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  1. tom1935


    I have jointed the new game site "gamerecon.net" and having no problems playing the game now. Struth has done a good job there, the NEW Launcher worked great. Only needed to modify my anti-virus program to allow it to run the Launcher.
  2. This thread should be closed, started using the new system that "Struth" setup under "gamerecon.net" worked great, now back to playing. Only needed to modify my virus program to allow his NEW Launcher to work.
  3. This thread should be closed, going to Struth's new setup "gamerecon.net" solved all my problems.
  4. Been there and done that, got on easily, played a few games already, Thank you much, Struth. Had no problems at all except to modify my virus program to allow your "Launcher" to work. All we need is an avalanche of players when TDM is going strong as in the past. The ease with which I got on will allow a lot of players to join because of all the problems logging on under the old system. The new Launcher worked great. Thanks Tom1935, tmfrex
  5. I've been trying to get my Ghostrecon Advanced Warfighter 2 going for sometime now and finally found out the place we were playing has gone down and there are efforts getting it going again. The problem is money. I have a problem considering giving money that would only go down a rat hole. First, is there anyplace where this program is playing, if so, where? Is there any interest anymore? Don't join in this discussions just to bad mouth the game, just give me your appraisal as to its probability to make it. I believe it has failed again because it was still tied somehow with gamespy. To me there was too much difficulty getting logged on so people just gave up. It needs to be as easy as it was when it was flourishing with gamespy. Its been a while, is gamespy the one the kept this going so good a few years ago? If there was enough interest, I'm sure if everyone would just pay a little. Lets try and work it out and support this great game!!!!!! Tom1935
  6. Wolf, when graw2 started up again, I had to let Struth at gamediggers have access to my computer, he made me a "host" file. Before I entered the game, I had to substitute this "host" file replacing the one in windows/system32/drivers/etc/host. I did not use the launcher which does the same as he gave me, and it worked ok. I have used so many user names and passwords trying to make it work that I have no idea what my name and password combinations is. Oh, I forgot, during a crash, I lost the "host" file and have been trying to use the launcher. I sent "gamespy" who I think was the original caretakers of this game asking they could clean all my attempts out of their system. If the problem of windows10 blocking launcher program still probably would not solve my problem of names/passwords...
  7. Dannik, I followed the video and this didn't fix the problem. My feeling is that the launcher program modifies the file "hosts" and windows 10 does not like doing that. I had a tech at gamedigger make me a hosts file and I would go in and substitute this file taking place of the one windows provide and the program would start. I lost the file he made for me. I was hoping the latest launcher would work but it doesn't. I may need to go back to "gamedigger" site and get that done again. Again, thanks for your help and any more ideas you have I will check out. Tom1935
  8. There is no space between "system" and "32", typing error on my part. still looking for help. Thanks for your reply. Tom
  9. activated "launcher" - play - I get error message "unhandled exception" running on windows 10. Also this "access to the path C:\windows\system 32\drivers\etc\hosts' is denied". Any help would be appreciated as I sure would like to get back on graw 2 multiplayer...Thanks...Tom1935.
  10. tom1935

    GRAW 2

    Thanks Rocky, I'll do that....
  11. tom1935

    GRAW 2

    I have lost my ability to play this game. I have downloaded the latest launch program and get an error message "unhandled exception has occurred" with the following "access to path c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts' is denied". I would like to get back into playing again and any help would be appreciated.
  12. tom1935

    What's New?

    I have been gone a little while too. Hope Wildlands works out and hope there is not a whole lot of hype like there was on future soldier (sp).
  13. Since the latest "launcher" came out, I never fail to get into the game, including multiplayer... Tom1935, Okie, tmfrex...
  14. struth, you needed to provide me a patch on my computer for the program to work. The original launcher would not play the game. I now us the latest launcher without the patch you provide me and the games load just fine. Just wish we could get it to work with Rahnmans server, I have to modify some stuff in the game directory via his instructions for his games to load and play.
  15. tom1935

    Weekend Coop

    pagey, I had that problem for a while, struth did a patch for my computer...it worked...only thing he told me to run his launcher, it works fine. It won't work on Rahn's server unless you modify files according to your instructions to me earlier. My original user name and pass word on graw2 wont work on this site. I had to completely start over with new information and that worked. Tom1935