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  1. Zeealex

    Testing the waters (story idea)

    on that note. New story in progress: Quarterback Settles some loose threads from GRAW and sets up the baseline for Blackjack's story with some subtle nods to Wildlands too. Little bit more Actiony than the others because there's a lot going on. Buut, hopefully still will be a good read. Updates to follow! The origin story is taking some time because i'm researching the hell out of it to make sure the setting is authentic etc.
  2. Zeealex

    IGOR kit editor

    Hey Mark, so when you create your kit it will not assign the texture to use for the icons, to do that, you'll need to either create one, or reference one already made - to do make a reference to an icon, you just open your .kit file in notepad or notepad++ for example, this is rifleman01 from Origmiss <KitFile> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <KitTexture>kit_rifleman-01.rsb</KitTexture> <Firearm SlotNumber = "0"> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <ItemFileName>m16gl.gun</ItemFileName> <MagazineCount>10</MagazineCount> <GrenadeLauncher>1</GrenadeLauncher> </Firearm> <Firearm SlotNumber = "1"> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <ItemFileName>m203.gun</ItemFileName> <MagazineCount>5</MagazineCount> </Firearm> </KitFile> The icon will be placed in the <KitTexture> line. it doesn't need to be an absolute path, a filename will suffice
  3. Zeealex

    Video Tutorial Series

    what could I contribute? :')
  4. Zeealex

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    Big vibes! I've spent the last two weeks analysing game footage in comparison with satellite data of Mexico City, and now I'm acquiring some LIDAR equipment for a different, more interesting project to keep me busy for the next year or so
  5. Zeealex

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed

    welcome back old friend! missed you ❤️ Glad to hear you're still working on HU!
  6. Zeealex

    Help Find Product Key for Crysis

    do you have origin, friendo?
  7. Zeealex

    The Gear Museum

    After 12 years of wondering, and 6 years of waiting, I finally have one:
  8. Zeealex

    9K35 Strela 10

    wow... this is old New version:
  9. damn, I wish that was UE4, I've been working on a ground branch mod map for a loooong time, woulda been perf!
  10. I saw the Reddit post about this, and I'm actually thinking about buying breakpoint if the implementation goes well. Glad they listened, glad they took their time. Let's hope it's as good as it looks.
  11. Zeealex

    Testing the waters (story idea)

    Yeah, it's a big grey area, The lore is so messed up. And I'm planning on writing these to fix it up a little. I know the Ghosts didn't need to follow the gender rules when they were founded, but it said nothing about branches. Honestly that's the biggest thing I want right now, is a lore cleanup. Ubi arent likely to do it. Having said that though, after the failure of breakpoint it might kick them up the butt a bit. While I'm here, some slight alterations Ace is now a PSYOPS specialist. Cyclops is now EOD/weaponsmith. My theory for the Ghosts creation, And it's revealing a little from the origin story. Was that they were comprised primarily of 1st SFOD operators after Mogadishu. They were formed to be the 'new delta' as 1st SFOD's presence was known to the public at that point and it's likely they had been led to believe that several of their operations had been compromised. The ghosts were founded in Ft Bragg and trained with 1st SFOD in Germany before deploying to Bosnia as their shakedown run.
  12. Zeealex

    Ghost recon wont launch

    Ooof, ESCROW, I remember how easy that OS was to hack during training. Strapped for cash? I think I might have a spare Win10 pro key lying around Likelihood is the OS isn't supported by Breakpoint, there's likely a DLL the OS is missing or they've updated their support list. And there's a good chance you got lucky with the workaround. There's no real way out of it homie, you're likely gonna have to upgrade.
  13. Zeealex

    Looking for compy help

    Seems pretty decent to me dannik, just make sure it's open to expansion at a later date and you're solid. My old machine still uses 16gb RAM after 4 years, still able to run the latest games decently.