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  1. so my year old R9 380 died on me, I got fed up of AMD - so I forked out £500 on a new GTX 1080 First game I tried -Wildlands, silky smooth experience, the GPU barely breaks a sweat.
  2. it's not immediate, normally your position has to be known by more than 3 enemies for reinforcements to arrive. but the reinforcements at times will spawn right on top of me and kill me instantly, which i don't think is fair. as for the pattern, it's a detail map, it's most likely being multiplied onto the model by the shader and as a result it shows much more clearly than it should, i do believe ubisoft were working on a fix for this among other issues like some clothing items being too dark or bright.
  3. if it is a patch to control farming I'm not wasting any more of my time on tier 1 mode. It's a fair way of getting points and no worse than replaying the inca camina missions for the umpteenth time. I was sneaking up to a convoy while on hunted mode where there's no feasible way they know i'm there, they suddenly turn around and run in my direction and shoot me before I can even aim in his direction, seems grossly unfair. that's not mentioning the gross unbalance of it, I have to put 5-6 shots into them but they can one shot kill me with a pistol no problem, or we have cars spawn right next to us as 'reinforcements' just as we're close to clearing the area and we get slaughtered. that with the constant grind of convoys, missions, more convoys, even MORE convoys, plus a few season challenges it's getting really boring, really fast, Pilgrim and i decided to mix it up a little by starting a 'horde mode' of sorts by ###### off unidad and hiding out in a defensible building, only to find that I wasn't getting any points when I took down the choppers or the cars, despite that being my primary role as I can take them out quickly and accurately.
  4. hey guys! I used to be able to take down helicopters with an HTI and get 300+ tier points for it, but since the helicopter update I've been getting no tier points for taking down choppers or cars, is anyone else experiencing this, is there a fix?
  5. I genuinely couldn't breathe from laughing when pilgrim and I found this. Also found out you can do wheelies
  6. and this was the moment that zeealex lost her ######...
  7. Pilgrim Got invited to the closed beta and has given me an invite, obviously there's an NDA, but I can let you know how i found it on a scale of 1-10 right?
  8. should do a competition for a few rocks!
  9. Awesomely superb is two words, rocky, gawwd! looks fab tho, can't wait!
  10. yeah, my faithful MP7 is as powerful as an MSR now XD
  11. i've been enjoying beating Pilgrim's ass on it, but it's mainly a bragging rights/difficulty kinda thing not sure if the magic will eventually wear off. also, the red shemagh is grey...
  12. fan art

    You'll learn in due time that I can be somewhat tough in my critiques, please, don't take it personally and try to understand that i'm attempting to help your work improve. I'd love to see a future soldier game done with the wildlands formula tbh.
  13. fan art

    PSD is a photoshop file, has all the raw data of what's been done to it etc etc. and EHDD is my external hard disk i have no idea what pic monkey is XD
  14. fan art

    These should be JS_Eurostile and Eurostile Black, used in the titles from the original up to GRFS EROSYT.TTF LEUROSTN.TTF LEUROSTB.TTF LEUROSTO.TTF LEUROSTT.TTF I also have a PSD on my EHDD which explored their typography, did it for college, I'll try and dig it up and send it to you