out the alarms first next time
  6. Bought a new hoodie today... needed a change from my usual blazer and jeans setup s'my new favourite thing Was torn between this an the N7 hoodies out for mass effect Andromeda, but no doubt they'll come down in price post-release
  7. well to be honest they're probably more interested in getting a stable game out right now.
  8. seems my sudden frame drop issue has been solved, won't speak too soon though
  9. you're supposed to escort him to the airport, but he has no self preservation instinct at all.
  10. Anyone else having trouble with extracting El Pulpo? might need to drag NYR and easy into a game to help me out on that one, one of the bitchiest missions ever...
  11. LLAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAA!!! do i sense a fellow female player amongst the ranks btw?
  12. I have no idea either, I thought it was to do with tagging kills but I've definitely killed a lot of guys without tagging them first.
  13. I believe the very tall washed out mountains in the very far background are part of the skybox, but I could be wrong
  14. Had some fun with EasyCo and NYR_32 yesterday, we stopped shooting people and decided to BASE jump off the highest point in the game and see how far we could get. We got about 8.5 kilometers and we were able to parachute into the next province over, which I believe was Pucara or Malca, but it was a really nice jump, and some great views, would highly recommend it. plus a quick group photo and a nice screenshot from on the way up there.
  15. holy crap I actually did it... my playstyle's always stayed as ranger, even when i've had times without the suppressor on, how odd...