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  1. should do a competition for a few rocks!
  2. Awesomely superb is two words, rocky, gawwd! looks fab tho, can't wait!
  3. yeah, my faithful MP7 is as powerful as an MSR now XD
  4. i've been enjoying beating Pilgrim's ass on it, but it's mainly a bragging rights/difficulty kinda thing not sure if the magic will eventually wear off. also, the red shemagh is grey...
  5. fan art

    You'll learn in due time that I can be somewhat tough in my critiques, please, don't take it personally and try to understand that i'm attempting to help your work improve. I'd love to see a future soldier game done with the wildlands formula tbh.
  6. fan art

    PSD is a photoshop file, has all the raw data of what's been done to it etc etc. and EHDD is my external hard disk i have no idea what pic monkey is XD
  7. fan art

    These should be JS_Eurostile and Eurostile Black, used in the titles from the original up to GRFS EROSYT.TTF LEUROSTN.TTF LEUROSTB.TTF LEUROSTO.TTF LEUROSTT.TTF I also have a PSD on my EHDD which explored their typography, did it for college, I'll try and dig it up and send it to you
  8. fan art

    hmm, i'd change the font you're using, you want me to pass over the original Ghost Recon font? I will also be doing my own fan piece based on the 2010 future soldier concept soon
  9. agreed.
  10. heh, buildings eh! looking very nice!
  11. danke! weapons are fun for sure! I tried approaching GR texturing by using a more modern approach, I smell a free time project coming along should @AlexKimov continue working on the RSB plugin top image is old base game, the bottom two are the new texture implementations.
  12. Decided to make an MR-C, its something a little different... lowpoly to be started tomorrow. This MR-C will have LSW and Marksman variants made as well as have a 6rd 20mm Metal Storm inspired airburst grenade launcher to essentially make it a much more compact, much more efficient M29 OICW My next character will be following the old GRFS concepts with a little bit of GRAW2 and wildlands mixed in, hoping it will turn out as well as i think it will.
  13. normally means you'e using an integrated graphics chipset that isn't compatible with the game. system specs?
  14. Jelly! should try and make them give all of us swag!