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  1. cybersidd added a post in a topic GRAW2 Multiplayer is BACK!   

    Ok, how do I play this game? If you guys want to play this weekend or tonight, do let me know!!
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  2. cybersidd added a post in a topic Cheaters vs. Non-cheaters   

    I would love to play. Although when I played last, I sucked so there's that. Need to get that muscle memory going again.
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  3. cybersidd added a post in a topic So, the game is still alive or what?   

    I haven't played GR:FS yet. Reading the comments here - the PC version appears to be not at par w.r.t. stability, should I get the game for my console? Or just skip it altogether?
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  4. cybersidd added a post in a topic Camping   

    It really depends on the scenario, there has to be a purpose for camping, an end goal/objective that you are helping achieve. But majority of the FPS games popularize TVT or PVP (kill-till-you-get-killed-and-respawn-until-the-timer-expires) environments. If the whole point is killed or be killed, i'll rather go the whole run and gun route as there is very little you get to do otherwise. Camping is more of a preferance/playstyle issue than it being unethical or noobish. People get mad when they are out performed and some of them will lash out just to feed their ego ! Getting killed by a camper is extremely annoying and that doesnt help their cause!
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  5. cybersidd added a post in a topic Cheaters vs. Non-cheaters   

    Do you remember the one shot kills i showed you a while back Tom? If you saw him going behind the object it could be possible that he saw you where you were before taking cover behind that object? And if he comes out knowing where you are and already pointing his crossheres at the general vicinity where he saw you to be, he has a split second advantage over you (element of surprise, as he was the one who initiated the exchange). This could give you the illusion that the player has some super-human accuracy and speed, while all he did was see you and initiate on his own terms while coming out of cover and pointing his gun at you simultaneously. That does not discount the possibility of foul play however, it's just something to think about, wouldn't you agree?
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  6. cybersidd added a post in a topic Cheaters vs. Non-cheaters   


    I know that you have been advised to play on lower resolutions and it probably is sound advice, as it is widely accepted to help increase your frame rate and improve system performance. Oddly, I dont like lower resolutions, I tried them when I was still new and experimenting with the various settings, it didn't quite work out for me. I play at 1900X1080 on my 22" LG moniter now and would like to think that my performance could be called quite decent. You would be better of looking towards your own comfort, preference and ease of use!

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  7. cybersidd added a post in a topic Cheaters vs. Non-cheaters   

    I use a 22" screen Tom.
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  8. cybersidd added a post in a topic Cheaters vs. Non-cheaters   

    That could be lag/latency Tom, all players drop by the same amount of damage regardless of experiance. A player is cheating if that is not the case. However it could look like they are taking in more damage combining a number of attributes like skill, timing, server latency, weapon, position, etc.

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  9. cybersidd added a post in a topic How will my system manage the new GR.   

    Depends mostly on what resolution and detail does he want to run the game on. 2.7 Ghz (2 cores) and 4 gigs of memory should be fine, what might cause problems is his video card.

    Wait for the official specs on the game and then decide on getting a better GPU BEFORE installing the game!
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  10. cybersidd added a post in a topic Ubisoft DRM Targets Hardware Upgrades   

    This is not a U-turn, all this is, is that Ubi wants to look less rediculous! As Apex said, any hardware changes or for that matter any change at all in a paying customer's inventory is not Ubisoft's business. If I pay for a game, it shouldn't matter how, where and when I'm going to use it. Hell, I have three computers and a laptop in my house I should be able to run it in all those machines without issues. On one hand you are paying money and are still subject to the whims of this spectacularly stupid DRM and on the other hand you can just pirate the game for free and you dont have to worry about any DRM as they get cracked sooner or later anyways, which method would you choose?

    Who is the guy who's responsible for these inexplicable decisions in Ubi? lol! Compare this with consoles, no DRM no platform specific checks, I can easily exchange games with friends etc etc, why the hate for PC gamers?
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  11. cybersidd added a post in a topic PC version officially confirmed !   

    That Good!
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  12. cybersidd added a post in a topic Cheaters vs. Non-cheaters   

    haha maybe, Happy New years btw
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  13. cybersidd added a post in a topic Cheaters vs. Non-cheaters   

    And I missed all the action lol
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  14. cybersidd added a post in a topic GR:O over GR:FS?   

    TvT and PvP playstyles are the cornerstones of any FTP game. As the company can make money off people who are willing to spend money to get access to stuff before others. I can't see this working in a singleplayer context as the player would get a free game with no incentive to pay for it! However if Ubi could come out with a paid singleplayer campaign (as a DLC) it wouldn't be that bad. I think Ubi might add coop missions in GR:O not sure though. (Why wouldn't they?)

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  15. cybersidd added a topic in GR: Phantoms (PC)   

    GR:O over GR:FS?
    Well keeping in mind the drama overshadowing GR:FS, aren't we better off supporting a game that is specifically designed for the PC (even if it's based on a free to play model) instead of clamoring for a game that could turn out to be a poorly made console port, especially when we are apparently getting nothing other than reluctant and indistinct responses from Ubi? Worth a thought, isn't it?

    Both the games have

    - a TPS perspective

    - are seemingly based off each other (futuristic nonsense and all)

    - and have major deviations from GR, gameplay wise anyways.

    So instead of a GR:FS we end up with a GR:O, is this so bad? (Even if GR:FS has improved visuals and a singleplayer campaign (a BIG plus btw)) Especially if GR:O happens to have an excellent UI and gameplay and is thoroughly supported by Ubi. Personally, I would rather play a game that is optimised for the PC instead of a game that is primarily made for consoles. (But could have a MODIFIED PC version, along the lines of the GR:AW series)

    What say..??
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