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  1. Zeealex

    Looking for compy help

    Seems pretty decent to me dannik, just make sure it's open to expansion at a later date and you're solid. My old machine still uses 16gb RAM after 4 years, still able to run the latest games decently.
  2. Zeealex

    Profile Deletion

    yeah, esp after a password change it seems a little strange. But I could be misunderstanding something
  3. Zeealex

    Profile Deletion

    There's a special place in my inbox for it
  4. Zeealex

    Profile Deletion

    I'll say this and no more, it doesn't seem like it; you're concerned for your wellbeing. you feel done. This is something I think you could probably back and forth with Rocky about in a PM, you're more likely to get a quicker response for starters, and whatever the solution is you can post it here at the end. if you're still concerned about spam messages getting sent from your messenger, the simplest short term option is to disable your messenger temporarily until a solution can be found. just seems like there's a lot of dirty laundry about to be aired, could be wrong, it's difficult to judge tone in text.
  5. Zeealex

    Profile Deletion

    perhaps it's best to air this in a PM?
  6. Zeealex

    Testing the waters (story idea)

    Okay, so I've managed to so far get a solid plan for at least one story which follows Blackjack; a new purpose built Ghost team for black and guerrilla operations. Progress is slow, currently on page 34, but it's coming together pretty nicely, I'm wanting to be as accurate as possible so I'm doing more research than writing at present. I don't want to be giving too much of it away until I'm certain on every factor but the primary mission is set in 2016 in Kusong, North Korea. Blackjack Team(2016): Ace - Team Leader/EOD(CBRN) Technician Cyclops - ATL/Weaponsmith Chiron - Medic Cipher - Intelligence Liaison The team is for the most part pretty low tech, and operates almost completely comms dark; no cross comm eyepiece, no drone, they don't take US made Night Vision equipment either, which means they're usually relegated to Generation I or II night vision equipment. They're highly trained in OPFOR weapons and equipment and use equipment captured from operations as early as White Razor(2008) In terms of the "origin story" I'm still heavily researching that, trying to figure out the most logical way for the Ghosts to come into fruition and what they would be doing on their first operation out, but I'm planning the story to start on the heels of the battle of Mogadishu.
  7. Zeealex

    Two New Console Commands

    to answer your question though, Rocky, I think it's mainly because they're debug commands to test things at the engine level, so they're not really useful even to the end user or even modders, therefore no real point in publishing them.
  8. Zeealex

    Two New Console Commands

    yeah, caught that after the fact but can't delete posts, so i'll just bask in my embarrassment :')
  9. Zeealex

    What's up?

    Whaddup gurly!
  10. Evening all! I hope you've been having a great holiday period. I've been sat here the past few weeks disassembling Ghost Recon's code, I've found a couple of new console commands that I don't think I've seen before. Mostly useless, but fun nevertheless. ghost - turns all enemy actors invisible (team AI can still see and shoot them) superball - bouncy grenades! There are a bunch of other toggle commands however these are mainly debug commands and I've not seen them do much so far. it's gonna be a while before I get anything of major interest, the disassembly is pretty messy and it's going to take a LOT of cleaning up. I doubt what I can rebuild will be compilable in any sense. but I'll be sure to update with some snapshots that may help developers create more advanced memory injections specifically for the game. For those interested, the PC version of Ghost Recon was built in C++ with a little bit of x86 assembly mixed in. I'll keep y'all in the loop apols if anyone has found these before peace out!
  11. regardless of breakpoint's failure, it's good to see a major dev being honest about the shortcomings and footing full responsibility for them. I'm glad I was cautious and gave breakpoint a miss, but I'll still follow progress as their statement looks promising.
  12. Zeealex

    Testing the waters (story idea)

    Yeah, so it becomes a set of narratives. So the origin story would be one part, then another few that bridge the gap between then and White Razor, and GRAW and Wildlands. While also setting up a few things for them looking forward. It's difficult to explain but I'm already writing one set in 2016 that sets up a new team while closing some open plots.
  13. Zeealex

    Testing the waters (story idea)

    yeah, I've researched the lore pretty heavily already, I'm writing out a few 'plots' that tie up a few loose threads and tie in the old ghost recon games better with the newer ones. I know the Ghosts was formed in 1994, and Buzz Gordon was one of the first TL's so I'm focusing on centralising the story on him I think a clancy-esque style of book would be good for the overall universe tbh, not necessarily as long but written as a thriller, rather than action. I do recommend Tom Clancy books, by the way, they're great!
  14. Hi all! How ya doing? So you guys may or may not know, I like to write in my spare time, I find it quite fun, and with the release of breakpoint not far around the corner, I've been getting a lot of story ideas to start writing again. I still have that really old, really bad story in the back of my mind from when I was like, 12 as to what NOT to do (dont go there, trust me, the whole thing is an acid trip) Not a lot is known on a lot of subjects within the Ghost Recon-verse. And I thought of a kind of 'origin story' for the ghosts. Set in the Bosnian war of the 1990's I want to write it as close to Clancy style as I can get. But my big thing is, would you guys as a community want to see that? Do you guys have any ideas for it? Thanks!