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  1. Surprisingly it worked on my T42 Thinkpad: 1.7 ghz 512 RAM Radeon 9600 w/ 64mb RAM It ran very slow, I'd consider it unplayable, but it ran.
  2. Chems: Sign up at obsidianedge.com in the forums or email Rugg at teambsr at cox dot net
  3. Yeah LOL I hope they don't include the Auto Aim and Enter Cheats in the PC Multiplayer And I only play X-Box for Sports games, but bought GR2 to preview the PC version.
  4. There are 3 option Menus: Options (on the main menu) Brightness Sound Output: Headphones/Speakers Game Options (within your profile) Auto Aim On/Off Invert On/Off Vibration Function On/Off View First Person/Over the Shoulder In-Game Options View Radar On/Off Enter Cheats IFF On/Off
  5. I also was disappointed in the lack of blood. My guess is they took it out to get the Teen ESRB rating. I hope the PC version has blood and an M rating.
  6. Some questions: - How many people can play online? 16 - Is the sound done in 5.1 surround? don't know - How big is the platoon (4, 6, 9)? 4 - What does the command map look like? Is it any different? Yes, it is different. Its hard to explain. - How big are the maps? about the same size as GR1 - How many things are destructable (Trees, buildings, walls, etc)? The only thing I've seen that is destructible is a gas tank and vehicles. - Can you really pick up friendly and enemy weapons? YES, its pretty cool when you run out of ammo. - What is the medic (first responde
  7. Guess we are all old school farts then
  8. America's Army also has the prone roll and does not have a prone peek. So what I do is if I am prone I position myself just outside a corner or a tree trunk. If fired upon you just roll back behind the object for cover. I hope GR2 will be like this.
  9. I've already moved over to America's Army and will stick with that if GR2 turns out like I think it will.
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