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  1. Hi all, I spent a lot of time trying things but I am still lost: 1) I tried deleting all the "place" lines in markers.xml - game still works and some HUD things don't show up any more - BLUE CIRCLES are still there; 2) also tried modifying XCOM.xml and ORDERS.xml - still same problem I do have DDS viewer and have some experience in working with DDS files (did it for BF2), but I am quite lost in trying to find the blue circles texture file. Anyway I am sure it must exist some xml file to tell the program to show up the frisbees. Zeealice, could you please be more specific regarding the suggested file "HUD settings.xml"? I did not find it in the extracted "QUICK" (I find a "gui" folder instead). Or probably you refer to "Programs\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings" folder? I already edited its files but frisbees are not affected. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi NoQuarter, following your suggestion I could finally get rid of the blue diamonds. I wonder if any additional modification to markers.xml or some other file can allow me to delete the "move to" orders markers (those horrible "blue frisbees" on the ground..). I already tried messing up with markers.xml but with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Zeealice, I tried what you suggested (deleted all the content in markers.xml and saved it so to make it void), but this way I got a crash to desktop. Concerning Shadows Realism mod, I already tried it - it only deletes some markers (enemies, friends) and does not affect crosscom orders markers at all. Thank you anyway for your answer. Following topic 45951 in this forum, I could get rid of the blue diamonds by modifying markers.xml. I wonder if any additional modification to the same file or other file can delete the "move to" orders markers (those "blue frisbees" on the ground..). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everybody. Is there any way to remove or modify the makers generated when giving orders through the crosscom? It would be great if they could be just as in GRAW 1, so to add some more realism to the game. I find horrible those blue circles which appear after the "MOVE TO" order, those blue "signals" last as long as each team unit doesn't reach his position. FYI, I already tried all possibilities by editing he file markers.xml (from quickbundle); unfortunately, that file is useless to my aim. I hope some senior modders can offer some clue on how to tweak with crosscom markers. Thanks in advance for any help.